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cPanel Features and Benefits

By Sabrina Jul 29, 2014 12:39 pm

JaguarPC runs cPanel across our servers because we strongly believe it is the best control panel in the web hosting industry. cPanel allows you to easily get your website online with little to no experience. You can use the main features for managing all of the functions of your website. cPanel control panel for easy web hosting managementcPanel allows you to take control of the tasks involved in running a website, from backing up your data to managing your e-mail and domains without headaches, bugs and inconsistencies.

When you are ready to publish your website you can use FTP (file transfer protocol) to upload you files through cPanel. You will find that FTP and Anonymous FTP control systems along with the file management features are easy to use and even if you are publishing your first website you should not have any difficulty with the intuitive and easy to use nature of cPanel.

One of the most important maintenance task you can perform for your website is to take regular backups. Full automatic backups can be performed in cPanel. If you have a larger site your databases can be backed up separately. Don't forget it is necessary to backup your site files and your database files in order for your site to be restored to its original format .

Domain Management
cPanel features allow you to manage your domains. You can park, add-on, create sub-domains, redirect domains as well as use the advanced DNS editor. If you have been struggling with your domain management due to using a variety of domains then this control panel along with the included valuable support areas and videos will make you a domain expert in no time at all.

E-mail management is a breeze with cPanel features that consider you may have more than casual e-mail needs. You can access your mail from anywhere with web based interfaces like roundcube and squirrelmail. cPanel provides you with mail management features that include POP3/IMAP accounts, mail client configuration, auto responders and spam assassin along with easy to setup email authentication.

Softaculous is the leading auto installer for cPanel. You will find over 320+ scripts are available with one click installs along with 1115 PHP classes so that you can stay on top of the latest techniques to make your website even better. These scripts cover a variety of different features which add additional functionality which can benefit almost every website. Softaculous offers regular updates for added speed and the security of your scripts. You can ease your worries about these type of back end issues which leaves you more time to work with your content, products and clients.

SEO with Attracta                                                                                                                                  SEO will be one of the better ways to get ranked on the search engines. cPanel includes a one click install for Attracta. Once you have activated it through your control panel it will allow Attract to generate a site map for you which will get you ranked on many of the major search engines. Once visitors can find your site you will see your website's volume, traffic and overall popularity grow.

These feature are all at the heart of cPanel but you can find a vast array of other tools within the panel that will assist you with your web hosting and site development. If you are an expert or just getting started with your first web hosting account then cPanel will benefit you at all levels for your web hosting and website needs.




Security for you websites

By Sabrina Jan 28, 2014 12:18 pm

When using the internet you might have noticed that some websites have https at the start of web addresses instead of the usual http.  It is important to be aware of what https is whether you’re using the internet or are hosting a website yourself, as you need to protect yourself and your browsers as much as possible.

What is HTTPS?
The “S” at the end of  https stands for “secure.”  This is why you’ll see https and not http when you log into online banking or are going through the checkout of an ecommerce site.  However, many sites are securing themselves today, including Google, by encrypting their data using https.

It is important to know that https is not a protocol, but a combination of using http alongside SSL/TLS protocols, giving an extra layer of security to your website.

https vs http
If you’re a website owner, which should you be using?  If you are the owner of a blog and people visit your site to read your views on the latest NFL fixtures, for example, then you probably don’t need to be using https.  However, you might decide to use https vs http if you have a sign up section on your blog, be it for emails or access to a members area, and are going to be collecting information from readers.  Even if the information is non-intrusive, such as an email, you will find that more people are willing to sign up and feel more secure if you’re using https.

If you are selling goods or services and taking payment details for anything, then you have to use https to encrypt details and provide the best possible level of security for users.  Modern browsers will warn internet users if they are about to submit details across an unsecured platform, so there’s no point in cutting corners.

The issue of https vs http is one to be aware of so you can ensure you are always giving your website visitors the best experience and security possible.  Even if you aren’t taking payments, you can assure the authenticity of your pages by securing your server and website pages.

Can I Use https Only on Certain Pages?
If you need to secure anything, then your whole website needs to be subject to https. There are potential security flaws that can be exposed if http and https were to be used together, including the destabilization of security on the https pages, which would clearly make using them irrelevant. Add more security for your users and and you will be adding a greater peace of mind for you and your website.


Many factors combine to make a website great or not so great.  If you are experienced when it comes to website maintenance then it is likely you will know and understand most of them.  However, if you are planning to launch your website in the coming months, or Build a better websitehave been managing a website for a while but are still relatively ‘green’ in terms of knowledge and experience, then there are likely a number of things you aren’t aware of that could be affecting your website.
We have looked at the five biggest factors you need to keep in mind that could be causing substantial damage to your website in a variety of ways.

Malware on your site will often redirect customers elsewhere, which will make your site look like you have high traffic but no sale. Malware can land on your your site through any apps or plug-ins you might use, particularly open source ones, so be sure to be careful about how you use these.

Whereas malware typically affects where your customers go, viruses on your website can infect the system of anyone who visits your site, usually without them realizing what has happened.  Your hosting company might also pick up on the fact that your site is infected and decide to close it down, especially if there is the possibility of infecting sites on the same shared server space.

Bad Neighborhoods
You have probably heard the term bad neighborhoods in terms of SEO and where you should and should not build links.  However, you could also fall victim to a bad neighborhood if there is a problem with a shared server.  For example, if one website on a shared server is flagged for spam, search engines will block the IP address rather than the individual site, meaning you could see massive problems without knowing what is actually going wrong.

Loading Times
Novice webmasters often dismiss loading times as unimportant because it depends on how fast an internet or data connection is.  While this is true to some extent, you also have to consider the way Google and other search engines look at loading times.  SEO is about user experience more than ever before, so if your pages take an age to load, you cannot expect to see yourself featured highly in the search rankings.

Bad Coding
The final thing many people new or inexperienced don’t realize is how much of a difference the quality of coding can make.  Having JavaScript featured needlessly on all of your pages, for example, might not seem much more than a few lines of code, but the affect it can have on your website if done badly can be profound.
Ensure these five little known or considered factors are not undermining your website, and be sure to take decisive action if they are.




What is Shared Web Hosting?

By Sabrina Nov 08, 2013 12:58 pm

Shared hosting is a convenient and cost effective hosting option where many different websites take up space on the same server. Generally practical and sufficient for smaller Shared Hosting servers and planswebsites and those with minimal to moderate traffic, shared hosting does exactly what its name says – it hosts your website in a shared resource environment. This is a cost-effective solution for smaller websites. Although the biggest benefit to this type of hosting service is the low cost and convenience (there’s no particular expertise required and management is easy), the bandwidth and storage space available for a moderate to very high traffic business websites will often be less than satisfactory.

Sharing a Server with Multiple Users
Multiple customers using a shared server benefit by the shared cost of utilizing the same storage space. However, what is gained in terms of price is often lost in terms of speed, efficiency and storage space. A limitation on the use of the server’s resources will ultimately come into play if the website begins to use up to many resources in comparison to other users. In this shared hosting environment you are sharing the same IP server address with other users. Therefore, any problems caused by other websites within this space can potentially affect the operation of your site in a negative way. However, with large, established and reputable hosting companies, this will mostly likely not be an issue for the average user.

Simple Management
One major advantage of shared hosting is the simplified management aspect. The provider of shared web hosting is responsible for keeping their servers in good condition, complete with necessary software updates, etc. They are responsible for keeping the storage environment secure for all websites and fixing any problems with uptime or compatibility issues that may arise. On the other hand if you use a dedicated server, much, if not all of this responsibility rests on your shoulders.

Therefore, the shared hosting option is often the best choice for beginners. All of the basic activity of setting up email addresses, adding domains, etc. can be easily managed from the Control Panel which is offered as a true cPanel environment at JaguarPC.  All the rest is taken care of by the web hosting company. As well, the cost of renting the server is shared by multiple users, making it the most affordable among hosting options.




Support in a Snap: Detail it!

By Sabrina Oct 21, 2013 3:11 pm

JaguarPC wants to make it easy for you to get the quickest and most accurate responses when you need help from our support team. A few extra inclusions of information to your Fast web hosting technical supportticket when you submit a request for support can go a long way in helping us assist you more quickly.

While we strive to provide you with the most rapid response and resolution times it is often the case that we need additional information in order to access your server or to more specifically pinpoint the exact issue. You can help us expedite your tickets if you provide us with a few more pieces of data and the details related to your support situation and account. Please include the following information in your support tickets. This list includes the items that we most often find excluded from tickets. The lack of these details can create a necessity for our support teams to request additional information instead of beginning to work o the issue itself.

•    Provide the specific error you are encountering to our technicians.

•    Pass onto our technicians a path as to exactly how they can reproduce the error.

•    Provide any log ins that are necessary throughout the path of the error.

•    Screenshots of the problem or error can help demonstrate the issue.

•    The last four digits of your credit card on file or the last invoice amount allow us to verify your identity and keep your account secure when you submit issues via e-mail as opposed to directly logging into our ticketing system.

Here at JaguarPC we strive to make our services and support systems work better for you. Our ultimate goal is to get you, your server and your website back into action and back on track as quickly as possible. When you include these simple but necessary pieces of information then our team can spring into action and begin to move forward towards an immediate solution almost instantly. Our teams are eager to help you and a few additional details allow them to help you wrap up your issues in a snap.


At JaguarPC our technical support team responds to a variety of issues which might seem overwhelming to some technicians.  The expectations that we place on our technical support team at JaguarPC include high response standards and a thorough knowledge of Web Hosting industry Jobs and Careersindustry specific situations. Mike P. fits that bill to a "T" and all of the team members of our technical support staff enjoy not only his easy and fun nature but also his high speed problem resolution attitude.

Q: What caught your attention and helped you decide to take a position as a technical support agent with JaguarPC?

A:   The main thing that attracted me to JaguarPC was its' well known background for providing awesome services backed by amazing support teams.  At the time, JaguarPC was everywhere and I just thought JaguarPC is the place for me!

Q:  What is the best part of your job?

A:  The best part of my job is that every day is different and diverse.  It has never been the case, in my 12 years of being in the web hosting industry, that I have come into work and done the same thing over and over again.

Q:  What activities do you enjoy when you find some leisure time?

A:  Well, I have a wife and 2 children (girls) with a 3rd on the way, hopefully a boy!  So, much of my time is devoted to my family outside of work. I "USED" to be an avid gamer and movie watcher but life changes. If I get the chance, which isn't very often, I might be able to slide in a game here and there. Otherwise, I'm a huge fan of MotoGP especially the TT (Tourist Trophy) over on the Isle of Man.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your background in the industry?

A:  I've been in the industry of web hosting for around 12 years.  I've been in numerous different roles from a support technician, all the way up to COO (Chief Operations Officer).  Every position is just as fun as the next.

Q:  What do you like most about working for JaguarPC?

A:  The Atmosphere.  Here at JaguarPC, the guys and gals are just a great laugh and we all work extremely well as a team.

Q:  What is the biggest issue that you are encountering in the web hosting community today?

A:  There appears to be more and more SPAM circulating on the web along with malicious activity which is proving harder and harder to prevent, it’s like a disease. It becomes immune to preventative medicine.

Q:  Since you migrate across many different technical support  departments on a daily basis and you see issues that are vital to customers at JaguarPC, is there anything you would like to let them know?

A:  BACKUP your data! Although we offer complimentary backups on all of our services, it's always best to keep your own local copy. One of the most recurring issues I see is data loss.  Every control panel we currently offer allows you to take a backup of your own content and download it. Make the most of the tools that available to you and avoid the potential time and financial loss that data issues can create.

Q:  Is there any advice you would like to offer to JaguarPC clients?

A: If you notice any issues with our servers, we will already know about it and will be working to resolve it.  We use proactive monitoring and all issues are reported to our forums as soon as they occur. The JaguarPC forum is one of our first lines of communication with our customers so if you notice issues check the forums and watch for updates.  Otherwise, keep cool and know I'm truly hard at work to bring you the best technical support service possible.




Does Your Email Reach Your Customer

By Connie Apr 09, 2010 12:28 am

Several years ago I started having problems sending email to my customers.  The only time I send email is to update a customer on the status of their order, or to ask a question about their order.

I don't send spam, but on the few occasions that I sent email to customers about their order, some of the customers did not receive the email.

I'm talking about a time period a few years ago, but I know that some of the problems I experienced are relevant today.

ComCast rejected the email as Spam.  At least ComCast  sent a failed notice,  and thanks to ComCast I realized there was a problem.

AOL just let the email go into a black hole without a response to the sender to let you know there was a problem.

Gmail, and MSN sent the mail to a spam folder. If the recipient was not checking the spam folder they did not get the email.

Yahoo was unpredictable.  Sometimes the mail would go to a spam folder, and sometimes it just disapeared.

I was reminded about these problems due to this post by rachidny who is a Jag Customer.  rachidny was having problems getting his email through to the intended recipient in the same way I was having problems a few years ago. In my experience adding a SPF record will take care of problems with many ISPs like ComCast, and AOL.

With MSN/HotMail you need to submit your SPF record to MSN at

The SPF record will satisfy most ISPs, however in my experience it will not satisfy Yahoo.  Yahoo wants a domain key.  Thats really strange because at least  75% of the spam I recieive has a domain key.

If you need to get email through to all the recipients you have to play the game.

If you have CP you can set up SPF and Domain Keys under email authentication.

If you are using Plesk Support can set this up for you.


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