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Three Core Advantages of Linux VPS Hosting

By Sabrina Jun 16, 2014 12:18 pm

Are you considering purchasing Linux virtual private server hosting for your business? Businesses that don't operate on Windows programs will find that Linux offers a medley of useful features, including cost-effectiveness, security, and accessibility. Linux hosting is an ideal solution for many companies, because it Linux Web Hosting for VPS hosting, perfect for startups and small businessesallows them to advance their industries without having to absorb steep monthly hosting fees. You can design and maintain your business's website, as well as scale all of the applications you need to efficiently manage your company.

Inexpensive Open-Source OS
Cost wise, Linux VPS hosting is usually an excellent option for small businesses and startups. Linux is an open-source operating system, which means it's free to download and use. Naturally, this decreases the cost of Linux VPS web hosting significantly. Users also don't have to purchase a license to run certain Linux programs, as is common with Windows programs on Windows virtual private servers. As a free open-source system that doesn't require numerous license fees, you'll likely appreciate the considerable amounts of money a Linux virtual private server will save you.

Strong Security
While Windows VPS web hosting is secure - assuming you have software in place to protect your data - Linux generally offers greater peace of mind on the security front. Because Linux is an open-source operating system, it’s constantly being fortified by security patches and updates created by developers. The infrastructure of Linux is also quite strong, making it resistant to many forms of viruses, spyware, and malware. Therefore, if you're looking for added protection for your business’s resources, choosing Linux VPS hosting is a good place to begin.

Access to Design Tools
Linux is also an ideal choice for you if you're planning to use a web software system to design and manage a business website. Naturally, Linux hosting won't be beneficial to you if your business is built off of a Windows platform; however, there are several programs available through Linux that many business owners find advantageous. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other open-source tools, operate smoothly when hosted on Linux virtual private servers. Linux also supports other commonly used programs in website design, such as PHP, Apache and MySQL.


JaguarPC has taken another major step and we are excited to introduce our cloud hosting plans. Over the past few months new systems have been put into place in order to bring the best cloud hosting solutions to our clients. Our Cloud runs on advanced systems which vastly improve site performance, allows you to scale cloud network conceptyour resources up and down at the click of a slider, offers support for Windows and Linux and eliminates extended downtimes. Regular software updates, easy to use industry's best cloud control panel on app, fully managed services and instant deployment make our cloud hosting plans an all inclusive and cost effective solution.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?
If you have never heard of Cloud hosting before then you should know that a cloud consist of a group of servers that are networked together to share the work load. A series of high performance servers are connected through a series of controllers and switches. The controllers combine with the routing, hypervisors and high performance SANS to deliver a true clustered and fully redundant product. This ensures websites remain online even when there is a hardware failure or servers are taken down for maintenance. This translates into 100% uptime for our cloud hosting plan clients.

100% Uptime Cloud Hosting
You will receive the benefits of an extremely large server cluster and true cloud services at an affordable price. Our Enterprise Cloud SANS offers high availability hosting backed by a 100% uptime SLA. Cloud hosting is unique in that if a server fails our software will route your website traffic to another available server in the cloud. Your website will remain up and functioning at all times. This distributed computing approach means that any server failures will be completely unrecognizable by you or your clients.

Affordable Cloud Hosting
JaguarPC's cloud plans offer Tier1 speeds as well around the clock support at rates below many other web hosting providers. Your web site on the cloud will provide you with the speed, power, and reliability you crave and deserve. Say goodbye to downtime and data loss. Virtual private server cloud solutions will set you free from downtime concerns and data loss fears leaving you more time to manage your website for profit, traffic and overall success. Scale your plan up and down based on your needs. A high volume event can now be seamlessly handled with ease. The range of options and capabilities for this plan are nearly endless.

The Benefits of a Fully Managed Plan
Cloud plans are fully managed which means we take care of monthly administrative work, scripting needs and many other tasks that may be out of your range of expertise.  Discover a whole new way of hosting your site with this outstanding cloud opportunity. You can host a website or a client’s site with minimal hassles and maintenance tasks. Switch to a Cloud hosting plan today to discover what you have been missing.


JaguarPC, a hosting services provider with over 15 years experience in shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud solutions, announces the launch of reseller plans for the UK reseller web hosting server location optionUnited Kingdom. JaguarPC is expanding the geographical reach of its reseller hosting offering in response to customer demand requesting the service in the UK.  With this new reseller option, UK based organizations can now leverage JaguarPC’s technology infrastructure and support services to add an additional, dependable revenue stream to their business operations.

“We have been pursuing UK reseller options for a while,” says Greg Landis, CEO of JaguarPC. “The initial response from our UK resellers is extremely positive - they are very happy with the services and plan performance. We are proud to be offering a quality solution that meets our high standards to our customers across the Atlantic."

UK reseller web hosting plans for JaguarPC use powerful, state of the art server hardware and software for top performance. UK reseller servers are powered by LiteSpeed, which helps to reduce server loads and vastly enhances performance so that websites load quickly. Reseller plans run on CloudLinux, allowing for improved stability and enhanced reliability by preventing a single user from monopolizing all available resources.

JaguarPC emphasizes dependability and flexibility in its reseller offering – there are four plans available starting from 25 GB of disk space to unlimited allocations to suit reseller needs. Plans offer room for growth at an affordable price, as well as a reseller branded end user support desk, to deliver a quality, reputable service that benefits the reseller’s business image. Reseller plans include an array of features at no additional cost such as billing, backups, SSL certificates, domains, and migration assistance as well as unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, databases and FTP accounts. Reseller hosting from JaguarPC is backed by 24/7/365 technical support that provides personalized, client focused service.

JaguarPC resellers can sell standard shared hosting along with reseller accounts – resold accounts are unlimited. They can also resell VPS and Dedicated servers at a discounted rate of up to 20% as well as take advantage of the Rapid SSL and Domain Reseller programs.

The JaguarPC reseller program is a robust, flexible program that offers UK based resellers the dependable infrastructure, expert support and powerful features they need to add a reliable source of revenue to their business.

To learn more about reseller hosting packages from JaguarPC, please visit or call 1-(888)-338-5261.


It can be a battle to drive traffic to your website especially considering the constant changes in SEO practices and Goggle's never ending changes to their own algorithms. Don't be discouraged. There are actions that can be taken that will significantly improve your traffic. This blog post will show you a number of activities Ways to drive traffic for more visits and sales that can work to create more exposure and ultimately lead to more visits. Use a few of the suggestions to create a weekly schedule of activities which can improve the exposure of your website and blog. When you know what works and where to start then the only next step is to get active.

Regular Fresh Content
Fresh and original content is key to not only maintaining your website or blog but also for good search engine results. While you may often hear that regularly updating your blog with fresh content is important, it is also helpful to change the actual content on your website as around a time frame of every other week. The changes don't have to big but it can be helpful to take a look at a few key areas of your website that could benefit from more regular updates. Refining product descriptions, updating an introduction area or even creating and maintaining a weekly what's new or niche weekly news area can greatly benefit your site the next time it is reviewed for indexing.

Longer Blog Post
Many bloggers have trained themselves to limit their blog post to between 300-500 words. This is still a good practice. But, if you are an authority on a particular subject you can gain even greater value from your blog with posts that are in the 1200-1500 word range. Google now values high quality original content of length more than ever. While you don't have to do this with every post, a few longer pieces over the course of a month can make a considerable difference in how Google values what you write. Research also suggests that longer and information rich posts are shared more often with close friends, family members and networks. A few information packed post a month could be a factor for gaining additional traction, better rankings and more attraction to the insights and information you have to present about your area of expertise.

StumbleUpon & Reddit for Social Bookmarking
The reproduction and duplication of content has been frowned upon more so than ever in recent times. But, sharing the original content that you do produce will bring more exposure to your webiste, blog and overall to your niche expertise and knowledge. Visitors can flock to a site once they find it has high quality information. Today's fast paced digital world hardly allows time for being able to explore and digest the mass of information that passes our way daily. Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit provide a service which allows the most reposted and popular items to be consolidated across a few major sites. Social bookmarking allows the most relevant and interesting information to gain greater exposure. While your blog post may not receive much attention on your site alone, it can gain popularity and momentum when it is exposed to a much wider potential audience that has greater sharing power.

YouTube It
Videos on YouTube continue to drive more engaged traffic than any other social media site. You can spend an hour writing a blog or you can create a one minute video that could gain better recognition and attention. Videos on YouTube don't have to be viral but can drive traffic to your website or blog based on the popularity of the content alone. When you tap into YouTube you are putting your site in front of millions of potential visitors and/or customers. Optimizing your video post is also very important for it to receive its best potential. Take a few extra minutes to look at the features you can use to refine the settings that are available to help you gain an even greater reach with your YouTube video post. A quick search on the web will bring up more than a few helpful tips that could be critical to putting your video in front of the people who have an interest in the message that you want to be delivered to your best potential audience.

E-Mail Marketing with Newsletters
Many bloggers and site owners have spent consider time procuring e-mail addresses which are a valuable way to reach back out to visitors and potential clients with a newsletter. When you include relevant links, new and important information as well as good subject lines then you may find that your outreach efforts can be highly rewarding. Use different links to hit the same landing pages so that more than one click opportunities are available for an engagement level that will boost your outreach efforts. Additionally make sure to include some form of engagement opportunity via link buttons for such items as contest, social media and other engagement tactics which can drive traffic to your site from the newsletter. The more you can touch your base then the more visitors you can gain.

Paid Media
Some times it is necessary and well worth the price to pay for media and its distribution. Press releases along with Twitter and Facebook paid advertising are documented successful venues that are available at a more nominal cost over large scale traditional advertising methods. These channels of outreach can allow you to reach a larger audience that may not be aware of the information or products you offer. As with newsletter marketing, make sure that your paid media has a call to action message so that those that see and read your paid advertising will know your message as well as how to reach you in order to take advantage of your special product, promotion or the information you are making available.

When you post across forums, blogs and sites within, across and around your niche make sure you leave a clear signature. Signatures allow you a viable means to let others know who you are, where they can find you and what type of product, service or information you are making available. It will help others within that same niche to easily locate you and start conversations and engagements that can lead to a variety of means of exposure and networking that might otherwise be lost if readers on a forum post or comment areas have to go searching for that particular information. Use your website or blog as the primary link and include your name or brand along with product information or some other captivating piece of information. Signatures allow for easy cross communication and can help form relationships that can be valuable to your future success and the continued growth of your networking efforts.

Keep Making More Connections
One of the keys to maintaining website and blog popularity is the recognition of your site as a source of expertise insight and authority in your niche or for your product or service. If your site or blog has some of the best, most current and knowledge information about your industry or niche then others will want to know about it. Reach out to other experts in your field on a personal basis. Comment on other blogs that you find to have good information. These practices will overall lead to more organic inbound links and traffic referrals. Despite the inherit anonymity of the web, personal relationships have enormous value and potential especially when forming them within your industry or area of expertise.

Statistics and Data
Analytics will help you decide if your particular selection of traffic driving strategies are working. If you are serious about discovering what is failing and what is working well then a wealth of tools are available. Google Analytics is valuable and easy to learn. Don't be intimidated or overwhelmed by the statistics available. Start with the basics. What works well for others may not give you the same results so it is vital to your success that you are able to explore the results of your actions on a numerical level.

The most important key to the success of your traffic gaining actions is to keep active. It takes time, patience and persistence to gain followers, fans and clients. It may be helpful to outline a weekly schedule of activities you will perform to improve the visibility of your website, blog or e-commerce store. Overall, keep your content on your blog and on your website fresh, use social bookmarking services to spread your expert advice and sage insights, employ videos on YouTube as part of your strategy and make personal connections that will add up to traffic and sales spikes. Find a simple way that works well for you to measure your success. While you may see visits and sales spike with your new practices it is best to track what method or tactics gained you new visits and sales. Your greater measure of success will come with deciphering what worked and can work consistently over time to bring you continued, over short lived spikes that could be turned into long term relationships and sustained site, blog and e-commerce growth.


Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are used by many e-commerce and business sites that demand high server performance and fast page load speeds. VPS users enjoy isolated nodes which means resources are dedicated to the user on that particular partition of the server. While this alone can improve a site's performance over VPS add-on for improved server and website performanceshared hosting plans there are still other means VPS users can engage so that the overall experience of the site owner and website visitors can be improved.

SSD Hardware
Additional hardware add-ons can boost page load speeds and site information access. SSD (Solid State Drives) allow for near instant data access.  A high dynamic content site, heavy visitor load or an e-commerce site will benefit from a SSD VPS option which greatly improves input/output operations per second (IOPS) by 100-175 times over a standard disk. SSD continue to gain popularity because of this outstanding level of performance.  Lags will be highly diminished and opening documents along with file copying will be speedy. Overall, servers using a solid state will be faster and more responsive then ever. Wear and tear is significantly diminished because SSD's don't spin and this makes them less likely to fail which means your site can enjoy improved stability.

LiteSpeed Software
Software additions such as LiteSpeed allow you to optimize the way your server and website perform. LiteSpeed is a  unique software that replaces Apache. The drop-in Apache replacement improves performance by 4000% by reducing server loads. It is compatible with almost all control panels and configurations for your existing software generally do not have to be changed. LiteSpeed allows you to get more from your hardware by using only a fraction of the memory and CPU that Apache needs. Enable LiteSpeed and you can potentially double or even triple capacity, leading to a more stable and reliable environment on your server.

Fully Managed Services
Fully managed services are included with all control panels. You will receive access to two full hours of assistance each month. Most VPS clients find that managed services provide an expert level of assistance. Even the most experienced and seasoned VPS users generally benefit from the service. One event that requires additional support assistance over the course of a month could cost you time and money that you don't have available. When you have fully managed services on your VPS, a JaguarPC technical support team member can assist you at no cost. Resolving your issues in a timely manner frees you to address your important business matters and saves you the time and potential headache of resolving the problem on your own.

SSD, fully managed services and LiteSpeed are three items which can help improve the way a VPS performs. More options are now available to create a better experience for you and your site visitors.  When server loads are reduced then page speeds improve and an increase in traffic can follow. Add these features to your VPS web hosting plan and your online business success can soar.


When you're the owner of a business website, it's important to make sure your information is well-protected and safe from accidental loss. Backing up your information offline is always an intelligent idea; however, you likely don't have the time to devote to securing your data on a daily basis. For this reason, you need Daily and Redundant Backup Copies for Data Securitya web hosting provider that offers daily backup service, regardless of the type of hosting you’re looking to purchase.

Keep Your Site Up & Running
If you manage an e-commerce or promotional site for your company, ensuring that your web host provides daily backups, as opposed to just data backups is crucial. This way, even if you make updates to your site nearly every day, you can feel assured in the knowledge that your content is available from multiple sources.When you're the owner of a business website, it's important to make sure your information is well-protected and safe from accidental loss. Backing up your information offline is always an intelligent idea; however, you likely don't have the time to devote to securing your data on a daily basis. For this reason, you need a web hosting provider that offers daily backup services, regardless of the type of hosting you’re looking to purchase.

Prevent Future Data Loss
Daily backup services are about as important as hosting itself, which is why it’s included in dependable providers’ hosting packages. Some business owners utilize offline backup programs to protect their info, but generally online backups are completed by hosting providers. While you may not think you need it, daily backups are crucial, especially if you manage an online business and website. Regardless of the quality of the security systems you have in place, you can still run into difficulties with malware, viruses, and hackers. Therefore, it always pays to take advantage of daily backup service provided by a web host you can trust.

Unexpected Occurrences
The purpose of a backup service is to preserve data so that it may be recovered easily in the event of accidental loss. While signing up with a reputable provider can lessen the chances of this occurring, no web hosting company can provide a 100% guarantee against unintentional data loss. There are a number of instances that can cause users to lose valuable info, such as error on the part of a provider, natural disasters, and power outages and surges. However, daily backup services can prevent unexpected incidents from affecting you and your product descriptions, images, client information, layouts, etc. Daily backups save business owners the difficulty of having to quickly piece their sites back together after losing their information suddenly.




Why Is VPS Hosting Good for Your Business?

By Sabrina May 01, 2014 10:41 am

Whether your company is expanding or you're simply searching for more flexible hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting may be the solution you need for your business. VPS hosting plans offer a wide range of benefits and deliver a supportive platform for business owners in various industries. If you're tired of thePowerful VPS Servers for High Performance Business Websites downtime that can come with shared hosting due to resource allocation sharing, yet your business does not have the budget to accommodate dedicated hosting, then virtual private server hosting plans serve as a happy medium.

Who Can Benefit?
Virtual private server hosting is often preferred by companies of varying sizes, as it provides greater scalability, security, and reliability than shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is often sought after by businesses that require maximum flexibility and protection, and can afford the price tag. However, virtual private server hosting is a good alternative for companies that don't need as many dedicated resources, or are just starting out with hosting. VPS hosting is useful on its own, or can serve as a good stepping stone to dedicated hosting.

Perks of Choosing VPS
There are numerous benefits to choosing a virtual private server hosting plan. As well as being less expensive than dedicated hosting, it's elastic and able to easily meet the needs of users. You'll have more of a say-so as to what resources are available to you than you would with shared hosting. On that note, you don't have to be wary of the security threats that accompany shared hosting. Much like shared hosting users, VPS users are on one server, but the number of users is limited. Additionally, virtual private servers provide total system isolation, ensuring dependable security for your business's resources and data.

Additional Considerations
VPS hosting can often be overlooked as a solution to the drawbacks of  shared web hosting allocated resources because of the costs. Virtual private server hosting is more expensive than shared; however, if your business is amplifying, you need hosting that can handle increased traffic. While VPS is pricier, the advantages are usually quickly evident.  The increased cost over shared hosting has the value of improved performance and increased resources making a VPS web hosting plan a better value to business owners than originally thought.


If you're looking to optimize your business with virtual private server hosting, you may be wondering how Linux can best benefit you and your company. Linux Linux VPS run MySQL, PHP and Apache SeemlesslyVPS hosting offers an assortment of advantages to growing and established companies, and provides a secure platform for a variety of applications business owners typically use. Additionally, when it comes to cost, Linux hosting has the edge over Windows, and especially benefits small startups that don't have large budgets available for web hosting services.

Adaptable Platform
Linux virtual private server hosting can benefit virtually any business that isn’t built on Windows, especially small to medium-sized businesses. Choosing Linux hosting opens up a number of doors for companies, giving them access to popular software and technologies. Many types of programs and applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, run seamlessly on Linux operating systems. Linux hosting is ideal for companies that use programs built on PHP, MySQL, or Perl. If your focus is on website and blog building and content management, Linux VPS hosting may be a good choice for you.

Versatility & Dependability
One of the greatest benefits of VPS hosting with a Linux system is flexibility. Unlike shared hosting, VPS gives the users the freedom to more fully manage their resources. With a Linux system, businesses can better organize their programs, software, and applications, and use less server resources. This also promotes more reliable uptime, as you won't have to worry about the VPS becoming bogged down. Because virtual private servers house data for a limited number of users, you can expect consistent uptime for you and your website's visitors.

Strong Security 
Security is another advantage of choosing Linux hosting, as it's resistant to many types of malware and viruses. Users who opt for Windows VPS hosting often have to purchase various types of anti-malware and antivirus software to protect their system and websites from any security threats. Unlike Windows, Linux is an open source system, and is constantly being improved and debugged by developers. This provides Linux users with a stronger infrastructure and greater reliability when it comes to the safety of their data and resources.




Boost Your Revenue with Affiliate Programs

By Sabrina Apr 22, 2014 12:52 pm

‘Pay per click’ is a buzz word you may have seen across the web. Pay per click means that a website has a program in effect that has the potential to make money every time someone visits their page and clicks on a vendor link. Pay per click is an extension of a program that is not unlike affiliate marketing programs. One of the most recognizable and famous affiliate programs in the world is probably Amazon.  An affiliate can have an Amazon link on their website and they get a kick-back from every item sold that was reached via their own link to Amazon.

Earn High Payouts with Web Hosting Affiliate Rewards
Affiliate web hosting programs are a unique way of not only networking with users who need web hosting services and plans but also a way to make money from your own website.  When you  host with certain web hosting companies they generally offer an affiliate link on the website where you can sign up as a web Big Payouts for Web Hosting Affiliateshosting provider affiliate. An affiliate program member only has to place a banner and a tracking link on their site and whenever a site user or visitor clicks on the banner and orders a hosting service then the affiliate program member gets a financial reward. This is known as a payout for the resulting completed purchase generated from the visit.

Some sites promote food and drink, others promote computer and web services while others promote music and movies. If you are interested in promoting a product or service and being paid out for your efforts then become an affiliate. You can actually find online libraries of affiliate programs available if you want to learn more about joining  programs that reward you.

It won’t make you an overnight millionaire but, over time it can certainly give you a good second or even first income, if you are willing to put in the hours. Affiliate marketing has grown particularly fast because it is easy and takes very little effort. Once you post your affiliate program banner and add the tracking link on your website then you only need to sit back and watch your profits roll into your accounts.

Focal Points
If you have a website that is specifically subject based, like a website that concentrates on technology,  you might like to have a link to a web hosting company or a technology related products site. When you can effectively cross market your website and products then you can expect to see a continual improvement in your affiliate market earnings.

Become an affiliate member at JaguarPC and earn some of the highest payouts in the web hosting industry.


Whether you are a rookie or a professional reseller you will enjoy the smart features of our reseller web hosting plans. Our unlimited bandwidth reseller plans with generous disk space allotments include everything you need to get your reseller business started right out of the gate. Additional revenue generating options High Performance Reseller Web Hostingare included which can make your revenue earning potentials skyrocket.

Powerful Hardware and Software
LiteSpeed and CloudLinux on our Supermicro servers mean you get the best reselling experience possible. LiteSpeed enhances page load speeds and overall server performance while CloudLinux allows for better stability and reliability by preventing resource hogging from a single user. The combination of these technologies allow you to enjoy a smooth highly functional reseller service without the worries of CPU or RAM spikes or resource overuse and abuse.

End User Support
Our end user basic support tickets are unlimited and a brandable enabled support desk feature means your customers can log into your help desk. Your reseller clients will attribute all the benefits of the JaguarPC support teams outstanding support services to you. Our technical support services are available to your clients 24/7/365. Great support means happy clients who will refer more business to you.

Generate Additional Revenue
While you get the advantages of our top of the line technology and our support services you can benefit even more with our extra reselling options. Sell domains, RapidSSL certificates and discounted white label VPS and dedicated servers through our program. You also have the opportunity to sell even more features to your clients, such as Plesk, RvSiteBuilder, data backup services, VsControl, and more. Resellers at JaguarPC have the potential to keep earning more and more by utilizing these added revenue generating programs.

The benefits of JaguarPC's reseller plans go beyond our resource jam packed packages, enormous value added features and state of the art technology. Our 100% private label, free end user support, free billing software, 100% network uptime and our hassle free 45 day money back guarantee show we are committed to bringing you greatest benefits at the best price.


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