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It means a great deal to me to be able to wish all of our customers here at JaguarPC another Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am already looking forward to allMerry Christmas from JaguarPC Web Hosting the good times to be had in 2015! I hope all of you find time to spend with your family and friends this Christmas season so that you can celebrate and enjoy the good company and cheer that comes along with Christmas time and the new year.

2014 was a great year. I want to pause and thank all of those who have been a part of our success. I feel lucky to have clients like you as part of this company. JaguarPC turned 16 this year and without the dedication and loyalty of you that would not have been possible. Every step forward is a step towards achieving something bigger and better and I appreciate each and every one of you on board as we continue to pursue our goals. Thank you for helping us achieve another successful year at JaguarPC.

I also want to thank all of the staff here. We have a very strong team in place and they take pride in what they do. Exceptional support has been our motto throughout the year and these team members have been instrumental in making strides to improve services across all areas of the company. I thank our customer and technical support services teams for all that they have achieved over the past year. I encourage you to reach out at anytime you have difficulties. They are eager to assist you.

I am truly fortunate to be blessed with a client base like you guys. We receive a multitude of positive feedback over the course of the year. I thank you for those messages that inspire us towards new heights in web hosting and show us what a loyal following we have here at JaguarPC. Your feedback is instrumental to our success. Keep it coming, we love it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your projects and dreams continue to grow and prosper in 2015.

God Bless,
Greg Landis, CEO JaguarPC




Sizzlin’ Summer Web Hosting News

By Sabrina Jul 31, 2014 12:38 pm

JaguarPC celebrated its 15 years in the web hosting industry back in October of 2013, but I wanted to bring the value of our experience back into the line ofJaguarPC Hosting Exceptional Support sight for our customers. Over the years JaguarPC has grown immensely due to the support of our loyal clients as well as the quality of the services we offer. My numerous years of experience have lent me the insight to understand that the most prominent qualities which bring customers to us and keep them referring others to us is our strong reputation and our client support services.

While I find that those two factors bring clients to us, what really keeps clients with us is our ability to change with the times and bring you new products which allow for higher performance for you hosted sites. Our team is always seeking out new services, systems and procedures that will offer our clients the best experience when it comes to hosting their site with us. I understand that our clients trust us with their important business websites, e-commerce stores and online blogs. We at JaguarPC value that trust and daily we keep in mind what is necessary to preserve that type of relationship.

The redesign and launch of our website offers may new products and plans. If you have a VPS or dedicated server then you can now add a SSD drive and LiteSpeed software upgrades for some of the best VPS and dedicated server performance possible. If you are using shared hosting but need a more robust plan but aren't quite ready for a VPS yet, then our business hosting plan may suit you better. Some of you might be interested in exploring the abilities of our cloud plans that allow you to scale resources up and back down for your changing needs. Special events on your site, application development projects or even your startup efforts and plans will benefit from being on the cloud. Resellers have new options as well with our partnership program and UK data center options.

I am very excited about all of these new potentials and prospects that we now have available. These additions mean that JaguarPC can better meet the hosting needs of an even more diverse group of clients and we can continue to do that very well.

I encourage you to contact our team to see what we can provide that will help your website, blog, business or e-commerce site shine. Does your account need a little polish or is it working perfectly for you? Either way, you can know that when you contact us for support and services we will take a hands on approach that demonstrates JaguarPC is a hosting company that values the trust you put into our services and we don't intend to let you down.

Have a terrific summer,
Greg Landis CEO JaguarPC

Boost Your VPS and Dedicated Server Performance
LiteSpeed is an Apache drop in replacement which can improve server speeds by 6X over Apache and allows a 50% improvement in PHP performance versus Apache. It uses the same apache configuration and works the same way that Apache does. LiteSpeed can manage hundreds of thousands of high performance Apache drop-in replacement connections without CPU or RAM spikes and no down time is required for the installation. LiteSpeed is one of the best options available to substantially improve performance on high traffic sites.

Exceptional Customer Service and Technical Support Is Always Our Goal
Here at JaguarPC it is our mission to keep our clients happy with their services. In order for us to better serve you we conduct surveys and reach out to our customers on a regular basis to discover what we are doing best and how we can continue to make improvements. This month Zachary McClung, our sales and services manager, has compiled a review of our customer service and technical support service ratings. At JaguarPC we aim to maintain exceptional levels of service across the board.

Fast and Efficient Server Performance With a SSD
Solid State Drives, SSD, are now available. While traditional drives involve moving parts to retrieve your data, SSD technology involves no moving parts. When you employ this state of the art drive you will see a massive improvement in the way your date is retrieved and the rate at which it is served. The direct acquisition of your data means that applications can be launched in near instant time. High traffic and heavy dynamic content sites will benefit from the improved way that data is acquired. If your site has high input/outputs per second (IOPS) then an SDD upgrade may be the solution you need for the best VPS performance possible.

Cloud Hosting Plans Provide Scalable, Cost-Effective and Secure Solutions
Cloud web hosting is one of the newest plan types offered by JaguarPC. Cloud hosting involves multiple VPS units acting as one. This level of redundancy means that if one server experiences issues then another will automatically pick up any gaps in service. Cloud hosting offers the best redundancy available. If you have been hearing about cloud web hosting then you will want to consider this plan for yourself especially if you are working on a development project, a startup or have a site that needs the added security and data protection offered by cloud plans. The scalable nature of Cloud hosting means cost-effective hosting is at your fingertips.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Use Our Daily Backups and Another Source for 100% Data and Disaster Recovery. While JaguarPC offers free daily bakups you will want to use at least one other data backup source for complete assurance that your data is safe in case of a disaster or minor mishaps.

Need Extra Cash?
Would you like to enjoy some of the biggest affiliate payouts in the industry? Simply join our  JaguarPC web hosting affiliate program and refer your clients, friends, family and business associates to start earning handsome rewards. Learn more about our affiliate program.



You've likely noticed the words exceptional service popping up around here lately. Whether it be our display ads, job postings or our survey questions, providing exceptional service is our goal. These are the words we live by. While we don't always get it right, we do more often than not. Your feedback is very important to make sure we do get it right the other times. Today you are looking  at June's Customer Service Ratings, Average First Response Times and Average Ticket Response Times. Along with a few other stats that may surprise you.

June Customer Satisfaction Rating
Let's first start off by discussing our Customer Satisfaction Ratings. The Customer Satisfaction Ratings is our here and now feedback in regards to the level of service we are providing. This is instant feedback from customers and it is available on every interactions our team has with you our customer via our help desk at JaguarPC.  We utilize a 1 - 5 star rating system to gather feedback on each interaction. In the graph below you'll see each departments rating broken down individually. You'll see our Customer Service department maintained a 5 (100%), E911 Emergency - Server Down 5 (100%), Support 4.7 (94%) and our Support L2 4.7 (94%). The hosted industry standard satisfaction rating is 93%. (Fun Fact J.D. Powers & Associates has cable companies with a overall customer satisfaction rating of 69% OUCH)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                JaguarPC Has Exceptional Technical Support and Customer Service Ratings


Average First Response Time (Support)
The first response time is another key metric we utilize to department the quality of support we are providing. It is important that customers know that when you have an emergency we will be there quickly to begin to resolve your issue. Unlike Customer Satisfaction Ratings the support department as a whole is tracked as one-time. In June our average first response time was higher than we'd like it to be at 45 minutes & 35 seconds. We like to keep first responses to 20 - 30 minutes with our E911 emergency queue under 10 minutes.

Average Response Time (Support)
The average response time for support is the final key metric used to determine the performance of the department. Like the average first response time, it is also calculated as a department wide figure. The average ticket response time includes every response in every ticket throughout the department. In the month of June, the technical support department had an average response of 1h 5m 0s. We like to keep this between 40 - 60 minutes.

Help Us, Help You! Say No To Social Escalations!
We are living in a social media driven world today. It is common place now to tweet a company or post on their wall when struggling with a company. For the local grocery store or a restaurant this works great. When it comes to technology which can be frustrating some days and rapid communication can happen in minutes help us, help you by escalating issues to instead. Our social media pages like many technology companies are run by marketing folks and not geeks. They are in the office Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm while our geeks are here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. When you post on our Facebook page it could sit for 24 hours. When you e-mail the issue is escalated within a few hours. Help us, help you and escalate your issue to geeks and not marketing freaks.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me:  I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to our customer service or support departments.




It can be a battle to drive traffic to your website especially considering the constant changes in SEO practices and Goggle's never ending changes to their own algorithms. Don't be discouraged. There are actions that can be taken that will significantly improve your traffic. This blog post will show you a number of activities Ways to drive traffic for more visits and sales that can work to create more exposure and ultimately lead to more visits. Use a few of the suggestions to create a weekly schedule of activities which can improve the exposure of your website and blog. When you know what works and where to start then the only next step is to get active.

Regular Fresh Content
Fresh and original content is key to not only maintaining your website or blog but also for good search engine results. While you may often hear that regularly updating your blog with fresh content is important, it is also helpful to change the actual content on your website as around a time frame of every other week. The changes don't have to big but it can be helpful to take a look at a few key areas of your website that could benefit from more regular updates. Refining product descriptions, updating an introduction area or even creating and maintaining a weekly what's new or niche weekly news area can greatly benefit your site the next time it is reviewed for indexing.

Longer Blog Post
Many bloggers have trained themselves to limit their blog post to between 300-500 words. This is still a good practice. But, if you are an authority on a particular subject you can gain even greater value from your blog with posts that are in the 1200-1500 word range. Google now values high quality original content of length more than ever. While you don't have to do this with every post, a few longer pieces over the course of a month can make a considerable difference in how Google values what you write. Research also suggests that longer and information rich posts are shared more often with close friends, family members and networks. A few information packed post a month could be a factor for gaining additional traction, better rankings and more attraction to the insights and information you have to present about your area of expertise.

StumbleUpon & Reddit for Social Bookmarking
The reproduction and duplication of content has been frowned upon more so than ever in recent times. But, sharing the original content that you do produce will bring more exposure to your webiste, blog and overall to your niche expertise and knowledge. Visitors can flock to a site once they find it has high quality information. Today's fast paced digital world hardly allows time for being able to explore and digest the mass of information that passes our way daily. Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit provide a service which allows the most reposted and popular items to be consolidated across a few major sites. Social bookmarking allows the most relevant and interesting information to gain greater exposure. While your blog post may not receive much attention on your site alone, it can gain popularity and momentum when it is exposed to a much wider potential audience that has greater sharing power.

YouTube It
Videos on YouTube continue to drive more engaged traffic than any other social media site. You can spend an hour writing a blog or you can create a one minute video that could gain better recognition and attention. Videos on YouTube don't have to be viral but can drive traffic to your website or blog based on the popularity of the content alone. When you tap into YouTube you are putting your site in front of millions of potential visitors and/or customers. Optimizing your video post is also very important for it to receive its best potential. Take a few extra minutes to look at the features you can use to refine the settings that are available to help you gain an even greater reach with your YouTube video post. A quick search on the web will bring up more than a few helpful tips that could be critical to putting your video in front of the people who have an interest in the message that you want to be delivered to your best potential audience.

E-Mail Marketing with Newsletters
Many bloggers and site owners have spent consider time procuring e-mail addresses which are a valuable way to reach back out to visitors and potential clients with a newsletter. When you include relevant links, new and important information as well as good subject lines then you may find that your outreach efforts can be highly rewarding. Use different links to hit the same landing pages so that more than one click opportunities are available for an engagement level that will boost your outreach efforts. Additionally make sure to include some form of engagement opportunity via link buttons for such items as contest, social media and other engagement tactics which can drive traffic to your site from the newsletter. The more you can touch your base then the more visitors you can gain.

Paid Media
Some times it is necessary and well worth the price to pay for media and its distribution. Press releases along with Twitter and Facebook paid advertising are documented successful venues that are available at a more nominal cost over large scale traditional advertising methods. These channels of outreach can allow you to reach a larger audience that may not be aware of the information or products you offer. As with newsletter marketing, make sure that your paid media has a call to action message so that those that see and read your paid advertising will know your message as well as how to reach you in order to take advantage of your special product, promotion or the information you are making available.

When you post across forums, blogs and sites within, across and around your niche make sure you leave a clear signature. Signatures allow you a viable means to let others know who you are, where they can find you and what type of product, service or information you are making available. It will help others within that same niche to easily locate you and start conversations and engagements that can lead to a variety of means of exposure and networking that might otherwise be lost if readers on a forum post or comment areas have to go searching for that particular information. Use your website or blog as the primary link and include your name or brand along with product information or some other captivating piece of information. Signatures allow for easy cross communication and can help form relationships that can be valuable to your future success and the continued growth of your networking efforts.

Keep Making More Connections
One of the keys to maintaining website and blog popularity is the recognition of your site as a source of expertise insight and authority in your niche or for your product or service. If your site or blog has some of the best, most current and knowledge information about your industry or niche then others will want to know about it. Reach out to other experts in your field on a personal basis. Comment on other blogs that you find to have good information. These practices will overall lead to more organic inbound links and traffic referrals. Despite the inherit anonymity of the web, personal relationships have enormous value and potential especially when forming them within your industry or area of expertise.

Statistics and Data
Analytics will help you decide if your particular selection of traffic driving strategies are working. If you are serious about discovering what is failing and what is working well then a wealth of tools are available. Google Analytics is valuable and easy to learn. Don't be intimidated or overwhelmed by the statistics available. Start with the basics. What works well for others may not give you the same results so it is vital to your success that you are able to explore the results of your actions on a numerical level.

The most important key to the success of your traffic gaining actions is to keep active. It takes time, patience and persistence to gain followers, fans and clients. It may be helpful to outline a weekly schedule of activities you will perform to improve the visibility of your website, blog or e-commerce store. Overall, keep your content on your blog and on your website fresh, use social bookmarking services to spread your expert advice and sage insights, employ videos on YouTube as part of your strategy and make personal connections that will add up to traffic and sales spikes. Find a simple way that works well for you to measure your success. While you may see visits and sales spike with your new practices it is best to track what method or tactics gained you new visits and sales. Your greater measure of success will come with deciphering what worked and can work consistently over time to bring you continued, over short lived spikes that could be turned into long term relationships and sustained site, blog and e-commerce growth.




Try Our New Nano Bug Security Suite!

By Sabrina Apr 01, 2014 8:07 am

JaguarPC has been selected as the premier web hosting company to test and deploy a state of the art nanite, also known as nano bot driven, security suite across its server fleet. Bug Shield is the most advanced virus, malware and spam eradication technology that has ever been produced. All of the teams are very excited Nano Security Suitethat the company has been specially selected for the experimental project. It has been a very hush, hush event up until today.

The onsite staff at JaguarPC's data center released the nano bugs into its servers about a month ago and the improvements have been very positive. This nano bot technology is able to wipe out security concerns from inside the server. The biologically alive software uses AI (artificial intelligence) to identify harmful and malicious elements on the servers.

Once released into the servers the microscopic bugs act as a life form with an adapted AI mind that is able to identify threats and potential problem areas such as viruses, malware and spam. Once the nano bot identifies the threats it simply consumes them. The nanites (or nanobots) demarcate problem areas and in some cases conjoin in an ultra fashion with the malware to render it harmless and this is the space where real revelations occur.

Greg Landis, CEO of JaguarPC says,  "I am delighted to be able to finally share this information with our clients and the web hosting community as well. The initial results were so astounding that I wanted to go ahead and let everyone know that "Bug Shield" is expected to revolutionize the way the technology industry deals with security concerns in the future."

Only one problem has been identified with the new technology. The nano bugs are so efficient that they have been known to come out at night to sweep the cage floors and clean the cabinets. It is suspected that they have ventured into the bathroom at the data center. A few mornings it has not gone unnoticed that the area has never been cleaner. The greatest concern is that now with it being the case that the bugs are known to roam we just don't know what they might do next.

The deployment is so easy that the only action the on site data center team had to take was to open the package and the new software bug eradication technology just crawled out and started searching on the hard drives. Although it is still in the testing stage it appears that it is going to be something customers will start to see across almost all hosting companies in the near future. The product is a web hoster's dream and just almost too good to be true.


JaguarPC, leading web hosting provider of shared, VPS, cloud, reseller and dedicated plans announces the release of a new website along with free web hosting JaguarPC Web Hosting Providerplan upgrades for all of its current clients. JaguarPC's newest presence on the web offers a refreshing presentation of information that even those new to web hosting will find easy to understand and navigate.

"With over 15 years in the web hosting business we know what our clients need most in web hosting features and we take into account what current and potential customers want and need most. The best interests of our clients is always first and foremost. The new website is designed to showcase our new products and the plans are designed to best meet the needs and requests from our client base and future clients," says Greg Landis, CEO of JaguarPC.

The new website was developed to embrace a smooth navigational flow and to consolidate many of its services and features for an easy to use streamlined feel. The website also introduces a new line of web hosting plans and products. The sleek design of JaguarPC's newly launched website now features cloud hosting plans and VPS SSD (Solid-State Drive) options. It is a breeze to find the information you need on product specifications, prices and added features as well to reach out to staff and support teams.

JaguarPC is providing free upgrades for the new plan specifications to all of its existing customers. "Our new hosting plans are some of the best in the industry. I wanted to make sure that all of our current clients had the first shot at using the increased bandwidth and disk space allotments. All of our customers have been upgraded to the new plans for free so they can go ahead and start to assess how the new and more powerful hardware and allotments can benefit their hosting needs. We are where we are today because of our loyal client base. It is another way I feel that I can express my gratitude to them," says Greg Landis, CEO of JaguarPC.

The satisfaction of customers is the top priority at JaguarPC. The new website and the free hosting plan upgrades show that JaguarPC will continue in spirit of customer satisfaction. The dedicated staff at JaguarPC is eager to provide the best level of service possible. The teams are ready to give that personal touch or go the extra mile to make sure that customers are satisfied with the results. "We don't stop until we get it right," says Greg Landis, CEO of JaguarPC. To learn more, please visit:

About JaguarPC:
JaguarPC has been a top provider of web hosting services since 1998. They are one of the world’s most trusted and experienced hosting companies that is committed to delivering superior service to its clients through an affordable and reliable value added web hosting services model. JaguarPC provides top level hosting services to businesses, government agencies and personal clients across the globe. JaguarPC embraces a philosophy of ongoing commitment to outstanding support.




JaguarPC Welcomes HostingZoom Customers

By Sabrina Feb 17, 2014 3:49 pm

We are excited to officially welcome HostingZoom and ResellerZoom clients into the JaguarPC family. The consolidation will bring the best benefits of each brand to all. We can now make the latest technology, the best hardware and web hosting features from all brands available to each and every one of our web hosting customers.

In the future, your account will be upgraded, free of charge, to the latest web hosting plans that we are offering. Please be assured that your plan will be upgraded free of charge, your hosting plan price will not change! You will also get the new resources and features of the new plans free. Previous existing plans are still available, for the time being, from the HostingZoom brand. Orders for those plans can still be placed through your client dashboard.

At this time nothing is required from your end. Your account will be upgraded as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we implement the upgrades. In the meantime please continue to use your regular login at: to access  your account and billing management area. Please begin to explore the website where you can learn more about our newest web hosting plans, options, add-ons and other products and features of interest.

Welcome to JaguarPC! We know you are going to love it here. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at:


JaguarPC is proud to announce the launch of our new website along with a fresh new client account management and billing portal. The website has a whole JaguarPC Web Hosting Providernew look and a fresh appeal that showcases our new web hosting plans and products.

Please stop by our redesigned site and explore our new plans and products. You can now order Cloud web hosting plans and add SSD (solid-state drive) options on our VPS plans which offer multiple levels of managed support for you to choose from. We have added a domain management area and updated our order forms to make selecting your plan and adding features a breeze.

The new client support portal is a terrific one stop spot for you to find the important links you use to manage and support your web hosting plan and billing needs. Here you will find a massive knowledgebase area along with voice narrated support videos that cover a vast range of topics related to your web hosting questions. The support portal also allows you to find the areas where you can submit and view tickets for customer and technical support as well as place orders and ask pre-sales questions.

If you are a current client please continue to log on at:  We will be moving our current client's account information over to the new system in the coming weeks. While we are unable to provide an exact ETA on these moves our current customers can be assured that this move will not affect any of your plans or products. We will contact you as the transitions are made. We appreciate your patience while everyone is moved onto the new system and we thank you for continuing to use JaguarPC as your web hosting provider.

JaguarPC wants to hear to more from you. Explore our new website and visit our forum to post your feedback. We are delighted to offer you a fresh new look, terrific new products, newly designed web hosting plans and a client billing and hosting plan management system that will make your plan management tasks a snap.


Security is more important than ever for your website. When you consider that major retailers are susceptible to hacks and attacks it may make you more aware of the need to Website Security Tipstidy up your own security settings, procedures and protocols. A few regular practices should be at the top of your list in order to protect yourself, your data and the integrity of your website.

Malware is malicious beyond belief and often embeds itself so deeply into your computer that the only way to eradicate it is to scrub your data and perform a full system restore. One of the best practices you can employ is to keep your scripts and platform versions up to date. This is especially true for many popular blogging platforms. If you see a new version it may include some new bells and whistles or control panel changes but overall new version updates include security and script updates that are designed to enhance your protection levels.

Make your passwords random long and mix it up with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. There are many programs which can store your passwords in a highly secure environment. You might think it is a hassle but the bigger irritation is a hack which can destroy data, hijack your site for entirely for malicious purposes as well as take private information which can be used against you for identify theft along with other sinister purposes.

Script Updates
Update your scripts on a regular basis. Scripts that are out of date can leave you wide open to attacks. Outdated scripts can also be used as back doors to access your information and sites. Malware is notorious for finding holes and vulnerabilities in outdated scripts. When you keep your scripts updated on a regular basis you are taking another big step towards  protecting your site and improving your security.

Use Secure Networks
If you are on a public wi-fi then it would not be a good idea to change your passwords at that time. You can open yourself up to a high level of insecure exposure when engaging in activities that should only be performed in a secure environment. If you are not on a secure network then take into account what activities you should and should not perform in these types of environments.

A few regular maintenance and update tasks can go a long way in protecting the future of your data, identify and time. Lost time is lost money and an attack via outdated scripts, low strength passwords, or simple negligence when using a public and unprotected internet connection are not risks you want to take. Enable a strong security plan for your website in the future and  you can rest assured your site is well protected.


HTTP status codes are sent by web servers whenever a human internet browser or a search engine spider tries to view your website.  Most of the time, a human user logging onto yourhttp status codes explained website wouldn’t see a HTTP status code so long as everything is okay, although there are some common codes that many internet users will likely be familiar with.
We’ll mention these as we go through this post, but for a good understanding it is better to go through what each type of status code is, and when it will typically be utilized.

Provisional Responses: 100's
There are only two provisional responses, both of which require the user or the search spider to take action to continue.  The two responses are 100, which is continue, and 101, which informs the user of a switch in protocols.

Successful: 200's
When a server sends this status code they are saying that a request has been successful.  The most common success status code is 200, which means you’ve got the page and information you requested 100% successfully, although there are other status codes that mean a request has been successful but not fully met.  For example, a request might be successful but not return any content, or the request might be successful after information has been sourced from another location.

Redirected: 300's
A 3xx code means that the server needs to take further action to fulfill the request. Most 3xx codes involving redirection to another page or website.  Using redirects and 3xx requests correctly is important if you are redesigning your website and have new URL structures and sections.  If you don’t use them, users would find blank pages and receive the types of error we’re going to look at next.

Request Error: 400's
This is the type of error that a human internet user will most commonly see.  The two errors likely to be encountered are the 403 error, which means you are not authorized to view a page, and a 404 error, which means the server couldn’t find the page.  404 errors can occur for a number of reasons, typically because a 301 redirect request hasn’t been used or because of a typography error in the request.  Some websites will identify their most commonly landed on 404 pages and set up 301 redirects as a result.

Server Errors: 500's
Server errors are exactly what they say they are, meaning there was no problem with the request itself.  Server errors can happen for a number of reasons, and from a hosting providers perspective they are something you should be looking to eradicate as much as possible, or else you could quickly find yourself losing traffic and customers.


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