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Do you need a hosting solution that supports content-heavy, high-traffic websites? Solid-state drives paired with virtualization technology deliver a hosting solution that offers speed, scalability and elasticity. No matter how demanding your needs may be, SSD hosting can exceed them. To get the comprehensive and VPS SSD Web Hostingstable provisioning you need, choose a company with years of experience in the hosting industry. JaguarPC’s SSD VPS hosting packages and services are second to none, and offer an assortment of helpful core features and add-ons.

Swift Data Location
SSD VPS delivers unmatched speed and dependability – which makes it ideal for websites that attract large volumes of traffic. Even content-heavy websites load at the speed of light with SSDs. The same can’t be said for conventional storage solutions – which have to rotate to access data. SSDs’ input/output operations per second outperform SATA and SAS by about 1,200%. The most beneficial feature of an SSD is the fact that its 100% solid. SSDs lack moving mechanical parts, and can locate data immediately without causing delays.

First-Rate Equipment
Virtual private server hosting, coupled with high-powered RAID-10 drive arrays, delivers a hosting experience akin to a dedicated server. As an experienced, industry-leading hosting provider, JaguarPC doesn’t skimp on the resources available to our clients. Each Quad-core Xeon VPS node is outfitted with a generous amount of RAM – giving you the platform you need to succeed in the demanding world of online business. Like dedicated hosting, you’ll have the freedom to manage your resources at will. You can scale up or scale down – depending on your business’s needs and goals.

Assortment of Hosting Features
If your website is content-heavy and generates dense traffic on a daily basis, SSD hosting is probably ideal for you. SSDs are designed for speedy data location – making them the perfect solution for businesses that aren’t satisfied with the response times of their websites. Our SSD VPS plans offer a wide range of features and add-ons, including but not limited to:

  • Additional SSD
    Choice of operating systems
    Client dashboard
    SSL Certificates
    24/7/365 server monitoring
    Daily backups
    Root access

You’ll enjoy the convenience of personalized features, as well as improved customer satisfaction through faster site loading times.




Web Hosting Technology Update

By Sabrina Apr 28, 2015 10:31 am

JaguarPC took a break from the office last week and enjoyed mingling with some excellent minds from a few area technology firms at the IT Summit Denver. While we rubbed elbows with a big crowd we took note of some cutting edge technologies which will lead to an even better web and VPS hosting experience for all Web and VPS Hostingof our clients. The IT community in Colorado is filled with professionals who are loaded with innovative ideas and are constantly pushing the limits of technology to explore new regions of insight that will bring gains to the web and VPS hosting industry overall. Colorado is becoming a premier territory for hosting technology innovation. Colorado even has some whispers that the new silicon valley is already here.

Highlights of the Day

Backup Products
In an age when data size and storage needs continue to grow more services and systems are needed to maintain data integrity, storage and recovery. Some online storage and backup services may not be as secure as you would believe. If you aren't backing up your data on a regular basis you are taking a risk you can't afford. Off site, secure and regularly scheduled backup services are necessary. 62% of businesses that have a data loss event or disaster fail entirely. It may be time for you to re-assess your own backup.

It would not have been an IT event of any worth without some good information on security and as Web and VPS Hosting professionals, we find that to be extra VPS and Web Hosting important. The malicious nature of some of the things that get done on the internet means security is one of the top priorities. Malware, spam, brute force attacks and other activities that target you and inflict damage are now more detectable than ever. The roles are reversing on security. While people are becoming more knowledgeable about threats they are also taking action to secure their systems and services. Advanced detection services allow for some real time tracking so that it is becoming easier to locate the point of the attacks and stop them. JaguarPC encourages all of our clients to use strong passwords and to be proactive with your online security practices.

IT Denver Summit also featured a full day of speaking events. One that really stood out was, "Harnessing the Power of Human Ingenuity." If you operate your business or website only across the Internet then you may be missing the integral part of people and their clever and adaptive nature. Systems can allow your business to get a good level of production but when the true interaction of people is added that success and productivity factor rises. Try to get out to a few events and meet in a physical form to inspire more innovation, productivity and collaboration that can all bring your business farther and faster and push you towards success.

Denver Convention Center
The Denver Convention Center is a beast on space. We all wanted one of the Segways that the staff were using to manage the distance. All the same the architecture of the building is truly amazing. It was a good modern look and feel that suited the advanced Internet technology event. The IT Summit Denver event was convenient to light rail so many industry experts didn't have the big commute. The combination of seeing technology in transportation, architecture and technology like Segways made for an all around inspiring day. The JaguarPC team will be spending the rest of the week reviewing and assessing all that we learned and explored in an effort to better optimize our web and VPS hosting services.

Hot Take Always
Aaron, one of our new team members came away with a nice gift certificate. He has plans to purchase some new technology to keep his sales efforts rolling. We Web and VPS Hosting want to thank the 911 IT teams of El Paso county and Teller county for their contribution. JaguarPC is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO and we have team members in Teller County. Thank you 911 for working hard to keep our services online in the event of emergencies.

JaguarPC brings the best managed VPS, shared, dedicated, cloud and Reseller web hosting services to our clients. If you need a type of hosting or IT service that you don't see offered contact us at sales@jaguarpc or 1-888-338-5261 and we may be able to provide the solution you need. We have been a web and vps hosting provider that believes in excellence in web hosting for over 16 years. Our level of experience and our demand for exceptional client care in our services and support means we pass only the best along to you.


Congratulations to all of our clients who are already using the robust features of CloudFlare. If CloudFlare is new to you then it may be time for you to become acquainted and start enjoying the added benefits it will bring to your website. CloudFlare is an incredible platform that will improve the speed and the security of CloudFlare Web Hosting you website. It is available for setup on Shared, SDX and Reseller servers. If you are using any of these types of hosting plans you will find it in your cPanel. Sign into your cPanel account and look for it to get started. Dedicated and VPS users can contact CloudFlare directly. They will help you with the more advanced setup details needed for those server types.

Enhanced Security
CloudFlare is the master when it comes to security They have effectively and efficiently dealt with some of the largest DDoS attacks in history. When it comes to comes to comment spam and overwhelming bot crawling along with malicious activities like SQL injections and Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, CloudFlare comes to the rescue. CloudFlare has the remedy when is enabled on your account. CloudFlare isn't a static service and it is constantly using the best technologies to discover ways to make your website safer from the ever emerging threats across the web. CloudFlare is also able to provide you with statistical data such as visits categorized by types into human visitors, threats & search engine crawlers. Your site will be more secure and you will be more knowledgeable about what is happening on the backside of your website.

Faster Websites
No matter what type of device you or your visitors are using it is important that it loads as fast as possible. Your site can load twice as fast, use 60% less bandwidth, and have 65% fewer requests while being much more secure when you use CloudFlare. Datacenters around the world are being used by CloudFlare. These data centers are able to route your site to the data center closest to your visitors. This means your site load time can be significantly improved. CloudFlare offers users a number of options which can be turned on or off to improve your website's performance based on your specific needs. Rocket Loader can minimize the number of network connections and ensure third party apps won't slow your site. Hops and latencies are diminished and your site speed can soar with the advanced technology and features that CloudFlare offers.

Reseller Benefits
CloudFlare can also give you, the web hosting reseller, the potential to drop your bandwidth and support costs while allowing you to let your clients know that their own site performance is being enhanced and that additional security measures are in place to protect them. Anytime you can pass on an added value to your own clients then they will be more pleased with your service and more inclined to take advantage of the services you are offering to them.

Enable CloudFlare through cPanel to enjoy optimized content features, delivery of your content to the data center nearest your visitors and enhanced security setting that continue to protect your site even as threats morph and diverge into new methods of attacks. CloudFlare analytics let you know what is happening on your site and apps integration will enhance your visitors' experience. Elevate your business and solve problems that have plagued your website in the past by simply enabling CloudFlare in your cPanel settings.

If you have questions or would like more information about enabling CloudFlare on your hosting account then contact our JaguarPC sales team or call 1-888-338-5261




The Best Cloud Hosting Services

By Sabrina Apr 15, 2015 12:49 pm

When it comes to scalability and reliability, cloud hosting is one of the most innovative solutions available on the market. Cloud hosting meshes all of the best attributes of advanced web hosting technolgies into one affordable, fully-loaded solution. With scalable, managed resources in your corner, you’ll have the ability Business Cloud Web Hostingto expand website traffic and client demographics as much as you see fit. Cloud is also a good stepping stone toward dedicated hosting – should you ever want to lease an entire server for your business.

How the Cloud Works
Typically, VPS hosting involves partitioning a single physical server – giving several users access to their own isolated resources. Cloud hosting and VPS web hosting differ in the sense that a user’s resources and data are distributed over multiple physical servers, rather than isolated on one server. This ensures maximum redundancy and data protection. Like traditional VPS hosting, cloud hosting is highly scalable. As our client, you’ll be free to make changes to your hosting plan and resources using your personal cPanel. With multiple servers supporting your resources, you’ll enjoy added elasticity and security.

Unbeatable Performance
Hosting in the cloud offers many of the same benefits as traditional virtual private servers. For example, there’s no single point of failure in cloud computing, because resources are Internet-based and spread out over multiple servers. This unique attribute provides greater reliability for website owners and customers alike – particularly when it comes to the performance and accessibility of your business’s website. You and your visitors will enjoy nearly perfect server uptime, as well as the reassurance of simplie disaster recovery solutions due to cloud redundancy.

Hassle-Free Configuration
Both cloud and VPS hosting offer flexibility – which is essential to growing companies. The complete data isolation capabilities of VPS servers combined with the cloud’s supportive network of physical servers allows for quick, easy configuration.

JaguarPC’s versatile hosting options give expanding businesses the freedom to scale their resources up or down at any time. As your customer base changes, so will your cloud hosting resource allocation needs. Having the ability to add or remove RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. as needed helps to reduce unnecessary costs, and keep business websites functioning at optimal levels.


Building a business website takes time and effort. Why put your crucial information at risk when our backup solutions are both effective and affordable? Unfortunately, no web hosting provider can give clients a 100% guarantee that their data will never be affected by natural disasters or security threats. Implementing a backup solution is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your customers from detrimental data loss.

Flexible and Easy to Use
As a business owner, chances are you have a ton of data you can’t afford to lose. Client data, expenditures, product information, website content, and more, are all crucial to the success of your business. High quality backup solutions, such as Data LockBox, are designed to be both powerful and accessible for Linux and Windows operating systems alike. Through JaguarPC, you’ll enjoy a wealth of disk space – from 50 GB to 5 TB – for near continuous backups at reasonable cost. You can choose which files are important to you, and how often you’d like to perform backups.

Speedy Disaster Recovery
Accidents can and do happen – regardless of your web hosting provider’s dependability. Opting for data backup is the most important step in creating a workable disaster recovery plan. Fires, floods, and power outages can easily cause data loss – which impacts uptime and profits for online businesses. In the event a disaster occurs, you can rest easy knowing your information is safeguarded, compressed, and encrypted. Regardless of how many files you’re looking to backup, a trustworthy hosting provider can help put your mind at ease.

Save Time, Money and Hassle
The threat of data loss is very real, and choosing a practical backup solution is an absolute necessity. On that note, it’s also a smart idea to take steps on your own to secure your files using a secondary avenue. Even if you’re unable to safely backup all of your information, securing sensitive, mission-critical data is highly recommended. That way, you’ll enjoy the added security of being backed by Data LockBox, as well as another backup solution. In the event your website is affected – either by a natural disaster or hackers – you can simply patch the holes rather than rebuilding everything from scratch.

Contact our disaster recovery and data backups team at JaguarPC at 1-888-338-5261 or We can walk you through our backup services and provide you with a data storage and disaster recovery solution that will let you rest easy.


World Backup Day
March 31st is world backup day. Do you have a second or even a third copy of your data? It is important that you do. Everyday hard drives fail, external devices become corrupted or disasters occur. All of these incidents can leave you without a copy of your data. One in ten computers become infected with viruses and 110 phones are stolen every minute. If you have your data backed up these types of events can be far less painful. You can replace your phone or your computer but unless you have a backup copy you won't be able to retrieve your data.

The World Backup Day Pledge
Take this pledge yourself and pass it along to a friend:
“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”
I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day - friends don't let friends go without a backup.

Best Backup Methods
The best insurance  against data loss is redundant backups. That means that you should have more than one copy of your data. If you use an external device for onsite backups you will want to consider an offsite backup as well. Offsite backups are housed in secure servers in data centers that have additional measures in place to contend with any types of disasters. Many users believe that an online drive in a cloud is sufficient but when you begin to deal with larger volumes of data and sensitive information then you will want to explore more advanced backup solutions. Secure backup systems allow you to set multiple restore points and to get your data back into your systems and online, fast.

Regular Backup Updates
While many who deal in the technology industry do realize the importance of having a backup plan systems in place, but how well is it working for them? Some backup plans aren't as robust as you like and they may not include end to end encryption or the ability to perform automatic backups on a determined schedule. JaguarPC offers offsite backups that enable you to not only secure your data from end to end but to select a schedule, a point and the files that you need to backup. One missed manual backup could result in a data loss disaster. Enterprise level backups from JaguarPC give you the freedom to eliminate time consuming manual backups while at the same time providing the highest level of protection for your information.

JaguarPC Backup Features
• Continuous data protection for Windows and Linux Servers
• Automatic and Scheduled Backups via web browsers
• Cost effective and easy to use
• Home, small and medium sized businesses as well as large enterprises
• The information stored on web servers and in databases changes in almost real time
• SQL and Enterprise backup solutions
• Virtual full backups in just minutes
• Desktop and Laptop Backup Options
• All backed up data is fully encrypted for added security, including during Transmission

JaguarPC offers an affordable state of the art backup and disaster recovery solution. Our datalockbox services are backed by our 100% uptime cloud servers and award winning above and beyond personal touch support services. Our 16 years of experience in web hosting and over 11 years as backup and restoration experts means we know how to take care of your needs right out of the gate.

Your data represents time and money. Make the smart decision to keep current updates and multiple backups so that when you need data recovery it will be only a few easy steps away from a full restoration. Our data protection and backup services put you in the drivers seat when it comes to controlling your data.

It is critical to the success of your business that your data is secure, continuously updated and available for a quick and easy restore in the face of a disaster. Contact JaguarPC today at 888-338-5361 or to learn about our enterprise level data storage and disaster recovery solution. We are able to meet your needs and create custom solutions that will work best for you and your business.


The right hosting package makes all of the difference. Reseller hosting is just one of many types of available hosting options on the market. Reseller web hosting offers an Reseller VPS and Dedicated Servers Web Hostingassortment of resources, options and addition revenue generating possibilities.  JaguarPC is a well-established web hosting company that offers discounts on reseller VPS hosting and dedicated hosting services – which are then repackaged and sold to reseller’s clients at very reasonable rates. Opting for reseller hosting is a smart way to optimize your hosting plan by retaining the resources that matter most to your operation.

Candidates for Reseller Hosting
Reseller hosting is an ideal choice for a variety of businesses and organizations. As an affordable, scalable alternative to more expensive forms of hosting, reseller services offer a reliable hosting platform. Like managed hosting with an established provider, you'll get all of the features you need without having to maintain hardware. You might be a good candidate for reseller hosting if:

You need more resources than what shared hosting offers
Inexpensive but resource-rich hosting is a priority
You're looking to incorporate hosting into your business's service package
Root access to your server isn't a necessity

Low Cost Features
Discounts on reseller VPS hosting and dedicated hosting are especially beneficial for small businesses and startups. Essentially, reseller hosting offers many of the same perks as VPS or dedicated hosting, but comes with a more affordable price tag. Resellers that partner with us receive high quality white label VPS and dedicated servers, as well as extensive service packages. These features are then passed on to resellers’ clients. From unlimited bandwidth, to FTP accounts, to R1Soft backups, you'll enjoy the lengthy list of features you would get with another hosting plan – for less.

cPanel Management
Many reseller businesses also include cPanel in their hosting packages, which gives clients the freedom to manage their services and settings with just a few clicks. For customers, account management is crucial. CPanel allows users to manage multiple websites, important notices, logs, file transfers, disk space usage, etc., with ease. Cpanel will help you keep track of the resources you’re using, which may come in handy later if you decide to upscale or downsize your services. This ensures you'll never end up paying for services you're not using.

The JaguarPC reseller program is a robust, flexible program that offers UK and US based resellers the dependable infrastructure, expert support and powerful features they need to add a reliable source of revenue to their business.

To learn more about reseller hosting packages from JaguarPC, please visit or call 1-(888)-338-5261.



If you’re the owner of a growing online business, you probably understand the need for trustworthy hosting services. Your profits and customer base’s Linux VPS Web Hosting satisfaction depend on scalability and uptime. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is similar to dedicated hosting, but is better suited for businesses that are on their way to heavier traffic, payment processing, application building, and more. Through an managed hosting provider – such as JaguarPC – you can find a multitude of Linux VPS hosting options offered at competitive prices.

Unmanaged and Managed
When you choose a hosting plan, you typically have a choice between unmanaged or managed services. Managed hosting removes the hassle of having to keep tabs on hardware and system updates – which is usually a challenge for inexperienced users. When you opt for managed hosting, such as Linux VPS hosting, you’ll enjoy the convenience of fully provisioned services. If any aspect of your server needs to be altered or updated, your hosting provider will take care of it on your behalf. Unmanaged web hosting plans demand technical know-how, as well as precious time and resources.

Linux-Based Virtual Server
Essentially, a Linux VPS is a virtual private server that operates on a Linux platform. Linux is a free, open-source operating system users can install on as many computers as necessary. Linux VPS servers perform all of the same tasks as physical servers – which often host a multitude of virtual private servers. VPS hosting uses virtualization technology to make users’ resources accessible within an isolated, partitioned environment. While VPS is technically a lot like shared, users enjoy greater security, as well as scalability similar to that of dedicated hosting.

Why Choose Linux VPS?
One of the most important benefits Linux VPS hosting offers is stability. As a business owner with an online presence – whether you own an e-commerce business, or a traditional company backed by a promotional website – the reliability of your server is crucial to winning over visitors and pulling in profits. Flexibility is another essential advantage Linux virtual private servers offer – meaning you can continue to expand your company without constraints.

JaguarPC offers an assortment of managed Linux VPS options for resources like  bandwidth, disk space, RAM, IP's and more.


In the world of hosting, dedicated servers are sought after because they provide the best in data security and flexibility. Ideal for businesses large and smallDedicated Servers Linux and Windows, dedicated hosting offers a dependable platform for content-heavy websites and applications, as well as mission-critical data storage. With a dedicated server at your disposal, you won’t be bogged down by limited resources. Other users’ resource usages won’t limit your activities in any way, because you’ll have a high quality server to configure per your individual needs.

Managed Security Updates
When it comes to providing data security and protection from external threats, no hosting solution does it better than dedicated server hosting. Unlike other types of hosting plans, dedicated web hosting involves leasing an entire server for business or personal use. Contrary to what many believe, you don’t have to be a server maintenance expert to opt for dedicated web hosting. Managing hardware and software is only necessary if you select an unmanaged package. If you choose a managed hosting plan with JaguarPC, you’ll enjoy regular updates and security patches – which will remove any hassle on your part.

Projects and Applications of All Sizes
Leasing an entire server for your company’s use makes completing projects, building databases, downloading software, and more, simple and easy. Whether you’re looking to manage content-heavy websites or build applications, a dedicated server offers unmatched performance. The purpose of a dedicated server is exactly what its name suggests: to provide verified users with access to dedicated resources. For this reason, server overload is never an issue for dedicated web hosting users. You, as well as visitors to your website, will enjoy continuous uptime.

Virtually Limitless Resources
On the hosting market, dedicated hosting is a forerunner in overall versatility and scalability. There’s a lot you can do with an entire server – from running an e-commerce company, to creating a VPS hosting business, to developing a website design firm. The possibilities are limitless with the right hosting option. Dedicated servers allow for maximum scalability, without having to conserve resources for the benefit of other users.

Regardless of your needs, there are various dedicated web hosting plans available through JaguarPC.


Secure hosting is a must when it comes to running a business website. Whether you operate an e-commerce website or a promotional site for your company, it’s Secure and Manged Web Hosting Plansimportant to go the extra mile to ensure you and your customers are protected. Hosting through a reputable provider guarantees sensitive information is kept safe from prying eyes – keeping you in good legal standing and building customers’ trust. Managed hosting services are even more beneficial and time-saving – particularly for business owners who are inexperienced with server configuration.

All of the Best Plans
There are numerous types of hosting plans that offer secure, dependable services. If you’re on a shared hosting plan, you may want to consider upgrading your services for added security. Business owners often start out with shared hosting. However, shared hosting leaves much to be desired in terms of data protection – which is crucial to online businesses. VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting solutions offer greater protection, as well as resource scalability. As an experienced hosting provider, JaguarPC can help you choose the best secure hosting solution.

Routine Security Updates
For business owners, unmanaged hosting can be a challenge. If you don’t want to secure and manage your server, managed hosting is probably for you. Managed hosting is a stress-free solution to maintaining server hardware and software, including security programs and patches. Rather than having to purchase and install new and updated security systems, your hosting provider will take care of the hard work for you on a routine basis. Keeping a server protected takes time and knowledge. However, managed services make it easy for anyone to enjoy the latest hosting solutions.

e-Commerce Solutions
If you regularly process transactions via your website, you probably understand the importance of keeping clients’ information safe. Dependable hosting is a must for the protection of clients. JaguarPC offers  e-commerce hosting solutions that  include SSL Certificates, shopping cart add-ons, and other features online business owners need to keep their customers’ information safe. You’ll have the tools you require to meet the PSI DDS, and avoid losing your privileges as a business owner. Regardless of the hosting plan you choose, you can expect reliable, secure service at a price you can afford

If you're looking for web hosting services, be sure to choose a provider that understands the need for reliable, secure managed hosting. Contact JaguarPC for more information about how managed hosting services can make your business more secure. or call us at 1-888-338-5261 We have the IT and web hosting solutions your business needs. 


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