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Why We Use cPanel for Website Hosting

By Sabrina Aug 26, 2014 1:45 pm

Before choosing your website hosting service, there are some things that you should look into before making a decision. Unfortunately, most users are just cPanel control panel for easy web hosting managementgoing to look at what a company is charging for bandwidth space, disk space, and the amount of RAM they are offered, but there is another thing that should be considered. What you should really be thinking about is how simple the web hosting service in question is to use. At JaguarPC, all of our servers run cPanel as a hosting solution.

What is cPanel?                                                                                                                                   If you did not already know, cPanel is a website control panel that is Linux based. This type of control panel provides its users with a graphical interface and automation tools to simplify the process of hosting their websites. This control panel allows it users to easily manage many aspects of their site. With cPanel, users are able to quickly and easily create databases, manage their website files, and set up email accounts. cPanel website hosting software has become the most popular web hosting control panel on the Internet. It is runs millions of websites around the world, and it has become so popular because of the software’s user-friendly point-and-click interface which can be customized to fulfill your specific website’s needs.

Why Use cPanel?
At JaguarPC we offer cPanel on all of our servers that need website hosting control panel software because of its ease-of-use for our customers. When managing your website, you want to use a control panel that makes it as easy as possible. Of course, this is especially important if you plan on growing your website over time. What’s great about cPanel is that it is still a very powerful control panel, but it isn’t overly complicated like some. Most claim that, with cPanel, you get the best of both worlds. It is a control panel that is not only powerful and dependable, but one that is also very user friendly for those hosting their website and those who are experienced in web hosting.

Adding to cPanel
Of course in today’s Internet age, creating a static page will not be enough to drive traffic to your website. Most likely, you will want to add a discussion forum, blog, as well as scripts to make your site more dynamic. By using cPanel’s Softaculous feature, you can add the most desirable features to your site. cPanel makes this action fun, instead of a process that can be very technical and difficult. With a few clicks and a little bit of information, you can create a dynamic website that will impress.

A Control Panel for Everyone
It is also important to note that cPanel’s website hosting software is not just for new website owners. cPanel also has plenty of features for more advanced webmasters, like creating and implementing apps by using the Apache Handler. You can also create proxy servers with CloudFlare if you’re really feeling adventurous. Ultimately, cPanel serves as a website hosting solution that webmasters new and old should appreciate for its ease-of-use and capabilities.


What is Cloud Web Hosting?
JaguarPC offers its customers a great cloud hosting solution. Cloud web hosting is hosting that uses the resources of a collection of servers. Essentially, this Cloud Web Hostingmeans that your website when on cloud servers will use the virtual resources of several servers to hold all the different aspects of your site. This collection of servers is better known as a cloud.

Should I Use Cloud Web Hosting?
Cloud hosting is often a solution for website owners whose websites have outgrown the resources that their shared server provided them. For example, within a shared server, if a site becomes extremely popular and overwhelms the server, deciding to move a cloud-based server could be a solution. Cloud hosting will provide your site with many of the advantages of a dedicated server without some of the challenges of using a dedicated server.

Only Pay for What You Use
A cloud hosting solution is a great option because you will only pay for the resources that you actually use. When you are no longer using a particular amount of resources, you can scale down your plan and your costs. If you know you will need more resources because of a special event or even a particular project then you can add resources and services to your cloud. This can alleviate any worries about having enough space or bandwidth to complete your tasks or make your event successful without any interruptions in service due to usage and visitor volume spikes. Cloud web hosting plans allow you to manage your website and projects more effectively.

A cloud hosting solution may be a great choice for your website because you will have the capability to access on-demand services that can be increased or decreased to meet the amount of traffic your site is receiving. Cloud web hosting is a very flexible and cost-effective hosting option, and since cloud resources are on the Internet, consistent cloud updates will cut back on the need for software upgrades. Cloud hosting offers you the availability to customize your resources whenever it is needed. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can always add what you need to effectively manage your website. Scalability, automatically updated software and superior security settings are some of the best features that separate cloud hosting from other hosting options.

Superior Support Services
Our team at JaguarPC is dedicated to making sure you have the support you need when you are setting up your cloud hosting plan. Whether it is a common question that you need answered or you need urgent assistance immediately, our staff is always there to help. Our customers are always welcome to give us a call, shoot us an email, start a live chat, or use our ticket system. With 24/7 support, our team will explain to you the benefits of choosing us as your cloud hosting solution provider.

Since we offer both a public and private cloud hosting solution, we have the cloud hosting options you need for your website. With a capable and knowledgeable staff behind you at all times, we will make sure the cloud hosting options you choose are right for your needs.


Professional web design services can cost over a $1000 for just a simple site. We understand that many businesses need a web presence at an affordable price. JaguarPC has designed a WordPress web design package that will allow you to work with a professional WordPress website design developer. When you choose WordPress Website Design Packagesour website package plan you will receive monthly web hosting, a domain and an attractive website.

Why Use WordPress?
WordPress themes are optimized to meet the growing demands of search engines and consumers. Websites that function seamlessly and are attractive can allow you to grow your client and visitor base more rapidly. A well laid out website that is visually pleasing can capture and retain more traffic. The platform will also improve traffic in other ways. WordPress themes are built for basic SEO optimization which means your new website will automatically have a better ability to be found on the web. Responsive websites can also be enabled via WordPress themes. Responsive websites allow your site to consistently be displayed across all types of devise and in particular mobile devices where now over 30% of consumers look for services and products. WordPress websites give you greater exposure nearly instantly when they go live.

Feature Packed Plans
Websites built by our team feature professionals with years of experience in designing WordPress websites. During the initial development stage you will be working directly with a representative who will translate your ideas and concepts into a website you can be proud of right from the launch. You will provide the content and images for the designers and fill out a questionnaire which will allow the designer to get the details for any specific items you want enabled on the site. The introductory plan includes five website pages and our designers will work with you through a number of revisions from the initial content to the final stages to present a published version that matches your vision. Your website can be mobile responsive and include all of the important social media channels that you need to have added. A blog can also be enabled if you decide that this is a feature that you will need. A contact page is provided and can act as a critical part of your website and as a viable communication option for you visitors. Once your website is complete and published you will receive the benefits of our monthly maintenance plan.

What is the Monthly Maintenance Plan
Our monthly maintenance plan covers the cost of your web hosting each month. JaguarPC's WordPress websites are hosted on our business level plans. These servers are fast. JaguarPC allocates 600% more resources on these servers over our standard shared accounts so that high performance and optimal page loads speeds can be achieved. 24/7 e-mail support, regular WordPress version updates and offsite backups of the site are included. You won't have to worry about these basic maintenance task which leaves you more time to focus on your business or other matters that need your attention. Urgent needs can usually be addressed on the same day with this plan. Our team will also monitor your site for any security issues and clean them up without any action on your part. Each month you will also receive up to 2 hours of maintenance for your site. If you need to migrate your site then we can help you with that too. Some businesses and personal sites may be due for a little TLC. Your old site can be changed into a WordPress themed site and re-created as a responsive website. Our team will make your move seamless.

As You Grow
Our plans allow you to add more pages as well. If you need a new product page or a new logo then our team will be on hand to add these additional features. One of the great benefits of having our designers at your fingertips is that we can improve and enhance your website as you go. It is easy to extend WordPress with advanced features that may require plugins, apps or scripts. If you have needs for new development features or you would like to add plugins and additional elements to your website then our team is available to review and assess your requests and expand your website.
WordPress websites can be basic to suit an individual's need for a web presence through a blog or a small site while large businesses and eCommerce sites can easily expand from the basic capabilities of WordPress sites to suit their own specialized needs. JaguarPC gives you everything you need to get started with or to improve your online presence. Consider the value of having a website that is intuitive for users, optimized for search engines and captures your ideas and products in a visually appealing way. You can now have that website that you have been thinking of for years but could never afford or complete on your own. You will have the assistance of JaguarPC as a world recognized hosting provider, professional web designers and the benefits of the worldwide WordPress Community.

Contact to learn more about this incredible new opportunity.


Using a secure and dedicated server hosting service offers users a great deal security and protection upfront. Yet, if you are looking to add more security to Dedicated Servers enhanced Securityyour already secured dedicated server hosting service from JaguarPC, there are some additional steps you can take. Below are a few tasks that you can perform to reduce your server’s risk of an attack.

Tip 1: Change the SSH (Secure Shell) Listen Port
Within your server, change your port to a number other than 22. Since 22 is the default SSH Listening Port, it would be wise to change this number to something different or obscure. By completing this fairly simple task, you will prevent automated brute-force attacks from trying to guess the usernames and passwords within your secure and dedicated server.

Tip 2: Use Only TLS (Transport Layer Security)
Another way to give your server more protection and security from potential hackers is to only use TLS protected interfaces for your server administration. Transport Layer Security is a protocol that will ensure privacy between the communication of your server and your computer. Your privacy is maintained through TLS because this protocol encrypts the data that you send between your secure and dedicated server and your computer. This handy protocol prevents hackers from gaining access to your login information, which they would then use to attack you.

Tip 3: Keep Your Software Updated
This may seem like a no brainer, but if your website is going to stay secure, you need to perform software updates when they become available. Just remember that it is much easier for a hacker to gain access to your server when your software is outdated. This is because when your software is outdated, it is much easier for hackers to find and exploit entry points in your software. So keep this in mind the next time you are about to decline a software update. Consider subscribing to JaguarPC’s RSS feed to learn about the latest bug fixes and other tweaks we are making to ensure your server stays secure.

Tip 4: Your Username and Password
Another more obvious tip, but having a password that is difficult to crack is probably the most essential aspect of your site’s actual security. However, if you are like most people, you probably created a password that is very easy to remember. For instance, it might be the name of your relative, friend, pet, or an important date. If no one has ever told you before, having a very common and guessable password is a big no-no. Hackers have special tools to perform a cryptanalytic attack on your dedicated and server to retrieve your password. This type of an attack will continue to try possible words until the right one is located. Thus, do yourself a favor and make your login password strong. Have it include different cases of letters, symbols, and numbers in a random assortment. Finally, remember to keep this password safe and change it regularly.





.Org $1.99 August Special

By Sabrina Aug 14, 2014 5:15 am

JaguarPC is offering over an amazing $1.99 .org special  * through the month of August.

Why a .org Domain?
When you need to get the best rank presence and traffic for your .com domain then a .org domain can help immensely. If you already have an established .com extension then you should definitely consider the benefits of also obtaining the .org extension as well. Blogs, businesses and e-commerce presences that have a .org Domain June Special at JaguarPCbrand and a reputation to protect can't afford to have their names taken and used by others for alternative purposes which can include websites that might try to mimic your .com's services or products. Even worse consequences could occur due to malicious activities using your .com address as a .org. Purchasing the .org extension can give you the confidence of knowing that your hard work and efforts won't be diminished by a perpetrator who is riding on the coat tails of your own efforts.

Trusted and Established
.org domains are trusted by consumers and potential clients. Most established businesses that are doing well or have good future potential will procure their .org for purposes beyond name recognition and brand name protection. Not only is having a .org domain an important sound business decision but it can also have the benefit of increased web exposure. Search engines will index your .org domain and your .com domain leading to better ranks and more results to get your organization in front of more prospects that will have a potential interest in your organization. The more you are seen the more popular you can become .

Philanthropy and Non-Profits
Groups that promote and engage in philanthropy and the absence of profit structures are more prone to use .org domains. People around the world have an interest in finding your website or blog that promotes a cause or special interest when you use a .org name. The extension lends the concept of organization over business to potential members and contributors for your principal or movement.  Special fund and awareness raising efforts may be taken more to heart when a .org is present on the world wide web address. Those who have interests will note that your site or blog's efforts are more contribution over profit based and may lend a more sympathetic ear and greater support to your efforts. Use a .org to have your mission gain greater and more respected recognition. Highlight the socially responsible agendas that you are promoting and get a better response through the association and reputation of .org.

Professional Organizations and Associations
Organizations can naturally benefit from the clear association with .org. Professional outreach can gain greater momentum, respect and additional members as well as influence by the use of this trusted and well know cross link.  The American Heart Association and The American Bar Association are two good examples of organizations that are well recognized and make good use of the .org extension option. If your site deals with professionals then .org is a solid choice which will help you gain new members and let the public know more about the services and benefits that your organization is capable of providing. The greater respect and the association with professionalism can help your membership grow and maintain a good light in the public eye. A .org can help your professional organization gain the value of being a respected authority and the go to link for networking and information.

Overlooking the deeper values of a .org domain could cost you the recognition, awareness and protection that your brand, association, organization or non-profit deserves. When you purchase a .org domain you are increasing the awareness of your organization and allowing a broader audience to engage with and promote your cause. Don't get left behind on the search engines but inspire more support for your agendas and overall cultural institutions, religious organizations, civic and artistic efforts as well as social and sport teams, and communities. Spread the word with a .org and take advantage of the world wide community gains for more members and contributions. .org can be a signal that you are in it for the greater good over the greater green.

*New domains only, no transfers or renewals, first year only.


Maximize your web site potential with the right website design elements to encourage audience engagement, traffic and conversions. When you create a more Tips for Effective Webdesigneffective website you will be able to create a greater level of persuasion so that users will not only stay on your site longer but you will also have a better chance to entice them to return. Return visitors often become buyers and fans and they will return again and engage different elements of your site more often. Using the right tools, themes, colors and navigational layout is a good place to begin when starting to plan and layout your website.  If your website is attractive and functions well then your chances of gaining more exposure will be improved.

Use Tools Like Website Builders or WordPress
When you use a top of the line site builder like RvSiteBuilder, which is free with your hosting account at JaguarPC, or a platform that offers more plugins, apps and development features such as WordPress, then you are on your way to creating a high quality website. Site builders allow you to see your layout, plan your design and test the functionality of navigation and links before you upload it and make it public. If you are ready to start creating your website look with themes and templates then search for ones that are not only attractive but ones that also have layouts and features which will best benefit your product, service or message.

Fonts and Content
When you begin your project you will need to add written content and photos and decide on a font. These are all elements that will be used to convey the information you want to get in front of your visitors. Fonts and typography can attract the eyes and the user's attention to the areas where you want them to fall most often. Try to stick to common and professional web fonts. Arial and Verdana are trusted fonts that are easy to read and have become a standard that denotes professional work.

Overall the length of content for descriptions and base names of categories and links should not be much longer than 45-72 characters. It is important for the sequence of information that photos and content are laid out without distraction. It can help to break down longer content into bullet points and images if you need to fill in content gaps. You can also chuck things into groups of three or four to allow for better viewer retention of information over the "wall of text" syndrome. This is an especially good tactic for important information that you really want visitors to see and act on. Include the tactic for your calls to action and your content structure. If visitors find what they are looking for easily then they are bound to stay longer on your site or blog which creates a
better potential for a return visit.

Photos and Graphics
Using pictures and graphics is a great way to enhance your message and showcase your products. The web is more image driven than ever these days. Well placed and attractive photos will keep your users engaged. Make sure you optimize your images so that they load fast. Use images that enhance your content messages over placing photos on your site that are pretty but don't convey your overall message. Use ALT tags and image descriptions so that your photos as well as your content and your overall site index well on the search engines. ALT tags are especially important for images that are used as navigation buttons or links. Images are best used to draw attention to certain areas or messages on our website. While you may want to substitute a photo for text or content, be aware that this practice could leave your visitor confused and cause them to bounce from your site. A good blend of thoughtful content and well optimized images works best.

Choosing a color theme can be one of the tougher decisions you have to make when you are designing your website. An odd background color with a bright font color could send your visitors away screaming. Color can influence moods, create emotions, and attract attention to certain areas and features of your site. The easiest way to make sure that your colors don't offend is usually to choose a very light color for the background, and a very dark color for the text. If you aren't the creative type or you don't have the patience to try multi color combinations then this tactic will keep your colors in line to make sure that visitors can read the information that you are presenting. . Go easy on the eyes. Pair your colors well. Don't use bright colors that tire the eyes. Don't put two strong colors together.  A pleasant color scheme without harsh background or font colors will give your uses a better experience and allow them to stay engaged longer. Compound and anagalous color schemes should send you in the right direction which ever method you choose. Both respect balanced color possibilities which present the best prospect for your site's color choice success.

Navigation: Keep It Simple
If users don't understand the layout and navigation of your site they will leave over trying to figure it out. When users leave your site after only a few moments then generally your site has not achieved its goal. You want to attract visitors and keep them on your site so that you can have a better and longer opportunity to achieve the overall objective or goal you are trying to hit by having a presence on the web. Don't let your efforts be in vain. Keep it simple. Important links are best placed in prominent places such as at the top where most look first. Use three or four navigation bars and then break those down more specifically with dropdowns or other advanced options. Site navigation should be intuitive and attractive. Information needs be accessible from all parts of the site including the footer. The end of your website page is a great place for a site map so the user doesn't have to bounce back up to the top. Site maps also have good SEO value as well.

Page Load Speeds
One of the most important factors in the ability of your website to be productive is that its loads fast. Your layout should be optimized for the web and should not take more than 15 seconds to load. Even if your design is stunning, if it takes too long to load then a user may leave before they ever even see it. Optimize your photos for size and resolution, make sure your navigation isn't cluttered with heavy or dynamic content. Ensure that your layout templates and themes are optimized to load quickly and efficiently. When heavy dynamic content and photos that aren't optimized they can slow or bog down your website which means more than likely that users will leave over wait for the site to fully resolve.

Responsive Websites
Responsive web design is a term that is becoming fairly common. More and more people are checking websites and looking for products and services on their cell phones. Responsive websites will function and properly display well across all types of devices, most importantly, mobile devices. You need a responsive website to make sure your marketing strategies, agendas and products will hit markets across all types of devices. Mobile devices are becoming a standard method to access the Internet. Don't wait to catch a market that is online with a mobile device through your website that isn't optimized for that niche. You will miss them. Make sure your site is being displayed to the world on all devices. If your site isn't responsive then you are missing up to 30% of the users that could be on your site and that number is growing daily. It only makes sense to start a new site and make sure it is responsive or to convert your site to responsive designs as soon as possible.

Social Media
When you use links to your social media channels on your website you are improving your odds for potential interactions, impressions and ultimately sales. Visitors that are not engaged on your site or aren't ready to use your services or purchase your products may click over to social media where they will still be involved with the promotions, advertising and blog post along with other items you use on social media. If they leave your page via social media they are apt to still watch and follow you. Make sure the channels you link in are active. Social media changes fast and it helps your website overall if you keep it looking fresh with the newest social media buttons and icons. Social media buttons can make your site more efficient when they are able to keep your message and sales tactics active and in front of others.

Be sure to keep up with the latest trends, elements, functions and tactics to keep your website fresh and in front of as many as possible. A website can get outdated and lose its appeal quickly. Use features such as blogs and twitter feeds along with new fonts, content and images to keep users interested in your website. When at a loss, contact a professional. Not everyone is equipped to handle the details of creating and designing a website that can best benefit their own business, e-commerce store, blog or personal site. The overall cost could be much greater if you have a site that is unattractive, difficult to navigate and fails to keep visitors on the site. Professionals know more than a few tricks to make your site more effective. A few small revisions and tweaks can make a big improvement in your conversion and engagement returns. You may find when you spend a little time on modifications for your website, you can attain positive results.



Most smart business owners use their websites and blogs to engage with their clients and showcase their products and services to potential customers. Yet, when Reliable Hosting it comes to choosing a reliable hosting service like JaguarPC, many business owners are paying more attention to creating their website's content. Choosing a reliable hosting service is one of the most vital steps in the website building process.

When You Make the Wrong Choice?
From a business perspective, one of your biggest priorities is to maximize your profits. Choosing the wrong web hosting service can negatively impact your business’ income. When you fail to choose a reliable hosting service that fits your needs, a number of bad things can happen. Below are some of the results of choosing a bad hosting service.
1. Negative Effect on Your SEO Rank
One of the main goals of your website is to rank high in search engine results so that your customers can easily find you. This is going to be a hard task if your site is down. It could result in a negative effect on your SEO ranking when your site fails to report for a number of days. Most SEO experts also believe that a slow website can hurt your ranking as well. Choosing a reliable hosting provider with good uptimes and high quality hardware will almost always give your site a boost when it comes to SEO and rank.
2. Revenue Loss
If or when your site goes down, all the potential customers who typically visit your site will not be able to view your website. These potential customers will not be able to learn more about your company and the products or the services that you offer. What’s worse, if you are a company with an online store, you will lose money when your site is not up and running. Businesses will find that many host now offer business level web hosting plans so that eCommerce stores and large business sites can choose plans that run on the best servers and experience little to no down times.
3. Security Issues
Although there is no perfect solution to keep your website secure, a reliable hosting service will provide daily backups from a remote server for extra assurance that your data will be available in the event of a disaster, such as hurricanes and fires, minor mishaps  or if your live data becomes vulnerable or corrupt it can still be retrieved.  This makes it much easier to fully restore your website if it happens to get compromised. A reliable hosting service should also offer its customers 24/7/365 techincal support by phone, live chat and a ticketing system.

Making the Right Decision
When it comes to choosing a reliable hosting service for your website, you will want to understand the different hosting options that are available. Once you know which type of web hosting plan from JaguarPC will best match your needs then you can be assured that our 10x SLA uptime agreement and reliable services will be in place for you to have a satisfying hosting experience. Selecting between a  VPS, Cloud, Hybrid, Shared or Dedicated server plan type can be critical to your website's performance and overall success. For example, if your business involves selling products and generates a large amount of traffic, you should probably consider investing in a dedicated server to host your site. This option may cost more upfront, but it will be worth it, seeing as your site will be equipped with a more reliable server that is capable of handling a large amount of traffic. Smaller business sites can benefit from business web hosting while mid-sized business may enjoy the flexibility of cloud plans which allow for growth and are cost effective. No matter what type of hosting plan you select you can know that it is backed by 15 years of reliable web hosting services from JaguarPC.

If you need additional information about which hosting plan is right for your business needs then please reach out to us at:


The Basics
When your business wants to put a new website up online, it needs to be hosted. Basically, this means that a hosting provider will put your website on a server so Shared, Dedicated, Cloud, Reseller and VPS Web Hostingthat it can be seen on the Internet. JaguarPC is recognized as one of the top business hosting providers available. We offer a number of reliable hosting services to meet the needs of your business. Our servers will allow you to get your website up and running in no-time.
Like most business hosting providers, our price is dependent on the type of server you choose to host your site. Thus, it is important to understand which one of our servers would work best for your type of site.

Shared Hosting
A shared hosting server is the most popular type of server for hosting a website. Shared hosting is a very practical and affordable choice for small business owners to host their site. Shared hosting works by “sharing” the server’s resources among multiple clients, which is why it is known as a shared server. Ultimately, choosing to host your website on a shared server is a great option if you are looking for an affordable price, and if your site is not going to be receiving heavy amounts of traffic.

VPS Hosting
As one of the leading business hosting providers, we also offer VPS or Virtual Private Servers to our customers. A VPS server is the intermediate hosting solution between a shared and dedicated hosting solution. A VPS server is a great option for businesses whose sites have previously outgrown a shared server. With your own virtual server, you can expect that your site will perform better than it did on its shared server. Another great reason to have your own virtual server is because it will allow you to install the operating system that you like best. You will also be able to shutdown or reboot your virtual server whenever you need to. Finally, you will also have a greater level of security as compared to using a shared server.

Dedicated Hosting
If you are a large business, a dedicated server is most likely the option for you. As a large business, your site will require the power of your own server. Your site may even require multiple servers if it is very large. A dedicated server offers your business the best performance and security options available. When you decide to host your website on one of our dedicated servers, you will notice it loads much faster, and it will now be able to handle large amounts of traffic.

Why Us?
JaguarPC has been in the hosting industry for over 15 years and  is known as one of the top business hosting providers year in and year out. No matter if you are a small or large business, we have the web hosting solutions you need for your website.




Sizzlin’ Summer Web Hosting News

By Sabrina Jul 31, 2014 12:38 pm

JaguarPC celebrated its 15 years in the web hosting industry back in October of 2013, but I wanted to bring the value of our experience back into the line ofJaguarPC Hosting Exceptional Support sight for our customers. Over the years JaguarPC has grown immensely due to the support of our loyal clients as well as the quality of the services we offer. My numerous years of experience have lent me the insight to understand that the most prominent qualities which bring customers to us and keep them referring others to us is our strong reputation and our client support services.

While I find that those two factors bring clients to us, what really keeps clients with us is our ability to change with the times and bring you new products which allow for higher performance for you hosted sites. Our team is always seeking out new services, systems and procedures that will offer our clients the best experience when it comes to hosting their site with us. I understand that our clients trust us with their important business websites, e-commerce stores and online blogs. We at JaguarPC value that trust and daily we keep in mind what is necessary to preserve that type of relationship.

The redesign and launch of our website offers may new products and plans. If you have a VPS or dedicated server then you can now add a SSD drive and LiteSpeed software upgrades for some of the best VPS and dedicated server performance possible. If you are using shared hosting but need a more robust plan but aren't quite ready for a VPS yet, then our business hosting plan may suit you better. Some of you might be interested in exploring the abilities of our cloud plans that allow you to scale resources up and back down for your changing needs. Special events on your site, application development projects or even your startup efforts and plans will benefit from being on the cloud. Resellers have new options as well with our partnership program and UK data center options.

I am very excited about all of these new potentials and prospects that we now have available. These additions mean that JaguarPC can better meet the hosting needs of an even more diverse group of clients and we can continue to do that very well.

I encourage you to contact our team to see what we can provide that will help your website, blog, business or e-commerce site shine. Does your account need a little polish or is it working perfectly for you? Either way, you can know that when you contact us for support and services we will take a hands on approach that demonstrates JaguarPC is a hosting company that values the trust you put into our services and we don't intend to let you down.

Have a terrific summer,
Greg Landis CEO JaguarPC

Boost Your VPS and Dedicated Server Performance
LiteSpeed is an Apache drop in replacement which can improve server speeds by 6X over Apache and allows a 50% improvement in PHP performance versus Apache. It uses the same apache configuration and works the same way that Apache does. LiteSpeed can manage hundreds of thousands of high performance Apache drop-in replacement connections without CPU or RAM spikes and no down time is required for the installation. LiteSpeed is one of the best options available to substantially improve performance on high traffic sites.

Exceptional Customer Service and Technical Support Is Always Our Goal
Here at JaguarPC it is our mission to keep our clients happy with their services. In order for us to better serve you we conduct surveys and reach out to our customers on a regular basis to discover what we are doing best and how we can continue to make improvements. This month Zachary McClung, our sales and services manager, has compiled a review of our customer service and technical support service ratings. At JaguarPC we aim to maintain exceptional levels of service across the board.

Fast and Efficient Server Performance With a SSD
Solid State Drives, SSD, are now available. While traditional drives involve moving parts to retrieve your data, SSD technology involves no moving parts. When you employ this state of the art drive you will see a massive improvement in the way your date is retrieved and the rate at which it is served. The direct acquisition of your data means that applications can be launched in near instant time. High traffic and heavy dynamic content sites will benefit from the improved way that data is acquired. If your site has high input/outputs per second (IOPS) then an SDD upgrade may be the solution you need for the best VPS performance possible.

Cloud Hosting Plans Provide Scalable, Cost-Effective and Secure Solutions
Cloud web hosting is one of the newest plan types offered by JaguarPC. Cloud hosting involves multiple VPS units acting as one. This level of redundancy means that if one server experiences issues then another will automatically pick up any gaps in service. Cloud hosting offers the best redundancy available. If you have been hearing about cloud web hosting then you will want to consider this plan for yourself especially if you are working on a development project, a startup or have a site that needs the added security and data protection offered by cloud plans. The scalable nature of Cloud hosting means cost-effective hosting is at your fingertips.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Use Our Daily Backups and Another Source for 100% Data and Disaster Recovery. While JaguarPC offers free daily bakups you will want to use at least one other data backup source for complete assurance that your data is safe in case of a disaster or minor mishaps.

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cPanel Features and Benefits

By Sabrina Jul 29, 2014 12:39 pm

JaguarPC runs cPanel across our servers because we strongly believe it is the best control panel in the web hosting industry. cPanel allows you to easily get your website online with little to no experience. You can use the main features for managing all of the functions of your website. cPanel control panel for easy web hosting managementcPanel allows you to take control of the tasks involved in running a website, from backing up your data to managing your e-mail and domains without headaches, bugs and inconsistencies.

When you are ready to publish your website you can use FTP (file transfer protocol) to upload you files through cPanel. You will find that FTP and Anonymous FTP control systems along with the file management features are easy to use and even if you are publishing your first website you should not have any difficulty with the intuitive and easy to use nature of cPanel.

One of the most important maintenance task you can perform for your website is to take regular backups. Full automatic backups can be performed in cPanel. If you have a larger site your databases can be backed up separately. Don't forget it is necessary to backup your site files and your database files in order for your site to be restored to its original format .

Domain Management
cPanel features allow you to manage your domains. You can park, add-on, create sub-domains, redirect domains as well as use the advanced DNS editor. If you have been struggling with your domain management due to using a variety of domains then this control panel along with the included valuable support areas and videos will make you a domain expert in no time at all.

E-mail management is a breeze with cPanel features that consider you may have more than casual e-mail needs. You can access your mail from anywhere with web based interfaces like roundcube and squirrelmail. cPanel provides you with mail management features that include POP3/IMAP accounts, mail client configuration, auto responders and spam assassin along with easy to setup email authentication.

Softaculous is the leading auto installer for cPanel. You will find over 320+ scripts are available with one click installs along with 1115 PHP classes so that you can stay on top of the latest techniques to make your website even better. These scripts cover a variety of different features which add additional functionality which can benefit almost every website. Softaculous offers regular updates for added speed and the security of your scripts. You can ease your worries about these type of back end issues which leaves you more time to work with your content, products and clients.

SEO with Attracta                                                                                                                                  SEO will be one of the better ways to get ranked on the search engines. cPanel includes a one click install for Attracta. Once you have activated it through your control panel it will allow Attract to generate a site map for you which will get you ranked on many of the major search engines. Once visitors can find your site you will see your website's volume, traffic and overall popularity grow.

These feature are all at the heart of cPanel but you can find a vast array of other tools within the panel that will assist you with your web hosting and site development. If you are an expert or just getting started with your first web hosting account then cPanel will benefit you at all levels for your web hosting and website needs.


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