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Over the past few years three CMS content management systems have come to be the big players. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are now considered the best Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. 3 Best CMS Platformsplatforms for creating blogs and websites. But, not many understand the real differences or benefits between the three systems and why one is better for some projects and a different platform better for others. Explore the reasons why.

Joomla Offers Advanced Design Features
Joomla makes content editing easy. Many report it has the feel of Microsoft word and Joomla locks content editing so simultaneous editing won't cost you time and errors.Menu creation is also a snap. You can create hierarchical menus that consist of various menu items pointing to different locations internally and externally. Joomla creates websites and blogs using PHP and most uses MySQL for data storage. PHP is the most important open source web scripting language at the time. When you choose to use Joomla it will run well on any of the newest versions of PHP and MySQL which makes it a powerful choice for it editing features as well its seamless performance because of its PHP use and MySQL data storage benefits. Joomla can also boast about its vibrant community. If you think it can fit your needs you can explore the bigger benefits on the Joomla website, newsletter or at its community forum.

Drupal for PHP, MySQL and CSS Users
Drupal is another CMS which shines. Drupal is known for being highly functional when you need advanced menu features, you are handling a variety of content types and you need good graphics management. You can plan to easily build advanced websites, blogs, discussion boards or social networking pages when you use these advanced Drupal elements. One feature that most CMS platforms don't offer is the ability to categorize your content as you see fit. Drupal allows you to create categories for URL addresses, paths and to make your own lists. The structure allows you to create a system of organization. You can decide what makes for your own best easy management system and methods to search and reuse any of your content. A good variety of plugins and a solid support community make Drupal an excellent CMS choice when it comes to larger projects and more advanced web design and blogging needs. If you have advanced knowledge of PHP and HTML languages as well as CSS then this is the system for you.

Use WordPress to Publish a Site Fast
WordPress is likely at this time the most well recognized CMS platform and it even has some of the advanced development features you crave. The real beauty of WordPress is that a novice can watch a few tutorials and get WordPress web hosting running to have a website published quickly. Many themes are available and this also makes WordPress a good choice for intermediate and beginning users. A few fresh photos and a bit of original content along with some choice plugins can produce a good looking site in a relatively short period of time. The other advantage is the multitude of plugins that you can use to add features. While Drupal and Joomla users generally have coding and computer language knowledge, WordPress generally relies more on plugins for advanced features which means you don't have to know code to produce an attractive, high performing and popular website or blog.

While WordPress is the most popular blogging and website creation platform available today it might not entirely suite your needs. Take a look at Drupal and Joomla as well before you begin your project to see which features and elements will best benefit the overall needs of your particular design. WordPress may be a common choice but it could have limitations that you can find work arounds to get the job done far easier and faster in Drupal or Joomla.


VPS (virtual private server) hosting is commonly selected by businesses of all sizes. With VPS, the benefits of other types of hosting, such as shared and VPS Web Hosting Tipsdedicated, are packaged into one versatile solution. Managed VPS hosting is especially advantageous if you’re new to web hosting and need a quick, affordable plan that addresses each of your needs. If total system isolation, customization, and managed services sound appealing, VPS hosting might be the right choice for you.

Isolated Resources
To put it simply, VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting in the sense that providers allocate portions of virtual private servers to users. However, VPS hosting is largely more secure than shared and allows users to enjoy total isolation. You won’t have the activity of other customers affecting you. Virtual private servers are partitioned – not necessarily shared. With a VPS hosting plan, you'll have full control over your bandwidth, disk space, and other resources. In many ways, VPS hosting is much like dedicated hosting, but without the steep costs.

Server Control
Choosing VPS hosting means you're able to select your own operating system, such as Windows, CentOS, Fedora Core, and others. Accordingly, you'll be free to use the programs and applications you need to create websites, databases, etc., such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Like dedicated hosting, VPS allows for a great deal of customization. Many VPS hosting plans come equipped with remote desktop and root access solutions – allowing users to personalize their data. If you need to make changes to your resources, you can easily configure the server to accommodate your preferences.

Why Managed Hosting?
Opting for managed VPS hosting affords many benefits – particularly if you're inexperienced with maintaining hardware. If your company is expanding, chances are the resources you use now will fluctuate in the future. Later down the road, you may need more disk space, bandwidth, applications, etc. to meet your customers’ standards. Managed hosting gives companies the opportunity to add or remove resources whenever needed, without the expenses and hassle associated with self-maintained, on-site hardware. Not only is this flexibility convenient, but it also helps to cut back on costs and unnecessary issues.


Secure WordPress Websites and blogsWordPress is one of the most popular blog and website creation platforms in use today. While the platform has many benefits the draw back can be that WordPress is so popular it becomes a target for those looking to infiltrate it. A few sound practices when it come to security can make your WordPress blog or website more sound and save you the heartache of your site being comprised and potentially destroyed or taken down for a good bit of time.

Update Versions
New versions of WordPress are many times more of a security update release over a new features update. Recently, 4.0 was released and then just a few weeks later 4.0.1 was released which contained a big security update. You may think since you just upgraded to 4.0 you are secure but this is not the case. If you see a version update at least take a look at the details to see if any security patches were implemented and if so upgrade as soon as possible.

Update Passwords
Weak passwords are one of the most dangerous nearly unsecured way to have your WordPress blog or website hacked. Security is paramount to the safety of your work which represents time and money. It is a good practice to use one of the password-generation plugins offered by WordPress for added protection. Other security plugins are offered so you may want to look into adding additional levels of protection beyond good passwords. Generally if you regularly change it and ensure it is long and strong with alpha upper and lower case, numerical, as well as special characters then you will already be putting yourself in a better password protected position.

Plugins and Scripts
You may have some baggage in your WordPress website or blog that could be harming you. If you are using plugins make sure you keep them updated. Update plugins and discard those not in use. Scripts and plugins that have been passed around will have been scoured for backdoors which can harm you unless you have the most updated version. Updates are designed and released because there are generally known problems which could cause issues. A bit of house keeping will mean your site is much more secure and running at its optimal levels.

WordPress Community
Use public resources to get the best information you can before choosing themes, plugins and scripts. The WordPress site offers a wealth of knowledge you can use to learn what plugins and themes are safe. Sometimes free themes or other lesser known themes can have backdoors which will allow your WordPress site to be hacked. Free plug-ins and scripts can sometimes be distributed for this sole illicit purpose. Do a bit of research to make sure all elements of your WordPress site are sound and secure.

Regular Backups
Backups aren't as much as a security practice as maintenance practice. Backups can save you in the end if your site has been damaged, defaced or data is lost. A hack could destroy all of your data. If you don't keep regular backups then months or weeks of progressive work could be lost. Most web hosts offer some level of backup plans. Make sure you have a backup plan on hand before all of your work is destroyed by an attack.

WordPress is an excellent platform to design the website or blog that you have always imagined. A few cautious practices can make a big difference in your ability to fend off any attacks and to ensure that no intruders will bring harm to your site in any way. Shore up your WordPress security and protect yourself from the higher levels of attacks that are always becoming more clever everyday.


Dedicated servers perform in leaps and bounds over your typical VPS hosting plans. While you may find VPS units with the equivalents of dedicated Dedicated Servers for Superior Web Hosting Securityspecifications, the two main differences remain in your security and your resource advantages. The fact that you are the sole user of the server and no other account will be on your server is a large advantage. Even if you are using a web hosting service like JaguarPC that never overloads VPS servers, another user can still influence your server and website performance. Once you have a dedicated server you can modify the specifications and security settings to ensure your server is running the most optimal settings all around to deliver you, your clients and your business the best performance on the most secure system.

Fully Allocated Resources
One of the main advantages of using a dedicated server is you can utilize the full resources of a dedicated server. Typically, you will not be able to go over your limits on a VPS beyond the burst rate without a resource usage violation. You can implement custom kernels for even greater resource management. A choice of operating systems allows you to streamline your operations so that your needs for your personal and particular systems are met. Your individual bandwidth, CPU, and hard drive needs can all be addressed with a dedicated server. Bandwidth is an unmetered at 10Mbps on our high end network  and all dedicated servers run on high quality Intel cores with SSD options. With an entire server under your operation, you can scale resources as you see fit, giving you a personal platform to create websites and applications that operate at optimal performance levels.

Security and Custom Settings
Dedicated servers can be secured like no others. While many businesses and an enormous amount of data is moving to cloud hosting there are still security concerns there. Dedicated servers can offer the near uncompromisable security that is a must for some business owners, startups and developers. Few servers offer the levels of security that can be installed and set on dedicated servers. PCI, DSS or HIPAA are all demands required for today's ever growing and sensitive data. If you have mission-critical and sensitive data to protect or you utilize private VLAN IPs or you wish to provide game server quality hosting then the choice to use a dedicated server can be bring a peace of mind to you and your business knowing it is operating on a system that is designed and set for your particular and unique security needs.

Comprehensive Support and Managed Dedicated Services
A dedicated server is overall expected to perform 100% uptime for you. You can be assured that your will be online. Businesses and those who host other activities such as game servers can be assured that with your dedicated server online all the time , you will see  visitor satisfaction and high conversion rates.  If you are using it for other activities such as application development or multiple other projects then again you can depend on it being reliable and performing as it should on an "on all the time" basis. Dedicated hosting plans include remote reboot. Rather than waiting for a technician to respond to your ticket and reboot your server for you, you can simply do so at your convenience. Other users won't tank your resources, produce security concerns and you can work more productively knowing your server, sites and projects will perform well all the time. Managed solutions can give you an additional advantage with proactive monitoring, monthly supported administration time and special assistance in the event you do have any issues on your server.

Dedicated servers bring you all the best features in one unit. You will benefit from 100% resource allocation, customizable security settings, managed services and 24/7/365 support options. Dedicated servers will also give you a level of assurance and reliability that no other hosting plans can. Choose a dedicated server for a superior level of hosting you need for your business, startups, development projects and game servers.


Business owners. especially online and e-commerce types, rely on many different types of crucial data to successfully manage their businesses. From website content and catalogs, to Data backups, security and storagecustomer contact info and expenditure reports, it’s necessary to make sure every important shred of information is backed up you are able to reach it for a quick and easy restoration. When you lose any data permanently it can be catastrophic, especially if it’s relevant to generating profits. Choosing a web hosting provider that shares your need for high levels of data security is one of the best ways to prevent unexpected, irreparable data loss.

Why Backup Data?
If you own an online business, such as an e-commerce company, you likely understand the importance of backing up mission critical data. There are a number of unexpected incidents that can lead to data loss, such as:

Hacking & Malware
Hard Drive Failure
Computer Damage
Computer Theft
Data Center Outage - Fire/Natural Disaster

When data is lost permanently, business owners not only have to rebuild their websites, databases, client info, etc. from scratch, but they lose much-needed revenue. If most of your company's transactions take place over the Internet, it's absolutely essential to perform routine backups to minimize any future website downtime.

Features via a Hosting Company
While completing your own backups is highly recommended, data backup hosting services can help give you additional peace of mind. An experienced, trustworthy web hosting company will help you with safeguarding your info by backing up your server, personal or office computers, and more. You'll enjoy the convenience of endless restore points, as well as the ability to seamlessly restore your data via an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, a reliable hosting company can provide multiple GBs or TBs of storage space, depending on your needs.

Encryption & Speedy Restoration
One of the many benefits of data backup hosting is safe, encrypted storage. Also, when the data is transmitted via a network connection, it's safeguarded with cryptosystem technology. In many cases, clients are given codes they can use to unlock their data, allowing them to promptly decrypt and restore it. Web hosting companies that offer daily backup services understand that many clients need to store sensitive data. Relying on a provider you can trust will ensure you and your clients enjoy privacy and assurance.

Contact to learn more about how we can make your data more secure and readily available for a quick recovery in case of a disaster or a data recovery emergency.


Colocation hosting offers managed hosting solutions, without demanding that clients give up control of their servers. Whether you’re the owner of a small, Co-location Web Hosting with Managed Servicesmedium, or large business, colocation may be the perfect web hosting solution for you. Storing your server hardware in a safe, monitored data center is an excellent way to cut back on costs, and obtain additional resources whenever you need them. Accordingly, you won’t be financially confined to a set infrastructure, and can scale your services when it’s convenient for you.

Uptime & Accessibility
Redundant network connections and power supplies are two of the most important benefits colocation web hosting has to offer. Through improved connectivity and consistent uptimes, clients can enjoy the security of always having access to their mission critical data and programs without fail. In accordance with redundant connections, servers housed in well-organized data centers are supported by multiple power safety nets. Several battery-powered backup systems, generators, and power grids are often in place to keep clients' servers up and running at all times without disruption.

Unparalleled Security
Another crucial feature of colocation web hosting that business owners can surely appreciate is first-rate, managed security. Rather than having to purchase and install security programs, you can rely on your hosting provider to administer security updates on your behalf. Servers that are stored in a carefully monitored data center environment are consistently upgraded with the latest anti-virus and firewall systems. Not only does this save clients the trouble of managing hardware, but it also helps to prevent security threats from infecting an entire server, such as a shared server.

Resources Per Your Needs
Are you planning on expanding your business's hosting resources or switching to cloud hosting? With colocation hosting services, you'll be free to alter your bandwidth and infrastructure as much or as little as necessary without outrageous costs. Accordingly, if your business is switching from in-house hosting to off-site cloud hosting, you can easily relocate your hardware to a provider's data center. There, they'll provision software upgrades, install security updates, and keep your server running all day and every day. Colocation web hosting is the ideal choice for business owners who value opportunities for growth and expansion.


If you’re in need of hosting services, it’s likely that easily managing and monitoring your account is important to you. With cPanel hosting, you’ll have the tools cPanel for web hosting and Resellers - Easy and high quality control panelyou need to cover all of your bases. From managing your email accounts, to folder and file backups, cPanel allows users to keep tabs on all of their account’s features from an intuitive, easy-to-operate interface. Web or business hosting with the addition of cPanel technology is ideal for virtually any user, especially businesses and resellers.

All of the Basic Tools
cPanel is designed to simplify server administration, whether it’s for individual or multiple users. Whether you need web hosting services to manage an e-commerce business, or reseller hosting services, cPanel gives customers the opportunity to get the most out of their hosting experience. You can manage your hosting account with ease, as all of the rudimentary administrative tools are included with cPanel. Through cPanel hosting, you'll be free to control all important aspects of your account, such as: MySQL Database Support & Backups, Management for Unlimited Domains, Email Accounts; File Transfer Protocol and Daily Data Backups

Seamless Compatibility
One of the greatest benefits afforded by cPanel is its versatility for web hosting and business hosting. For example, it can be paired with different operating systems, such as CloudLinux, CentOS, and RedHat Enterprise Linux. In addition to OS compatibility, cPanel is easily integrated with a wide range of add-ons and software, including Softaculous, portals, shopping carts, forums, and blogs. Customized applications can also be paired with cPanel, allowing you and/or your customers to streamline and personalize account management even further.

Great for Resellers
To enjoy success as a dependable reseller, you need the right tools. cPanel is one of the most important additives, as it gives business owners total control over their accounts, as well as their clients’. For aspiring resellers, hosting with the addition of cPanel offers a number of helpful advantages for them and their customers. If you're building a reseller hosting company from scratch, cPanel can provide not only flexibility, but also:

Various Customer Package Options
Branding Opportunities
Automatic Client Account Creation
Email, IM, & SMS Account Alerts & Notifications

Contact our team today to learn how you can take advantage of our cPanel web hosting for your website.


Several ingredients are needed to make a reseller hosting company successful and profitable. One of the most crucial components is an experienced, dependable hosting provider. If you’re considering starting a reseller hosting company, be sure to select a provider that doesn’t skimp on fundamental services and add-ons. Successful Reseller Web Hosting FeaturesYou’ll be dividing these services up among clients at a later date, so it helps to have the highest quality server and tools at your disposal from the start.

Important First Steps
Just like any other business, there are a number of steps involved in establishing a profitable reseller operation. In addition to locating a respected company that offers a wealth of white label hosting services, there are two other important steps to cover. Firstly, you'll need to put time and effort into building a unique, client-focused hosting plan. Including all of the essential features, as well as added bonuses, is a good way to grab the attention of potential customers. Secondly, using marketing strategies and helpful tools - such as cPanel - will aid you in creating a brand and logo for your company.

Create Your Vision
When it comes to the options available to you through reseller hosting, the sky's the limit. Whatever your personal goals may be, there are numerous routes you can take as a business entrepreneur. Whether your goal is to provide hosting services to small, local companies, or you're interested in building a website design company, your choices are virtually endless. With scalable resources and opportunities to upsell features, reseller hosting offers both freedom and satisfaction to business entrepreneurs and companies in need of hosting services.

Services & Chances to Upsell
If you’re backed by a reputable hosting provider, it's not necessary for you to have extensive knowledge concerning hosting or hardware. Quality white label hosting companies aim to provide IT support 24/7/365 - ensuring the satisfaction of resellers and their clients. Installation is often quick, and you'll have the ability to choose the services you'd like to provision For instance, you can choose from a range of add-ons, including RVskin, Softaculous, WHMCS and more. Additionally, you can aim to increase your profits by electing to upsell certain features, such as cPanel, RVSiteBuilder along with deep discounts for VPS and Dedicated server resells along with many other  revenue generating options.


Wow, I can tell you today I am truly amazed. My upper level management team hasn't called me out on "Doing a Greg" in a long time. Honestly, I have, I have just been more discreet about it. Yeah, I pulled a Greg, and managed to hit the 16 year anniversary mark at JaguarPC. I didn't do it all alone though.JaguarPC Celebrates 16 Years in the Web Hosting Industry

JaguarPC has been one of the major driving forces in my lifetime. My own perseverance along with the support of my family and a few good minds in the industry have allowed me to take a side project and craft it into a global web hosting company that to this day stands on the principals of integrity, exceptional service and reliability.

I want to thank all of our customers at JaguarPC. I know many of you are using our hosting services to get your own companies online. I completely respect all of you for your efforts. While many of us started our companies and websites far before the Startup craze we all still have the same entrepreneur spirit that bonds us. JaguarPC is a part of the answer to your online business, blog and website success.

I understand from a personal perspective the battles that each of you faces daily and I encourage all of you to continue with your endeavors until they become successful. It feels pretty good to celebrate a 16th anniversary and more so even to share it with some of our original clients as well as many new entrepreneurs, site owners and successful businesses. Your loyalty and support over the years has been critical to the success of JaguarPC and it has always fueled my own personal drive and ambition to do what is best for our clients. I thank each of you for being a factor in the growth and success of JaguarPC and I respect your own ambitions to be successful entrepreneurs.

I would also like to thank the tireless and hard working minds of the staff at JaguarPC. They have the same perspective as I do when it comes to providing customer service and technical support. You may have come to know some of them personally and that is the nature of JaguarPC. Our team realizes there is a person reaching out for assistance and they make every effort to make sure you are treated as an individual over an account number. Our team values our clients and understands that unless it is a 150% effort, then it isn't enough.

It has been a good year. Not only did I manage to kick my Gummy bear habit and not sell off any of my Lego collection but JaguarPC is well on track to meet the expectations we tabled for the year. We are happy to have you as a part of our family where we choose to be exceptional in all that we do. Since JaguarPC is going to be around for at least another 16 years then we will do it with exceptionalism as our standard and nothing less.

Greg Landis/ CEO


Social media usage has been making big waves since its inception. Within the last 6 years it’s increased by 356%.  It’s even become a determining factor in search 7 Ultimate Social Media Tools for WordPressengine results! Needless to say, if you’re not promoting each and every piece of content you’re publishing to your WordPress, your marketing strategy is slipping. Running an Ecommerce business on your WordPress blog requires you to wear many hats, one of which is the avid social networker. And when I say avid, I mean on a schedule.

You’ve got to be consistently sharing great content across multiple platforms to build a following. Once you have the following, the real work begins. You’ve got to keep them interested, track their interactions, and retarget them with the data you collect.  Obviously, this is no easy task. You’ve got to arm yourself with the operative arsenal to achieve all of your Social Media Marketing (SMM) goals. That’s where this handy list comes into play. Below, you will find  7 useful, usable, and utilitarian social media promotion tools specifically designed to simplify your SMM strategies and procedures.

Let’s begin with the familiar. Hootsuite is an extremely popular and powerful social media management tool. It’s a turnkey SMM solution which allows users to view data streams from multiple social networks at once, and also to send messages across different platforms. You can even auto-update your different social media outlets with your RSS feed. Hootsuite integrates with: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare and a Japanese social network called Mixi. You can conglomerate any 5 of these platforms onto a single streamlined dashboard to track campaigns, write messages, and schedule posts, and so on — for free in most cases. The main selling point is the clean interface which makes organizing and analyzing the data from all your social accounts much easier than shifting through multiple tabs or windows. You can also assign workflows and collaborate with other users, making Hootsuite a very convenient business solution. Hootsuite’s analytics reports usually cost around $50 per in depth report, which is pretty pricey for smaller businesses. Though there are a few reports you can procure at no cost. These include social mentions and other brand awareness metrics, which can be very helpful when trying to expand your SMM efforts.

Data Driven Lucky Orange makes social media up close and personal
Lucky Orange
Some social promotion tactics are far more intimate than others. Lucky Orange certainly falls into the former ategory and as one might expect, all interaction is seriously data driven. This tool allows you to view real-time visitor activity on your WordPress site in an insane degree of depth. If Hootsuite is social, then Lucky Orange is up close and personal. You can monitor all of the following: Clicks,Visitor opinions with customizable polls, Movements, Scrolling activity, Heat maps, Even page/cart abandonment. Needless to say, you can get a feel for your visitor’s behavior with this tool. And once you understand their browsing habits, you can actually initiate direct conversation via a live chat function. Of course, if you find that to be too intrusive, you can always leave a fully customizable chat box for the visitor to click on at will, and if you’re unavailable for live chat, the box will automatically revert to a contact form. You can also monitor an individual visitor’s traffic source in real-time and record the results, thus giving you an accurate idea of how much traffic is coming in due to social promotions exclusively. This way you can match visitor behavior with traffic sources and build powerful insights into all of your marketing efforts.
Lucky Orange is a truly deep analytics tool that allows you to get a very personal view of who your visitors are and where their interests lie. Still, this tool focuses more on individual interactions (which are important, no doubt), but social networking is more about the big picture. So our next tool brings the broad view back into focus.

Pocket for when you want to read it later
One SMM strategy that nearly all savvy marketers adhere to is the 80-20 rule. This rule states that a mere 20% of your social media content should be self-aggrandizing, and for that matter: self-produced. The vast majority of the content you distribute across social media should be curated. This idea helps you boost credibility within your niche, make valuable contacts with other social media power users, and it provides a valuable/informative service to your various fans and followers.Unfortunately, that means you’ve got to spend time scouring the web for authoritative, interesting, and entertaining content. Consequently, you’ll be crowding your browser’s bookmarks folder. It’d be nice if you had a web application that could help you manage and redistribute your content library so you can quickly and easily choose the best content to redistribute. The web application, Pocket, does exactly that. Pocket is a tool that helps you gather useful/intriguing content for either personal or professional perusal. This app makes content gathering clean and easy. Simply save anything that seems interesting across the more than 500 different applications and many of the most popular platforms, with which Pocket is invariably compatible, and read through it later at your leisure. Once you’ve read a content piece, it disappears from your cache, making certain your interface is never too crowded. Transient bookmarks, unrivaled compatibility, and a clean management interface make Pocket the ultimate content aggregating application.

Click To Tweet and CoSchedule
Click To Tweet is a very simple, yet supremely effective WordPress plugin that enables you to create boxes within blog posts which can be shared via Twitter with a single click. When writing blog posts, there’s always one line or another that’s just supremely quotable, and therefore extremely shareable as well. Highlight these bits of catchy text or customized messages with an attractive box so that your users can quickly and easily share your content.
Click-To-Tweet is a free plugin by CoSchedule, which is really an effective SMM tool all its own. It acts as a comprehensive content marketing editorial calendar for your WordPress. The interface works via easy drag and drop styled calendar management, and it’s filled with organized workflow features like scheduled tasks and auto reminders. It even publishes your posts on a schedule. CoSchedule helps you stay on top of all your content marketing efforts.

Highlight and Share
Along the same lines as Click To Tweet, Highlight and Share takes the idea a step further. Sometimes the lines in your content that you think stick out the most don’t necessarily resonate with your readers. How about you let them decide what’s worth sharing instead?
Highlight and Share is a WordPress plugin that allows your visitors to quickly and easily tweet or share whatever section of your blog post they like, simply by-- you guessed it—highlighting a section of text. Of course, whenever a user shares a part of your text, you get a backlink and a free shout out to your Twitter handle. This serves as a dual benefit: it allows your users a greater degree of control while they focus more on your content, and it simultaneously exposes your brand to a greater audience, providing them with direct access to your content and website. Plus, it’s just plain novel. Not a lot of blogs have it, so yours will stand out all the more.

Social Contests
Share contests and Go Viral on Social The fantastic thing about so many of these plugins is their self-explanatory titles. As you might guess, this plugin creates easily shareable contests, promotions, and landing pages that you launch from the platform of your choice, including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Your WordPress site and Email. Social contests is a really comprehensive plugin. It allows you to gain email addresses, keep track of social impressions such as “likes” or “follows,” drive traffic to your website with the voting function in the polls, easily integrate with Facebook Ads Tool by Wishpond, and run a variety of different contests, sweepstakes, and other promotional offers.
One major strike against this app is it requires a subscription to the Wishpond service, however, it also offers you a free 2 week trial with which to decide if it’s worth it. Either way, it’s got some powerful functionality that allows for promotional deals, lead gathering, and analytic data as well. Certainly worth checking out.

We saved the best for last as we take a look at SNAP, otherwise known as Social Networks Auto Poster. This is one more of those self-explanatory names, but for the sake of finality, we’ll go over it anyway. SNAP allows you to automate your sharing of content, messages, announcements, and so forth across more social networks than any other single app.
It’s one of the few that integrates well with Google+, which is far and away the most important social network in terms of improving your search rankings. It can even post to YouTube for your video content. Just take a look at the compendium of supported networks that SNAP has to its credit. This plugin is lightweight and usable. Moreover, it’s one of the very few that actually reaches all of the most relevant social networking platforms, and also has an easily navigable interface.

What are some of your favorite social promotion tools? Sound off in the comments.


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