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.Org $1.99 July Special

By Sabrina Jul 17, 2014 2:02 pm

JaguarPC is offering over an amazing $1.99 .org special  * through the month of July.

Why a .org Domain?
When you need to get the best rank presence and traffic for your .com domain then a .org domain can help immensely. If you already have an established .com extension then you should definitely consider the benefits of also obtaining the .org extension as well. Blogs, businesses and e-commerce presences that have a .org Domain June Special at JaguarPCbrand and a reputation to protect can't afford to have their names taken and used by others for alternative purposes which can include websites that might try to mimic your .com's services or products. Even worse consequences could occur due to malicious activities using your .com address as a .org. Purchasing the .org extension can give you the confidence of knowing that your hard work and efforts won't be diminished by a perpetrator who is riding on the coat tails of your own efforts.

Trusted and Established
.org domains are trusted by consumers and potential clients. Most established businesses that are doing well or have good future potential will procure their .org for purposes beyond name recognition and brand name protection. Not only is having a .org domain an important sound business decision but it can also have the benefit of increased web exposure. Search engines will index your .org domain and your .com domain leading to better ranks and more results to get your organization in front of more prospects that will have a potential interest in your organization. The more you are seen the more popular you can become .

Philanthropy and Non-Profits
Groups that promote and engage in philanthropy and the absence of profit structures are more prone to use .org domains. People around the world have an interest in finding your website or blog that promotes a cause or special interest when you use a .org name. The extension lends the concept of organization over business to potential members and contributors for your principal or movement.  Special fund and awareness raising efforts may be taken more to heart when a .org is present on the world wide web address. Those who have interests will note that your site or blog's efforts are more contribution over profit based and may lend a more sympathetic ear and greater support to your efforts. Use a .org to have your mission gain greater and more respected recognition. Highlight the socially responsible agendas that you are promoting and get a better response through the association and reputation of .org.

Professional Organizations and Associations
Organizations can naturally benefit from the clear association with .org. Professional outreach can gain greater momentum, respect and additional members as well as influence by the use of this trusted and well know cross link.  The American Heart Association and The American Bar Association are two good examples of organizations that are well recognized and make good use of the .org extension option. If your site deals with professionals then .org is a solid choice which will help you gain new members and let the public know more about the services and benefits that your organization is capable of providing. The greater respect and the association with professionalism can help your membership grow and maintain a good light in the public eye. A .org can help your professional organization gain the value of being a respected authority and the go to link for networking and information.

Overlooking the deeper values of a .org domain could cost you the recognition, awareness and protection that your brand, association, organization or non-profit deserves. When you purchase a .org domain you are increasing the awareness of your organization and allowing a broader audience to engage with and promote your cause. Don't get left behind on the search engines but inspire more support for your agendas and overall cultural institutions, religious organizations, civic and artistic efforts as well as social and sport teams, and communities. Spread the word with a .org and take advantage of the world wide community gains for more members and contributions. .org can be a signal that you are in it for the greater good over the greater green.

*New domains only, no transfers or renewals, first year only.


It can be a battle to drive traffic to your website especially considering the constant changes in SEO practices and Goggle's never ending changes to their own algorithms. Don't be discouraged. There are actions that can be taken that will significantly improve your traffic. This blog post will show you a number of activities Ways to drive traffic for more visits and sales that can work to create more exposure and ultimately lead to more visits. Use a few of the suggestions to create a weekly schedule of activities which can improve the exposure of your website and blog. When you know what works and where to start then the only next step is to get active.

Regular Fresh Content
Fresh and original content is key to not only maintaining your website or blog but also for good search engine results. While you may often hear that regularly updating your blog with fresh content is important, it is also helpful to change the actual content on your website as around a time frame of every other week. The changes don't have to big but it can be helpful to take a look at a few key areas of your website that could benefit from more regular updates. Refining product descriptions, updating an introduction area or even creating and maintaining a weekly what's new or niche weekly news area can greatly benefit your site the next time it is reviewed for indexing.

Longer Blog Post
Many bloggers have trained themselves to limit their blog post to between 300-500 words. This is still a good practice. But, if you are an authority on a particular subject you can gain even greater value from your blog with posts that are in the 1200-1500 word range. Google now values high quality original content of length more than ever. While you don't have to do this with every post, a few longer pieces over the course of a month can make a considerable difference in how Google values what you write. Research also suggests that longer and information rich posts are shared more often with close friends, family members and networks. A few information packed post a month could be a factor for gaining additional traction, better rankings and more attraction to the insights and information you have to present about your area of expertise.

StumbleUpon & Reddit for Social Bookmarking
The reproduction and duplication of content has been frowned upon more so than ever in recent times. But, sharing the original content that you do produce will bring more exposure to your webiste, blog and overall to your niche expertise and knowledge. Visitors can flock to a site once they find it has high quality information. Today's fast paced digital world hardly allows time for being able to explore and digest the mass of information that passes our way daily. Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit provide a service which allows the most reposted and popular items to be consolidated across a few major sites. Social bookmarking allows the most relevant and interesting information to gain greater exposure. While your blog post may not receive much attention on your site alone, it can gain popularity and momentum when it is exposed to a much wider potential audience that has greater sharing power.

YouTube It
Videos on YouTube continue to drive more engaged traffic than any other social media site. You can spend an hour writing a blog or you can create a one minute video that could gain better recognition and attention. Videos on YouTube don't have to be viral but can drive traffic to your website or blog based on the popularity of the content alone. When you tap into YouTube you are putting your site in front of millions of potential visitors and/or customers. Optimizing your video post is also very important for it to receive its best potential. Take a few extra minutes to look at the features you can use to refine the settings that are available to help you gain an even greater reach with your YouTube video post. A quick search on the web will bring up more than a few helpful tips that could be critical to putting your video in front of the people who have an interest in the message that you want to be delivered to your best potential audience.

E-Mail Marketing with Newsletters
Many bloggers and site owners have spent consider time procuring e-mail addresses which are a valuable way to reach back out to visitors and potential clients with a newsletter. When you include relevant links, new and important information as well as good subject lines then you may find that your outreach efforts can be highly rewarding. Use different links to hit the same landing pages so that more than one click opportunities are available for an engagement level that will boost your outreach efforts. Additionally make sure to include some form of engagement opportunity via link buttons for such items as contest, social media and other engagement tactics which can drive traffic to your site from the newsletter. The more you can touch your base then the more visitors you can gain.

Paid Media
Some times it is necessary and well worth the price to pay for media and its distribution. Press releases along with Twitter and Facebook paid advertising are documented successful venues that are available at a more nominal cost over large scale traditional advertising methods. These channels of outreach can allow you to reach a larger audience that may not be aware of the information or products you offer. As with newsletter marketing, make sure that your paid media has a call to action message so that those that see and read your paid advertising will know your message as well as how to reach you in order to take advantage of your special product, promotion or the information you are making available.

When you post across forums, blogs and sites within, across and around your niche make sure you leave a clear signature. Signatures allow you a viable means to let others know who you are, where they can find you and what type of product, service or information you are making available. It will help others within that same niche to easily locate you and start conversations and engagements that can lead to a variety of means of exposure and networking that might otherwise be lost if readers on a forum post or comment areas have to go searching for that particular information. Use your website or blog as the primary link and include your name or brand along with product information or some other captivating piece of information. Signatures allow for easy cross communication and can help form relationships that can be valuable to your future success and the continued growth of your networking efforts.

Keep Making More Connections
One of the keys to maintaining website and blog popularity is the recognition of your site as a source of expertise insight and authority in your niche or for your product or service. If your site or blog has some of the best, most current and knowledge information about your industry or niche then others will want to know about it. Reach out to other experts in your field on a personal basis. Comment on other blogs that you find to have good information. These practices will overall lead to more organic inbound links and traffic referrals. Despite the inherit anonymity of the web, personal relationships have enormous value and potential especially when forming them within your industry or area of expertise.

Statistics and Data
Analytics will help you decide if your particular selection of traffic driving strategies are working. If you are serious about discovering what is failing and what is working well then a wealth of tools are available. Google Analytics is valuable and easy to learn. Don't be intimidated or overwhelmed by the statistics available. Start with the basics. What works well for others may not give you the same results so it is vital to your success that you are able to explore the results of your actions on a numerical level.

The most important key to the success of your traffic gaining actions is to keep active. It takes time, patience and persistence to gain followers, fans and clients. It may be helpful to outline a weekly schedule of activities you will perform to improve the visibility of your website, blog or e-commerce store. Overall, keep your content on your blog and on your website fresh, use social bookmarking services to spread your expert advice and sage insights, employ videos on YouTube as part of your strategy and make personal connections that will add up to traffic and sales spikes. Find a simple way that works well for you to measure your success. While you may see visits and sales spike with your new practices it is best to track what method or tactics gained you new visits and sales. Your greater measure of success will come with deciphering what worked and can work consistently over time to bring you continued, over short lived spikes that could be turned into long term relationships and sustained site, blog and e-commerce growth.


Hosting your webpage on a server located in another geographical location is beneficial for some and problematic for others, depending on their needs. Overseas hosting is often Server Location Importance inexpensive, and allows webpage owners to target a specific visitor base more completely. However, it's important to measure the quality of the technical support and customer service you'll receive before signing up for hosting. In many cases, inexpensive hosting overseas can often lead to unneeded hassles if a website owner doesn't consider important factors beforehand.

Loading Times
If you’re looking to switch hosting providers, it's important to keep the location of the majority of your visitors in mind. For example, if most of the hits to your website are made by visitors in the United States, choosing a server outside of the country will likely cause slow loading times. Loading time is essential to the success of a webpage, especially if the owner is relying on said success to promote their online store or business. Servers that are located a significant distance away from your target visitor base will likely make loading and viewing your site a challenge for them.

Solidifying a Customer Base
Server location can also boost SEO, or search engine optimization. Even if a business has little to no connection to the country their server is located in, Internet users in that country will be able to view their site on search engine result pages. For example, if many of your customers and viewers are located in a certain country, and you obtain hosting from said country, users in that geographical location will be able to find your site more easily through key wording and other beneficial SEO factors.

The Support You Need
Hosting a website via a data center that's located outside of the country is typically highly affordable; however, it can be especially bothersome when technical support is needed. If you’re an American online business owner who plans on hosting your site in a non-English speaking country, it can be challenging to get the support you need should a problem arise.

JaguarPC delivers migration assistance, domain transfer, 100% uptime services, and more. We offer convenient customer support, available all day, every day.




How Much Does Web Design Cost?

By Sabrina Nov 04, 2013 2:05 pm

Whenever anyone wants a website designed, the first question they usually ask is related to how much it will cost.  Most people are shocked by the numbers that come back, as forWeb Design Costs even a basic website designed to a good standard you might be looking at paying at least $1,600.  The high cost of web design is what has driven the success of template websites and website building programs such as Rvsitebuilder which is offered free with JaguarPC hosting plans.

However, the cost of building a website that can deliver your business objectives depends on many variables based on what you want and are looking to achieve.  A full design and build of a large business website could cost as much as $75,000, although such a figure will often only be relevant to large corporations paying for a redesign who have a website fully customized to their needs.

Your total cost will depend on the services offered and those that you hire a designer to take care of.  Different designers will likely charge different amounts of money for each of these variables.  When shopping around for web design, ask how the costs break down if you want to get a better idea of what you are getting for your money.
Here are some examples of what you can expect in different price brackets.

$1,600 - $5,000
At this price you will likely be getting a basic site, which will go far beyond what you would get from a template but not be too much more than that.  You would, however, get your site branded based on your needs, and basic SEO like speed and code optimization will be performed.  At this price it is unlikely you will get any content written for you, so you will have to get this from elsewhere or do it yourself.

$5,000 - $7,500
A basic e-commerce site design fits into this category. You should also be able to access fully customizable design in this price range and get to meet with a designer to discuss your needs and receive advice.

$7,500 - $15,000
You are now starting to move into big business categories, where you can expect to see your site designed to include photo galleries and any other custom features, including applications and plug-ins.  Content for the whole of your initial design should also be included when you are paying this much, and the leading designers will even take care of keyword research for you so they can create the very best optimized copy.

$15,000 and Above
At this price you are starting to look at the top end of the market, and will not even have to be involved in the process if you do not want to be.  As you start to move up from $15,000, you will be looking at adding in advanced technology for dealing with data and e-commerce if you have specialized and very specific needs.

These web site cost parameters should help you decide at what level you would like to start building your site and how much that type of design should cost. When you have baseline cost and your needs in line then you can be better prepared to know what to expect when you receive your final invoice from the website designer you choose.


Are You Still Using Microsoft FrontPage?
Microsoft FrontPage has been a popular program used by many for a number of  years. Many users don't realize that Microsoft actually quit producing any new versions and Microsoft FrontPage Extensions support packaging FrontPage in its office versions in 2003 and it discontinued support for the product in 2006. This means that Microsoft no longer provides any extension updates for web hosting servers. The resulting consequence is that features such as hit counters, mail forms, guest pages and search boxes and other features can result in errors or very simply fail to work at all. In addition to the fact that server extension updates are no longer available cPanel is forcing an EOL (end of life) because the Apache software foundation has discontinued support for it which will open security holes due to the lack of updates.

What Does This Mean to FrontPage Users?
As we move forward to our end of life date on November 04, 2013 for enabled FrontPage server extensions, new sites will be able to use only the basic non-script features of FrontPage 2003. Basic text and images on a FrontPage site will still work after that, but any features that requires FrontPage server extensions may stop working at any time unless you make changes to the special scripting that FrontPage has enabled on your web pages.

Many hosting companies have already quit supporting FrontPage extensions or will do so in the very near future. FrontPage 2003 FTP publishing and basic page design will remain intact but FrontPage 2002 and earlier versions FTP will fail and you will need to consider newer methods.

What Should I Use Now?
Many new options have become available for web publishing and web design since the Microsoft FrontPage product has been discontinued. WordPress is a popular web design platform which can be installed through your cPanel, coffee cup is a very nice HTML editor. There is also an editor within the cPanel file manager and  RVSite Builder is another option which is offered free to JaguarPC  clients.

Since FTP for  FrontPage versions before 2002 will no be supported you can consider..
•    FileZilla FTP program  is also a good FTP program which will allow you to publish or add files from your site.

•    WebDAV Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files.

Our support area includes several FTP options for you to explore as well.
Additionally, Microsoft addresses what you should do when your hosting server does not have FrontPage server extensions enabled.

While FrontPage offered many users an easy to use and near universally supported platform for web design and publishing, the program has now been replaced by many other choices which are capable of creating web pages, supporting special scripting needs and FTP functions which are much more sophisticated and more well suited to the updated server configurations which most web hosting companies now utilize.

What Can I Do If I Absolutely Still Must Use FrontPage?
If you still feel that you really must continue to use FrontPage then an alternative is available. We can offer a 10% discount off of  our VPS plans for those of you who still require the use of FrontPage and would like to have it even though Apache will no longer be updating it. You can contact, open a live chat session or submit a ticket to our sale and billing department if you need additional information or would like to take advantage of this particular offer.

We are here to help!
If you are still using FrontPage and you need assistance because of this change then we are here to help you. We understand that this transistion may create issues and display problems on some users web pages and we will be able to assist you. Please contact our technical support department and they can assist with the needs you have to make this a smooth transition. Remember EOL is November 04, 2013 so please contact us before you have issues.




How to Design a Website

By Sabrina Sep 25, 2013 5:15 pm

Designing a website, at an initial glance, seems like a difficult thing to achieve.  However, by keeping it simple and ensuring you’re catering to the needs of whoever the website is Website design and web hositngfor, both from a client and end user perspective,  is actually very straightforward once you know some basic HTML, have access to WYSISYG website builder software, which is included with JaguarPC hosting plans, and have spent some time reading about the latest web design practices.

Here are the areas on which you should focus the most.

Have a Great User Interface
Modern web design is all about the user experience, and it starts with the interface itself.  Make sure your site design keeps everything together so that it is easy to navigate.  How many good websites do you know of where the navigation bar is at the top of one page but then in the sidebar or footer on the next page?

Essentially, every page on your site should have the same shell, which means name, logo, contact details, maybe a call to action, and social sharing buttons.

Be 100% Consistent
We’re talking here about the layout of content on pages, as well as the colors you use and everything else from the font to how you present photographs and other media.  There are many guides available that talk about color combinations to use and avoid, check them out so you’re not presenting a site that does nothing but hurt the eyes.

If you do decide to mix things up within pages, keep it logical and try to replicate this approach throughout.

Go for Maximum Readability
This is really just to affirm what we said when talking about consistency.  What many designers forget, because many don’t write copy, is that a great looking website is wonderful, but without the substance of something engaging to read and inspire a call to action, it doesn’t count for as much as it could.

As a website designer, it is up to you to put pages together to ensure they will still look brilliant once they’re populated with copy.  Even if you have to use "lorem ipsum" text throughout an initial design, it will at least give you an idea of what the finished article will look like.

Use Responsive Design
Using responsive design cuts out the need to check if a site looks great on mobile devices and different browsers.  It’s also right at the top of most ‘modern design trends’ lists, and is something you should be doing whether designing for yourself or for clients.

While doing this, make sure you shrink documents and media to as small a file size as possible before going live to maintain page speed.

Check Links and Applications
If you’re designing for a client and not involved in the copy side of things, then the links won’t be an issue, although you’ll obviously check them if building your own site.  It is crucial that you check any third party applications, particularly open source ones, as these can be an easy in for malware to attack your site and infect users’ devices.

Stick to these tips and you will find that you can create a website that is not only visually appealing but also user friendly.




Why Have a Social Media Strategy?

By Sabrina Sep 18, 2013 4:34 pm

Social media isn’t a fad.  Certain social sites may well turn out to be a fad and become an irrelevance in the longer term, but betting the farm on social media collapsing isn’t a Social Media Strategystrategy that anyone interested in business success is going to consider.

If your business doesn’t have a social media strategy, then you’re missing a huge number of opportunities.  Social media isn’t going to 100% replace traditional marketing avenues, but it is certainly something you should be doing.

Why do you need a social media strategy?

Where the Action Is
Social media is where your audience is.  This is true for almost every business, except perhaps those selling goods and services to the elderly.  At the same time, those businesses will make a lot of money from younger relatives of that market, so even those in this sector you should use it.

If someone is following you on social media, it’s because they want to know more about you and more about what you do.  Using social media, if only on Twitter and Facebook alone, gives you the opportunity to market yourself to an audience that you know is interested in you.  Where else are you assured of that?

People Buy People
Yes, this is an oft-used cliché, but it remains true.  People buy from people or businesses that they like.  If you’re taking the time to build a rapport with your customers, then you’ll be rewarded over time with loyalty, word of mouth marketing and recommendations, and improved profits.

Cost Effective Marketing
Marketing is an expensive outlay for a business, and doesn’t guarantee success.  If your social media strategy doesn’t bring the results you’re hoping for, at least you won’t have spent a large portion of your expenditure budget on finding out, which might be the case when you take out an advert in the newspaper or advertise on local radio.

Yes, you’ll make a time investment, but this pales in comparison to the sums you might otherwise spend.

Recommendations Work
Social media is the best place for people to tell others they love your business, whether that is through a like, a retweet, a re-pin, or another social share.  People will connect with you based on a recommendation far quicker than they will if you simply spend time promoting yourself.

If you haven’t developed a social media strategy yet, now is the time to do so.  If you wait any longer, you’re likely to be too far behind your competitors who have already embraced social media, and be in a position where it is extremely difficult to catch up.


Optimize your Content Delivery system for improved engine and website visitors




How to Use Social Media for Marketing

By Sabrina Sep 10, 2013 1:08 pm

You’ve probably read an article or blog that talks about the importance of using social media, and that if you’re not socially active you have no chance of business success.  Social Media Marketing SuccessUnfortunately, a fair proportion of these don’t actually give you any direction.

The First Thing to Know
Is that social media marketing doesn’t necessarily mean blowing a lot of money on promoted posts to ensure you appear in people’s timelines.  Of course, if you have the plan and budget to do so, that is fantastic.  However, you can be successful on social media platforms simply by knowing what to do and where to target.

What’s the Plan?
The most important question for any business embarking on a social media campaign is this one.

You need to make sure your plan goes far beyond simply, “increase revenues.”  Who is your target audience?  How does this influence the social media platforms you’re going to target?  What is your engagement strategy?  How will you balance advice and personal posts with calls to action and links to your site?

Find the Right Platform
You probably already know about what each social media site can bring to you, and how you use it.  For example, Twitter is great for short, to the point posts.  Facebook is probably best for sharing content with consumers and provoking a conversation on your page.  LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses, while Instagram and Pinterest are excellent for those with a business where impact is all about the visual.

Although your business might naturally fit one of those, you also need to think about where your audience is going to be.  If you have a fabulous B2B product, for example, which would look brilliant on Pinterest, you need to consider whether your audience – other businesses – will be there.

Know How to Get Involved
Whatever social website you target, you’re going to use hashtags, your keywords, and whatever else you need to in order to get yourself noticed and optimize your content for SEO.

However, the whole point of social media is to involve yourself in a conversation.  The mistake many businesses make is to just blindly post their own content without responding or getting involved with what others are saying.  If a subject, be it a ‘trending topic’ or something in the news that day, is relevant to what you do, add your voice.  It is the best way to quickly become known and increase your influence on these platforms.

Create High Quality, Valuable Content
One of the most powerful ways to make a difference on social media is to create content on your own website, as well as your posts, that people want to share, like, re-pin, or whatever action each social network encourages.

More sharing means more of a spotlight on you, and means that many of your marketing efforts are actually being done for you.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool; make the most of it and you’ll find your chances of business success rapidly increased.


VPS hosting and cloud server hosting are two of the most sought after solutions in the web hosting industry today.  With bloggers, business owners, and webmasters all more aware Cloud Hostingthan ever of the importance of reliable, secure hosting, it is crucial that you know the differences between the solutions that are available to you, and how you can make the most of the features of each.

Storage, Reliability and Security
Most VPS hosting solutions do not have a centralized storage feature.  This means that if you experience problems with the node your site might be down for longer than you’d want.  We’re talking hours rather than minutes, although much could depend on your hosting services provider and their ability to deal with any issues.  Additionally, it is easier to lose data if there are any corruptions on your VPS server.  The biggest frustration is potentially losing this data due to issues caused by another site on the server.

Cloud server hosting will not bring you these frustrations to the same degree.  For example, if your node were to go down, your site can simply get power from elsewhere, thus minimizing downtime.  However, there are issues with security of cloud hosting, such as who can access and see your data.

When Your Website Traffic Grows
When you use cloud server hosting, your data isn’t actually stored on the node, but centralized.  This means that as your website traffic increases and your demands on resources grow, you’re able to react accordingly (or at least, your servers are) and browsers won’t see any noticeable differences.

In contrast, when your site starts to get busier, your VPS solution only has a finite pool of resources that it can use.  You also have to remember that your hosting company has to provide juice to the other sites hosted on the server.  This is why many who discuss VPS hosting recommend using it only if you have a degree of certainty around your traffic volume.

These issues can also affect your uptime and site speed, which can bring your site down during unexpected traffic spikes or should you upload larger chunks of content or applications to your server.

Performance and Pricing
Both VPS hosting and cloud server hosting offer a number of benefits, and both are definitely alternatives that are worth exploring if you’ve found shared hosting or dedicated hosting isn’t for you.

From the outside, it is easy to look at cloud server hosting and immediately proclaim it as better.  However, this is only true if you’re unsure of the resources you’re going to use, and want the flexibility to reflect this.  VPS hosting will perform well if you know what you need, as you can then choose a specific VPS hosting package to reflect your demands.

These principles feed into the pricing, too; what you spend on cloud server hosting will usually be linked to your resources, while a VPS price plan will be fixed.  Web hosting companies trying to sell you one or the other will naturally say one is cheaper than the other; to work out what is true for you, calculate your needs and research the solutions available.


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