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When choosing a webhost for your website, it's important to consider not only the type of site you are building, but the extent of your technical knowledge as well. If your budget allows IT personnel, then your choice comes down to price, but if you are about to embark on building the site yourself, you will need some technical know-how. Choosing and installing an operating system is only the beginning. You will also need Apache or Litespeed, and security software, and you need to be comfortable at the command line as well.


Know Your Comfort Zone

There are alternatives to building the site yourself, and at JaguarPC, we offer Wordpress design packages that are tailored to different levels of management comfort. While packages vary from host to host, the most comprehensive website hosting packages include installing and updating your OS, mail servers, web services, MySQL, name servers and FTP. They also offer all the security you need, and 24 hour monitoring including administrative services. You will need to have a quality design loaded into a easy to manage content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress. Once your site is ready and hosted you will need to have ongoing maintenance and effort to maintain the integrity of the software, hardware, and the never ending battle with search engine optimization (SEO). This is the kind of package you want if your time is tight, or your comfort level with Unix or its many variants is low.

JaguarPC Van

Managed Solutions

If managed solutions are right for you, then the next step is choosing a website hosting company that is not only reliable, but has the latest hardware and technology. Superior, cost effective and quality hosting means you are up around the clock, and supported by a staff that is experienced and security certified. JaugarPC is certified with Trust Guard, and we recommend looking for their seal of certification when choosing your host. Certification means your customers are protected when making purchases, and their privacy is ensured.


Management via cPanel

cPanel is a control panel in a GUI format that lets you manage your servers, accounts and software applications. It's easy to use, and provides single click management of styles, languages, email and mailing lists. Security is built in, and it allows you to set the tiers of access to your website for both administrators and end users. You may allow your administrators to add or change content, or your end users to change colors or fonts on their own browsers. Cpanel is a must for ease of management.


Website hosting doesn't need to be complex, and JaguarPC suggests knowing your management comfort zone before purchasing a package.


The right hosting plan can make all of the difference when it comes to building an online platform for your business. Secure, managed e-commerce website Business e-commerce hostinghosting services are often perfect solutions for business owners who are looking to get a stronger foothold in their industry. Hosting with minimal downtime is an important tool in the online business owner’s arsenal. Reliable providers offer an assortment of managed services, which give website owners the freedom to focus on other important business-related tasks.

Greater Reliability and Resources
If your company is growing, you need a hosting solution that won't hinder your progress. Many online businesses make the mistake of continuing to rely on shared hosting, even after they've expanded their online presence. While shared hosting is reliable enough for small startups, it's usually problematic for expanding e-commerce businesses. Sharing resources with innumerable other users often creates problems with uptime, as well as security. Through JaguarPC, you can purchase the ideal hosting plan for your growing company, such as dedicated, hybrid, VPS, or cloud hosting.

Managed Hosting Services
Many hosting providers offer different levels of managed services, which are ideal for busy e-commerce website owners. Instead of having to manage hardware and software, business owners often find it easier to rely on experienced hosts to do it for them. E-commerce website hosting doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re interested in semi-managed, managed, or managed plus, you’ll enjoy dependable services without the headaches of manual administration. You’ll have the freedom to scale resources as necessary, without having to make any on-site configurations.

Consistent Uptime
Without reliable uptime, enhancing and growing a company is more difficult. The world of e-commerce is highly competitive, and it’s important to keep up with other businesses in your field. Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to get ahead of the competition. One of the best ways to boost credibility and exposure and get in favor with potential customers is by delivering consistent uptime. Internet users typically give websites only a few seconds to load before they click away and search for another similar site. If your hosting services leave much to be desired in terms of uptime, you’ll lose profitable opportunities.


If you’re in need of hosting services, it’s likely that easily managing and monitoring your account is important to you. With cPanel hosting, you’ll have the tools cPanel for web hosting and Resellers - Easy and high quality control panelyou need to cover all of your bases. From managing your email accounts, to folder and file backups, cPanel allows users to keep tabs on all of their account’s features from an intuitive, easy-to-operate interface. Web or business hosting with the addition of cPanel technology is ideal for virtually any user, especially businesses and resellers.

All of the Basic Tools
cPanel is designed to simplify server administration, whether it’s for individual or multiple users. Whether you need web hosting services to manage an e-commerce business, or reseller hosting services, cPanel gives customers the opportunity to get the most out of their hosting experience. You can manage your hosting account with ease, as all of the rudimentary administrative tools are included with cPanel. Through cPanel hosting, you'll be free to control all important aspects of your account, such as: MySQL Database Support & Backups, Management for Unlimited Domains, Email Accounts; File Transfer Protocol and Daily Data Backups

Seamless Compatibility
One of the greatest benefits afforded by cPanel is its versatility for web hosting and business hosting. For example, it can be paired with different operating systems, such as CloudLinux, CentOS, and RedHat Enterprise Linux. In addition to OS compatibility, cPanel is easily integrated with a wide range of add-ons and software, including Softaculous, portals, shopping carts, forums, and blogs. Customized applications can also be paired with cPanel, allowing you and/or your customers to streamline and personalize account management even further.

Great for Resellers
To enjoy success as a dependable reseller, you need the right tools. cPanel is one of the most important additives, as it gives business owners total control over their accounts, as well as their clients’. For aspiring resellers, hosting with the addition of cPanel offers a number of helpful advantages for them and their customers. If you're building a reseller hosting company from scratch, cPanel can provide not only flexibility, but also:

Various Customer Package Options
Branding Opportunities
Automatic Client Account Creation
Email, IM, & SMS Account Alerts & Notifications

Contact our team today to learn how you can take advantage of our cPanel web hosting for your website.


When you're the owner of a business website, it's important to make sure your information is well-protected and safe from accidental loss. Backing up your information offline is always an intelligent idea; however, you likely don't have the time to devote to securing your data on a daily basis. For this reason, you need Daily and Redundant Backup Copies for Data Securitya web hosting provider that offers daily backup service, regardless of the type of hosting you’re looking to purchase.

Keep Your Site Up & Running
If you manage an e-commerce or promotional site for your company, ensuring that your web host provides daily backups, as opposed to just data backups is crucial. This way, even if you make updates to your site nearly every day, you can feel assured in the knowledge that your content is available from multiple sources.When you're the owner of a business website, it's important to make sure your information is well-protected and safe from accidental loss. Backing up your information offline is always an intelligent idea; however, you likely don't have the time to devote to securing your data on a daily basis. For this reason, you need a web hosting provider that offers daily backup services, regardless of the type of hosting you’re looking to purchase.

Prevent Future Data Loss
Daily backup services are about as important as hosting itself, which is why it’s included in dependable providers’ hosting packages. Some business owners utilize offline backup programs to protect their info, but generally online backups are completed by hosting providers. While you may not think you need it, daily backups are crucial, especially if you manage an online business and website. Regardless of the quality of the security systems you have in place, you can still run into difficulties with malware, viruses, and hackers. Therefore, it always pays to take advantage of daily backup service provided by a web host you can trust.

Unexpected Occurrences
The purpose of a backup service is to preserve data so that it may be recovered easily in the event of accidental loss. While signing up with a reputable provider can lessen the chances of this occurring, no web hosting company can provide a 100% guarantee against unintentional data loss. There are a number of instances that can cause users to lose valuable info, such as error on the part of a provider, natural disasters, and power outages and surges. However, daily backup services can prevent unexpected incidents from affecting you and your product descriptions, images, client information, layouts, etc. Daily backups save business owners the difficulty of having to quickly piece their sites back together after losing their information suddenly.


Are you planning to launch an e-commerce site and need the services of a web hosting provider? If so, there are a number of services and features you should be on the lookout for. Useful add-ons, IT and customer support, and daily backups are three vital components in any good e-commerce web hosting company. Your E-Commerce Business Web Hosting Providerchosen hosting provider's ability to provision a full range of services geared toward e-commerce websites will play a large role in your business's success.

Necessary Add-ons
Before choosing an e-commerce web hosting provider, it's important to consider the number of features you and your customers will benefit from. In addition to reasonable uptime, storage space and bandwidth, reliable providers offer features geared toward online business owners. Quality e-commerce hosting providers typically provide integrated shopping carts and SSL certificates, which allow customers to browse items and make purchases more easily and securely. With the right hosting company, you won’t have to handle integrating a shopping cart feature on your own, or obtain your SSL certificate elsewhere.

IT Support & Customer Service
Any good hosting provider is able to offer helpful and responsive IT and customer support. When you own an e-commerce site, support you can count on is especially important. Many web hosting providers advertise round-the-clock assistance; however, not all live up to this guarantee. Before signing up as a customer, you’ll want to make sure a company answers or returns your phone calls or responds to your emails within a reasonable time frame. With an e-commerce site, a number of issues can occur that require technical assistance. Having the support of a trustworthy provider behind you is reassuring for both you and your customers.

Preemptive Backup Features
Daily backups are another important feature you should look for when choosing an e-commerce web hosting company. While reliable hosting providers take great care in preventing outages and data loss, no company can provide a 100% guarantee that an accident won’t take place. To give clients added peace of mind, many hosting providers offer daily backup services. Even daily backups from your hosting provider can't guarantee the complete integrity of your data in the event of disaster. In the event your business’s resources are lost, you can easily access client information, inventory, product descriptions, content, images, videos and more, only when you have multiple backups in place. Relying on only one source for backups can put your data at risk. Employing multiple backup sources is the best way to have full trust and confidence that your data will always be available for a restore.

Choose a web hosting provider that can provide solid technical support, offers the necessary add-ons to make your e-commerce site solid and provides backups to help you restore your data. JaguarPC has what it takes to make your e-commerce web hosting experience a success.                                                                                                               


VPS ( virtual private server) solutions, Linux and Windows, from JaguarPC can enhance the services you need for your business. Our VPS hosting plans offer you a dedicated server node where you can house your data and add your own configurations and VPS web hosting plans for business growthenhanced security needs. You won't be encumbered by others users and the standardized configurations that you typically find on a shared hosting plans.

Upgrade for Future Growth
A VPS plan gives you the ability to grow as your traffic and disk space needs increase. When your  business takes off it is easy to upgrade to next level VPS plan; Pro, Business and Enterprise, which can offer you the disk space and bandwidth you will want to accommodate for your successful business endeavors. VPS hosting plans allow you many of the same features you would find on a dedicated server without the cost. Simply, upgrade your VPS plan over moving to a dedicated plan and the savings for your business will be big.

Your own unique dedicated  IP  along with root access and configuration control provides you the options you need to best customize your server. You will have greater  jurisdiction over what you can run on your VPS node. While shared servers often have standard configurations which you can't change, a VPS plan will allow you to run the applications and the configurations that best suit your needs. Choose your own OS (operating system) to create the environment that you operate in most frequently and makes your tasks easier.

Improved Security Options
You will have your own administrative panel along with root access which allows you more control over your security settings and needs. JaguarPC offers  multi-layered protection built right into the system so that you are protected straight out of the gate when you select this level of plan. VPS is a safe and secure choice for business hosting. Use our settings or make adjustments to accommodate your advanced security needs.

Managed Support
While all of our plans are backed  by 24/7/365 support we find that VPS users sometimes need a bit more assistance over shared account users. That is why we offer 2 free hours of admin. time each month for our Managed VPS clients. JaguarPC's stellar support team can assist you when you are in a tight spot and don't know where to turn or if you have a basic question which will help you augment your VPS knowledge we are there for you day and night. You will find a managed VPS allows you to get the assistance you need.

Our VPS web hosting plans offer a flexible solution for growth, security and
customization to meet your own specific needs. Experience a better web hosting option for a growing business when you sign up for one of our valued added VPS plans.


This quarter is a very exciting one for all of us at JaguarPC because it marks our 15th year anniversary. The past 15 years have been thrilling, challenging and rewarding beyond any JaguarPC celebrates 15 years in the web hosting industryexpectations I initially had when I began my journey as a technology related company back in the beginning with my dialup internet service. Everyday I'm proud of the accomplishments that the company has achieved. I'm grateful for the good fortune and assistance that has come to the company in the form of amazing and talented people that have facilitated the success of the company. Yet, my greatest level of gratitude goes out to all of our clients, some of which have been with us since the early days, for your continued loyalty and support. JaguarPC would not be celebrating its 15th year anniversary without you.

Everyday I'm optimistic and eager to learn about what the future holds for JaguarPC. This company stands where it does today as one of the top web hosting providers because of the commitment and dedication of some excellent minds and the persistence and desire of many to continue to build JaguarPC into the best web hosting provider the industry has yet to see.

JaguarPC has the best interests of its customers at the core of each and every day.  My teams and I embrace the philosophy that challenges demand solutions and these resolutions lead to better systems and services that we can pass along to our clients. I'm very pleased with the progress and success we at JaguarPC have achieved not only these past 15 years but also in the past year alone. My own experience of 15 years along with the addition of multiple year industry veterans has allowed us to bring you an overall hosting experience that is smoother, faster and more streamlined than ever.

Since I last reached out to our clients, our products and services have continued to  improve. I can attest to the fact that we have been able to maximize and utilize the industry experience and knowledge that our ever growing teams bring to the table. Our customer service and technical support departments have really come together over the past few months. All of the elements are now in place to make the upcoming season one of the best. The news is all good this quarter and I have the expectation that our customers will continue to have a terrific hosting experience with all of the additional features, client control options and  future plans we are tabling.

I look forward to continuing to bring all of you that host at JaguarPC the most technologically sound improvements and enhancements available and to always offer you the best in hosting industry advancements. Thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to rack up another 15 years as your hosting provider.

Greg Landis
JaguarPC Celebrates 15 Years In The Hosting Industry
JaguarPC started out as a one man two server operation which has now grown into a company that serves accounts across the world as a top choice for web hosting plans. JaguarPC has been able to remain a successful web hosting company due to its focus on affordable value added hosting plans that are backed by state of the art technology and support services that embrace a hands on approach from a caring and dedicated team of professionals.

Meet the Newest Hot Shot Support Team Member
Top notch, hard working and diligent highly skilled individuals aren't easy to come by in the web hosting industry. So, we are extra excited to welcome Mike and his 12 years of web hosting experience to our technical support team. Mike has a terrific outlook that keeps the team motivated and driven to formulate the best resolutions to your technical support needs. His veteran number of years in the industry means he can handle the most difficult tickets with ease and he is always willing to step up to the plate and not only efficiently but also quickly deal with the task at hand.

Front Page Server Extensions Support Ends November 4th
Today many new platforms and services exist for creating websites that are both visually appealing and operate without flaws or issues. While FrontPage has helped many people design websites over the years, support for FrontPage server extensions at JaguarPC will come to an end on November 4th. Due to the lack of product production which ended in 2003, security issues and the fact that updates for FrontPage server extension are no longer available it is time to say goodbye to FrontPage. If you decide you must still run FrontPage contact to take advantage of a VPS offer which will allow you to continue to use the FrontPage product.

Tips to Help Us Better Serve You
JaguarPC believes our clients are the most important part of our business. We want to better serve your web hosting needs. We are always looking for better methods to streamline your experince. Explore how a few extra details can help us move your ticket forward to full resolution more quickly when you contribute additonal information and provide the necessary passwords.

Did You Know?

Every year over 100 million hard drives fail. While JaguarPC takes every precaution to ensure that your data is safe we still strongly encourage you to keep an offsite backup copy. You can easily obtain backup protection services from JaguarPC. Our backup services won't let you down when tragic events destroy your data. Your data can be your income or the sum total of years of efforts. The prompt recovery of your information can be priceless. Let us help you find a method that will preserve your efforts and hard work. Contact our sales team today to learn more about what options are available to you.

Need Extra Cash?

Would you like to enjoy some of the biggest affiliate payouts in the industry? Simply join our affiliate program and refer your clients, friends, family and business associates to start earning handsome rewards. Learn more about our affiliate program.
Network Down?

Down time can happen even when JaguarPC puts the best forethought and technology into preventing these events. Should our network experience an outage then you can consult our Twitter feed, our Facebook page or our backup blog for the latest updates.












Why Have a Social Media Strategy?

By Sabrina Sep 18, 2013 4:34 pm

Social media isn’t a fad.  Certain social sites may well turn out to be a fad and become an irrelevance in the longer term, but betting the farm on social media collapsing isn’t a Social Media Strategystrategy that anyone interested in business success is going to consider.

If your business doesn’t have a social media strategy, then you’re missing a huge number of opportunities.  Social media isn’t going to 100% replace traditional marketing avenues, but it is certainly something you should be doing.

Why do you need a social media strategy?

Where the Action Is
Social media is where your audience is.  This is true for almost every business, except perhaps those selling goods and services to the elderly.  At the same time, those businesses will make a lot of money from younger relatives of that market, so even those in this sector you should use it.

If someone is following you on social media, it’s because they want to know more about you and more about what you do.  Using social media, if only on Twitter and Facebook alone, gives you the opportunity to market yourself to an audience that you know is interested in you.  Where else are you assured of that?

People Buy People
Yes, this is an oft-used cliché, but it remains true.  People buy from people or businesses that they like.  If you’re taking the time to build a rapport with your customers, then you’ll be rewarded over time with loyalty, word of mouth marketing and recommendations, and improved profits.

Cost Effective Marketing
Marketing is an expensive outlay for a business, and doesn’t guarantee success.  If your social media strategy doesn’t bring the results you’re hoping for, at least you won’t have spent a large portion of your expenditure budget on finding out, which might be the case when you take out an advert in the newspaper or advertise on local radio.

Yes, you’ll make a time investment, but this pales in comparison to the sums you might otherwise spend.

Recommendations Work
Social media is the best place for people to tell others they love your business, whether that is through a like, a retweet, a re-pin, or another social share.  People will connect with you based on a recommendation far quicker than they will if you simply spend time promoting yourself.

If you haven’t developed a social media strategy yet, now is the time to do so.  If you wait any longer, you’re likely to be too far behind your competitors who have already embraced social media, and be in a position where it is extremely difficult to catch up.


JaguarPC needs your help! JaguarPC has been in the hosting industry for 15 years. We remain as one of last few privately held hosting companies in the country today. Over the Super Bowl Commercial Contestcourse of this past year we have made some big strides and we are now prepared to enter a new era in web hosting.

Help us to continue to grow and gain greater exposure as an independently owned and operated American company by voting for us in the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest. Your daily vote can help us enter into the next round as a contender for a Super Bowl T.V Commercial prize. It would be an amazing opportunity to tell our story to the country. Help us let American know that independent hosting companies can still survive and thrive. When you support JaguarPC you are supporting not only a high quality hosting provider committed to excellence in technology and customer experience but you are also supporting an iconic idea that individuals can create successful businesses.

In the past few years many hosting companies have been bought up by one or two central players, but JaguarPC remains an independently owned and operated hosting company. Greg Landis, CEO, is a veteran who has pulled this company up by the boot straps and keeps it going and growing by being actively engaged on a day to day basis.

While other hosts have sold out to big companies, Greg Landis has turned down multiple offers because he is truly invested in the principle of personal touch which many mainstream large hosts overlook. JaguarPC exemplifies the “American Dream” of building and running your own business.  Greg has built this company from the bottom up and with the help of a talented team of individuals he has been able to maintain JaguarPC as a successful business which he hopes to see his own kids, “little geniuses will run this place some day”, take the helm at some point in the future.

A vote for JaguarPC is a vote for the future of independently owned and operated American businesses. Thank you for your support. We hope to see you at the goal post and that JaguarPC makes a winning touchdown with the help of you and the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest.




How to use Facebook for Marketing

By Sabrina Aug 26, 2013 4:10 pm

Build an Attractive Page
There is nothing worse than a page that might as well have the word ‘GENERIC’ stamped Facebook marketing successacross it in bold lettering.

Don’t be hasty in setting up your page if you’re still to come up with logo and branding, for example, for your business.  Much better to be a touch late to the party and start with all cylinders firing than have people form an opinion of a half-baked page, meaning they won’t return later even though you’ve sorted it out.

Ensure that business logos, colors, and anything else are all the same as you have on your regular business website.

Finding an Audience
Facebook themselves tell you that step one is to invite all of your friends to your page.  Good advice, but not ideal if none of your Facebook connections have any interest in what it is you do, or if you’ve just joined Facebook purely for launching a business page.

Here are some alternative options that will bring better results:
•    Ensure a link to your Facebook page, and/or a ‘like’ box, is added to your website homepage; make this a feature on every page if possible, particularly for liking content.
•    Use a social plugin from Facebook that will help you reach out to people with interests in what you do without you needing to be friends with them; this is a great alternative to paid advertising.
•    If you already have a healthy blog following, or an email-marketing list, for example, dedicate a full post/message to your new Facebook page, talk about your excitement around it, and encourage everyone to join.

Audience Engagement
Don’t connect your business Facebook page with other social networks and allow posts from these to appear in your Facebook feed.  Doing this with Twitter, for example, will leave your Facebook page filled with short bites of information that might not be relevant to your audience on that site.

Luckily, the trick to getting Facebook right is to treat it as you would a blog.  Update content on a regular basis so those who visit your page know when there’ll be updates and something to read, and always respond to queries and feedback, negative or positive.

Remember to vary your content between simple comments, pictures, and links to longer posts.

Never Rely Only on Facebook
All of the guidance here will help you to make a success of your Facebook page.  However, don’t rely only on Facebook, both from a website and a social media standpoint.  Many businesses actually use social media without having a website, which is never a good idea.  As well as Facebook, take the time to identify the other social platforms, including niche sites, where you might be able to build a following.


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