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Sep 17, 2006

Autoresponder not working in Plesk

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Hello, Here’s what I did to fix it. % mysql -uadmin -p’password’ psa mysql> create temporary table tmp_mn_param select distinct (mn_param.mn_id) mn_id, ‘locale’ param, ‘en’ val from mn_param where mn_param.param ‘locale’ order by mn_param.mn_id; mysql>insert into mn_param(mn_id, param, val) select tmp_mn_param.mn_id, tmp_mn_param.param, tmp_mn_param.val from tmp_mn_param order by tmp_mn_param.mn_id; mysql> quit That fixed it for me instantly, I gave mysql a restart just to be sure, but that should be all that’s needed. Let me know if this doesn’t work or if there is something else that can be done.
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