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Boost Your Revenue with Affiliate Programs

‘Pay per click’ is a buzz word you may have seen across the web. Pay per click means that a website has a program in effect that has the potential to make money every time someone visits their page and clicks on a vendor link. Pay per click is an extension of a program that is not unlike affiliate marketing programs. One of the most recognizable and famous affiliate programs in the world is probably Amazon.  An affiliate can have an Amazon link on their website and they get a kick-back from every item sold that was reached via their own link to Amazon.

Earn High Payouts with Web Hosting Affiliate Rewards
Affiliate web hosting programs are a unique way of not only networking with users who need web hosting services and plans but also a way to make money from your own website.  When you  host with certain web hosting companies they generally offer an affiliate link on the website where you can sign up as a web Big Payouts for Web Hosting Affiliateshosting provider affiliate. An affiliate program member only has to place a banner and a tracking link on their site and whenever a site user or visitor clicks on the banner and orders a hosting service then the affiliate program member gets a financial reward. This is known as a payout for the resulting completed purchase generated from the visit.

Some sites promote food and drink, others promote computer and web services while others promote music and movies. If you are interested in promoting a product or service and being paid out for your efforts then become an affiliate. You can actually find online libraries of affiliate programs available if you want to learn more about joining  programs that reward you.

It won’t make you an overnight millionaire but, over time it can certainly give you a good second or even first income, if you are willing to put in the hours. Affiliate marketing has grown particularly fast because it is easy and takes very little effort. Once you post your affiliate program banner and add the tracking link on your website then you only need to sit back and watch your profits roll into your accounts.

Focal Points
If you have a website that is specifically subject based, like a website that concentrates on technology,  you might like to have a link to a web hosting company or a technology related products site. When you can effectively cross market your website and products then you can expect to see a continual improvement in your affiliate market earnings.

Become an affiliate member at JaguarPC and earn some of the highest payouts in the web hosting industry.

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How to Better Advertise Your Web Design Services

More individuals and businesses are launching websites and web design is increasingly in demand.  As a result, it is becoming a more popular career choice for people who Website Design and Promoting your website design companysee there is potential to provide great services and enjoy lucrative earnings. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve started your own business or are simply freelancing. If you can’t advertise your services, the potentially lucrative earnings are sure to find their way into someone else’s pocket.

What do you need to do to get it right?

Make Your Own Site Great
Ever heard the joke about the web designer who tried to make a living even though his or her own website looked awful?  Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? The reality is that it happens more than you probably think. If your own website doesn’t look like an identikit of the latest web design trends, then you won’t have any credibility as a designer yourself.  Obviously, what the site itself looks like is up to you, but you should be aiming for something inspirational that represents what you’re able to create for your clients.

Using Online Advertising
You have a range of options available for advertising your services online.

Freelancer or Collaboration Sites
If you’re looking to get started quickly and have exposure to an audience seeking your services, then using sites like Elance or Blur is likely to prove useful; all you need to do here is set up your profile, direct people to your site or portfolio, and start pitching for projects.

Paid Advertising Avenues
SEO and PPC advertising can be a great way to increase awareness of your business, although you might need to consider the likely numbers of designers already using these techniques.  As a designer, you’ll likely have some top-line SEO knowledge yourself, so can always harness that towards putting your own campaign together.

It might also be beneficial putting together a local SEO campaign; even though most design work is done through online collaboration, people still prefer meeting face to face where possible, and being available to meet people will make you a much more attractive proposition.

Social Media
This is likely to be your biggest opportunity, but again you’ll need to come up with a strong strategy to cut through the noise created by the thousands of designers and companies already out there, and make yourself stand out.

Offline Advertising Opportunities
There isn’t any real value in using offline advertising given the cost and return on investment you get in comparison to online advertising.  What you can do, however, is approach small local businesses yourself and offer design and development services, and also make a point of attending web design expos and other networking events where you’ll be able to make connections, gain custom, and potentially build some mutually beneficial relationships.

One final step is to have a referral program that rewards a percentage payment or fee reduction for each new client an existing one introduces to you.  All you need to do is ensure that the financial side of things is sustainable in this regard, and that you’ll continue to be profitable even through periods where all of your business is from referrals.

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15th Anniversary Edition Web Hosting Newsletter

This quarter is a very exciting one for all of us at JaguarPC because it marks our 15th year anniversary. The past 15 years have been thrilling, challenging and rewarding beyond any JaguarPC celebrates 15 years in the web hosting industryexpectations I initially had when I began my journey as a technology related company back in the beginning with my dialup internet service. Everyday I’m proud of the accomplishments that the company has achieved. I’m grateful for the good fortune and assistance that has come to the company in the form of amazing and talented people that have facilitated the success of the company. Yet, my greatest level of gratitude goes out to all of our clients, some of which have been with us since the early days, for your continued loyalty and support. JaguarPC would not be celebrating its 15th year anniversary without you.

Everyday I’m optimistic and eager to learn about what the future holds for JaguarPC. This company stands where it does today as one of the top web hosting providers because of the commitment and dedication of some excellent minds and the persistence and desire of many to continue to build JaguarPC into the best web hosting provider the industry has yet to see.

JaguarPC has the best interests of its customers at the core of each and every day.  My teams and I embrace the philosophy that challenges demand solutions and these resolutions lead to better systems and services that we can pass along to our clients. I’m very pleased with the progress and success we at JaguarPC have achieved not only these past 15 years but also in the past year alone. My own experience of 15 years along with the addition of multiple year industry veterans has allowed us to bring you an overall hosting experience that is smoother, faster and more streamlined than ever.

Since I last reached out to our clients, our products and services have continued to  improve. I can attest to the fact that we have been able to maximize and utilize the industry experience and knowledge that our ever growing teams bring to the table. Our customer service and technical support departments have really come together over the past few months. All of the elements are now in place to make the upcoming season one of the best. The news is all good this quarter and I have the expectation that our customers will continue to have a terrific hosting experience with all of the additional features, client control options and  future plans we are tabling.

I look forward to continuing to bring all of you that host at JaguarPC the most technologically sound improvements and enhancements available and to always offer you the best in hosting industry advancements. Thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to rack up another 15 years as your hosting provider.

Greg Landis
JaguarPC Celebrates 15 Years In The Hosting Industry
JaguarPC started out as a one man two server operation which has now grown into a company that serves accounts across the world as a top choice for web hosting plans. JaguarPC has been able to remain a successful web hosting company due to its focus on affordable value added hosting plans that are backed by state of the art technology and support services that embrace a hands on approach from a caring and dedicated team of professionals.

Meet the Newest Hot Shot Support Team Member
Top notch, hard working and diligent highly skilled individuals aren’t easy to come by in the web hosting industry. So, we are extra excited to welcome Mike and his 12 years of web hosting experience to our technical support team. Mike has a terrific outlook that keeps the team motivated and driven to formulate the best resolutions to your technical support needs. His veteran number of years in the industry means he can handle the most difficult tickets with ease and he is always willing to step up to the plate and not only efficiently but also quickly deal with the task at hand.

Front Page Server Extensions Support Ends November 4th
Today many new platforms and services exist for creating websites that are both visually appealing and operate without flaws or issues. While FrontPage has helped many people design websites over the years, support for FrontPage server extensions at JaguarPC will come to an end on November 4th. Due to the lack of product production which ended in 2003, security issues and the fact that updates for FrontPage server extension are no longer available it is time to say goodbye to FrontPage. If you decide you must still run FrontPage contact sales@jaguarpc.com to take advantage of a VPS offer which will allow you to continue to use the FrontPage product.

Tips to Help Us Better Serve You
JaguarPC believes our clients are the most important part of our business. We want to better serve your web hosting needs. We are always looking for better methods to streamline your experince. Explore how a few extra details can help us move your ticket forward to full resolution more quickly when you contribute additonal information and provide the necessary passwords.

Did You Know?

Every year over 100 million hard drives fail. While JaguarPC takes every precaution to ensure that your data is safe we still strongly encourage you to keep an offsite backup copy. You can easily obtain backup protection services from JaguarPC. Our backup services won’t let you down when tragic events destroy your data. Your data can be your income or the sum total of years of efforts. The prompt recovery of your information can be priceless. Let us help you find a method that will preserve your efforts and hard work. Contact our sales team today to learn more about what options are available to you.

Need Extra Cash?

Would you like to enjoy some of the biggest affiliate payouts in the industry? Simply join our affiliate program and refer your clients, friends, family and business associates to start earning handsome rewards. Learn more about our affiliate program.
Network Down?

Down time can happen even when JaguarPC puts the best forethought and technology into preventing these events. Should our network experience an outage then you can consult our Twitter feed, our Facebook page or our backup blog for the latest updates.









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Four Ways to Be a Better Web Hosting Affiliate

If you take everything you read on the Internet at face value, becoming a web hosting affiliate will earn you millions of dollars overnight. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

It is possible to use your existing presence on the Internet to post some affiliate links and get occasional revenue. But who wants occasional? Ask any existing affiliate – getting big results from a web hosting affiliate program requires putting in some hard work.

Whether you are looking to earn some extra cash from an affiliate program or turn online marketing into your primary source of income, you need to develop a sensible strategy that will help you connect with more potential customers for your chosen hosting provider.

Web hosting company and affiliate program operator JaguarPC has put together the following useful advice on making the most of your affiliate links. Read on to learn why the most successful web hosting affiliates are expert assistants, not salespeople, and how you can get sales by giving valuable advice to potential customers. As you help other people, many will return the favor by clicking your link and becoming customers. Also learn about the affiliate program features you can use to build on your successes and grow your affiliate marketing revenue.


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JaguarPC Hosting News and Specials

Hello to all of our current clients and our  future customers,

Many developments that JaguarPC has been putting into place are finally all coming together. Despite what is going on in the back end of the business the most important item is to keep letting all of our JaguarPC customers know that we appreciate you beyond what you may realize. I want to continue to find ways to express my gratitude for your continued support and loyalty. In light of this desire I’m offering you the opportunity through the month of July to refer your friends, family and business acquaintances to take advantage of a $65* payout plus a month of credit on your existing account. Also, I realize that sometimes you need more than one account but you just don’t have the means to acquire it. So, if you sign up for another account I will give you a month’s credit on your existing account. The season may be hot but this is one cool offer that you don’t want to miss.

You can read about the details on our blog and our forum and of course if you have any additional questions then feel free to submit a ticket to our customer support department and they will get it all set up for you.

I want to keep giving back and rewarding you. I will continue to bring you the best offers, prices, services and benefits that I can. Please, read our announcements and newsletters. Keep an eye on our blog and our forum because you don’t want to miss the benefits that I’m planning to keep coming your way.

I’m committed to keeping you committed to JaguarPC!

Greg Landis

JaguarPC’s “What’s in Your Drawer?” Pinterest Contest Winners

Our Pinterest contest was a great success and everyone seemed to have fun with the entire concept of peeking into everyone else’s drawers. Gus Campanario was the big winner of the $250 gift card and Brianne Armstrong was our $100 randomly selected winner. Gus won with his tangled wire drawer entry. We all have that drawer and apparently most of us relate to having that drawer full of wires. Gus even commented that he has three of those drawers. Pinterest helped us with our contest and we will continue to use the platform as it seems everyone enjoys seeing a bit of our backside here at JaguarPC. If you use Pinterest then stop by our board. We would enjoy seeing what you have up on your boards as well so make sure you add us into your own lists and boards. Follow us on all of our social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.  JaguarPC’s  Facebook page has information that you may find very useful for promoting, engaging users and improving sales on your own websites.

Are you Ready to Move from Your Shared Hosting plan to a VPS?

Are you ready to step up from shared hosting to VPS hosting but don’t think that you have all the skills in your tool belt that you need to handle it? JaguarPC makes VPS hosting easy and simple with our managed VPS solution. What is managed VPS hosting? You maintain full control of your VPS hosting with complete root access while getting the help you need.  Operating systems installations, software upgrades, upgraded security, proactive monitoring and other benefits are all included. Don’t let fear hold you back from the new VPS hosting plan that you need.  You can have confidence knowing that the support of experienced IT professionals will help you keep your virtual server running correctly, updated frequently and secured always.

Calling all Beta Testers

One of the more recent exciting developments around the office has been the testing and the development of JaguarPC’s new billing system. If you have ever wanted to beta test than now is your chance to embrace this opportunity. JaguarPC is putting out a call for beta testers and we are currently accepting applications. If you are detail oriented and have a true desire to fine tooth comb though our system then we want to hear from you. We want you to put our new system to the test.

Is your Site being Seen? A Six Month Plan to Better Exposure!

Link building can be one of the most important strategies that you can enable to increase your website’s presence and improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This solid blog piece from one of the most prominent SEO expert sites on the internet won’t leave you guessing when it comes to building a successful link plan. The length may seem a little daunting but the article is peppered with one step tips and infographics that will keep you engaged. If you are  persistent then the six month plan will reward you beyond the scope of exposure. It could propel your site to all star status.

*Affilate Payout Terms Apply to Our Current Promotion

Need Extra Cash?
Would you like to enjoy some of the biggest affiliate payouts in the industry? Simply join our affiliate program and refer your clients, friends, family and business associates to start earning handsome rewards. Learn more about our affiliate program.

Did You Know?
Every year over 100 million hard drives fail. While JaguarPC takes every precaution to ensure that your data is safe we still strongly encourage you to keep an offsite backup copy. You can easily obtain backup protection services from JaguarPC. Our backup services won’t let you down when tragic events destroy your data. Your data can be your income or the sum total of years of efforts. The prompt recovery of your information can be priceless. Let us help you find a method that will preserve your efforts and hard work.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about what options are available to you.

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JaguarPC Reviews by Clients

The hosting industry is a faced paced world. JaguarPC works diligently to make sure that your sites are up and that our servers are running smoothly for you. When things go wrong it isn’t always a fast and easy fix. But, we always endeavor to make right the wrong as quickly as possible and to restore operations back to normal.

Many of our clients rarely experience any complications related to their hosting services. JaguarPC hears from these customers on a daily basis. Most days our operations are smooth but on the more difficult days we highly value our client testimonials. They give our staff the fortitude and the motivation we need to remain strong and perform all of the actions that are necessary in order to bring you the level of service and performance that is expected from us and of ourselves and JaguarPC.

Your testimonials bring a little more chatter and a few more smiles into our environment.
They are dearly appreciated and fondly shared amongst the staff. A shared testimonial passed around at 8am will keep the staff working hard for you well into the evening hours. Since your statements and shared experiences are valuable to us as a team and a company we want to share their value with all of our clients as well.

Michael P – http://www.parksandsonspiano.com

Having been with Jaguarpc for some months now, I am released and I can
go to sleep without bothering about my sites going offline. Thanks to

Chibueze O – http://www.dailyincometips.com

JaguarPC is the BEST webhost that I have experienced! Having purchased
services from over 10 companies, I have run the gamut of hosting
problems. I honestly think that JaguarPC is my last move! I have found
a home in the industry that is friendly, fast, and effective. Support
is top-notch, and sales are always smooth. The few problems that I
have ever encountered (most of which were my own fault) were resolved
in mere minutes of contacting support. They’ve certainly earned their
place as a top webhost!

Richard W – http://www.refinedsites.com

All system have outages but what matters is how long and frequent are
the outages. With Jag, there are very less outages which are fixed
very fast!

Robert – http://www.articlereaders.com

JaguarPC is the BEST of the BESTS hosting provider!!!

JaguarPC appreciates that our clients take the time to reach out to us with good reviews. Keep them coming! The days would not be the same without your continued support and praises. Your positive feedback makes us want to work even harder to bring the best that the hosting industry has to offer back to you.

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Meet the Winner of Our November Affiliate Giveaway (and Stay Tuned for More Contests in 2012)

Our November affiliate giveaway was a great success. We welcomed many new members in the JaguarPC family, and we were happy to get in touch with some of our long-time friends. It’s always nice to know that our work is valued, and seeing how many new clients you have recommended us to, we certainly feel that you appreciate our efforts.

The JaguarPC team is very grateful for your hard work, and to show it we reward you with hard cash for every referral that you send to our top affiliate program. For each of the first five referrals you get $65 and the commission increases to $80 for the next five new customers. And if you refer more than 10 customers through our affiliate program, we will give you an impressive $110 reward for each new referral.

But let’s get back to the topic of this post. We’re sure that you would like to know who is the lucky winner of our November affiliate giveaway and the proud new owner of an Apple iPad 2 32GB with Wi-Fi. So, without further ado…


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Making Money Online is Simpler than Ever with JaguarPC’s Affiliate Program

If you’re interested in making money online, you should know that one of the most effective methods of starting your own lucrative Internet business is joining an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are so diverse and versatile that virtually anyone can jump in, with little or no investment whatsoever and a minimum amount of technical knowledge. Blogging moms, tech fanatics, community organizers, fans, professional marketers – virtually anyone can monetize their Internet presence through an affiliation program.

Web hosting affiliate programs are especially popular, due to their high conversion rates and the growing demand for quality hosting services. But with so many providers competing to attract affiliates, it can be difficult to find the best hosting affiliate program out there. To help you decide, JaguarPC has just published an article titled How to Choose a Hosting Affiliate Program. The article highlights the most important aspects you should pay attention to when enlisting in a web hosting affiliate program.


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How to choose a hosting affiliate program

Affiliate programs are among the most lucrative business opportunities that you can undertake on the Internet. With the right program and the right promotion strategy, you can become a very successful affiliate. Some affiliates even earn enough money to quit their day jobs and become full time Internet marketers, or even start their own thriving companies.

Of course, affiliate marketing is not a money-making recipe that anyone can apply to become rich overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, frustrating trial-and-errors, and a solid dose of determination to succeed with affiliate programs. And even if you invest all your time and energy in an affiliate program, you may find that it’s difficult to obtain consistent results. So, what makes the difference between successful affiliate marketers and the many others who fail?

Some may be tempted to say that luck is the most important factor. But, luck alone cannot explain why some people make thousands of dollars per month while others barely cover their Internet bill. In the following article, you will learn the differences between the best hosting affiliate programs and the underperforming schemes that only waste your time. You will also see the most important aspects that you should pay attention to when signing up with a web hosting affiliate program, including the payout plan, the target group, and the duration of the referral period.


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Boost your Income or Start a Successful Business with JaguarPC’s Top Affiliate Program

Whether you’re looking to boost your regular income or setting your sights on more ambitious goals, the Internet provides plenty of opportunities to start earning cash.

One of the most effective ways to make money online is by joining an affiliate program. Thousands of companies provide incentives for referrals, with payouts ranging from a few dollars to impressive 3-figure amounts. But it’s not always easy to reach a steady flow of cash with affiliate programs. Some programs perform better than others do, simply because the services promoted are more popular and attractive.

Web hosting affiliate programs are among the best performing referral programs, providing many people the chance to increase their income or even start a successful business. As a leader in VPS hosting and dedicated server specialist, JaguarPC offers some of the best affiliate programs on the market. Read on to see how you can make money simply by spreading the word about JaguarPC and exactly how much cash you can expect to make for your referrals.