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Sep 03, 2006
Join the "Light" Side!

Pssht! Luke, I am your father.... No, just kidding. People have often asked me: "Joshua, What linux distribution is the best for ((insert end of question here))?". Well, that's a great question, but a very broad one. I'm ...

Jun 07, 2006
Web Master Tools

I don't often recommend tools beyond a good text editor. Two tools that I think every webmaster should have on their PC are WebBug, and Xenu. Both are free downloads. WebBug is a header checker and Xenu checks the links on...

May 25, 2006

I realize that experience webmasters know what a .htaccess file is and it's importance. A large number of webmasters have no idea what you are taking about when you refer to a .htaccess file. What is a .htaccess file? in ...

May 17, 2006
Google Update

Matt Cutts posted a summary yesterday  of things that have been taking place at Google over the last few months. He provides a lot of links to previous post of interest.  If you read his post and the comments that follow...

May 16, 2006
Links to SE Related Blogs

Hopefully everyone who has a website is interested in the Search Engines. Here are a few links you may find helpful. Official SE Blogs. Google Yahoo MSN Unofficial Blogs Google Matt Cutts Yahoo Tim Conve...

May 11, 2006
Google and the Press

Yesterday Matt Cutts posted on his blog a summary of Google Press Day 2006. I think it is worth reading for anyone who wants to know what is going on with Google. Matts Blog Post. As always no Google secrets are revealed...

May 02, 2006

Many people including webhost do not realize the importance of the .htaccess file in relation to search engine optimization. You may not be aware of this but SEs (especially Google) will treat and as...

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