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JaguarPC Hybrid Server

What is a Hybrid Server? – A JaguarPC creation where we combine powerful dedicated servers with vps technology. You get massive allotments of ECC registered RAM, Quad-Core Xeon CPU’s, RAID disk, free WHM/cPanel software and full server management at a fraction of the cost from similar features on a dedicated server.

Whatever your web hosting needs, we have a hosting plan for you!

Hybrid Server Plan

Linux Hybrid

CPU 8 cores
Memory 8GB DDR3
Bandwidth 10,000GB (10TB)
Raided Disk Space 200GB
Fault tolerant hardware RAID Yes
Fully Managed Yes
WHM/cPanel Included FREE
Hosted Domains Unlimited
MySQL, FTP, Email Unlimited
Free Softaculous Yes
Free RvSkin Yes
Free RvSiteBuilder Yes
Free ClientExec Included, or add WHMCS for $5/mo



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JaguarPC Hybrid Technology

JaguarPC utilizes industry-leading software and the most powerful hardware nodes to provide the industry’s best Virtual Private Server (VPS). With over 13 years in business and a proven track record we deliver better support, better performance, and better results.
Our technology gives you the power of a full dedicated server, complete separation, but full access to more resources than any dedicated server at this price. Each client will have full dedicated-server functionality – equal share CPU, dedicated and burst RAM, root access, rebootable, ability to install any application.

Why Go Hybrid?

JaguarPC provides a variety of servers, add-ons, and server plans guaranteed to meet your individual or company requirements. If you’re searching for the superior scalability and security that comes with a dedicated server, a hybrid server is the closest you can get without the additional charges. Our powerful hybrid servers offer a unique combination of dedicated resources and VPS technology.

  • Dedicated Resources

    Typically, virtual private servers are accessed by a multitude of users. However, our hybrid servers are utilized by only a few users at once. This ensures greater uptime and management of nodes, giving our clients access to dedicated resources at a fraction of the price of dedicated hosting. We implement cutting-edge equipment and technology to deliver fully managed hybrid servers that offer complete data isolation and customization.

  • RAID 10 Data Storage Array

    RAID, or redundant array of independent disks, is a fundamental feature of JaguarPC’s hybrid servers. RAID storage methods are categorized into different levels, and involve housing information on a collection of hard disks, which provides added security and dependability. Our hybrid servers are equipped with RAID 10 storage arrays, which creates faster input/output, prevents crashing, and increases data protection.

  • Daily Backups

    Backing up your data, especially if you manage an e-commerce or business website, is crucial. For customer protection and convenience, our hybrid servers come equipped with daily backups. Losing databases, customer information, sales reports, content, and more can be detrimental. With JaguarPC, you won’t have to face the prospect of losing mission-critical information or rebuilding your website from scratch. Please note while we make every effort to ensure backups are available, they cannot be guaranteed.

  • Upgrade Everything

    Hybrid servers that combine aspects of dedicated and virtual private servers allow users to upgrade their resources and add-ons as needed. Our servers come with a selection of helpful add-ons and the sizable amounts of bandwidth, RAM, CPU, disk space, and more, you need from a hosting provider.

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Hosting Features !

    • High Quality Hardware

      img08 At JaguarPC, our staff utilizes powerful, reliable hardware. Our hybrid servers are outfitted with RAID 10 storage arrays to improve speed, safeguard data and reduce crashing.
    • Fully Managed

      img12Our technicians work day and night, monitoring clients’ servers and provisioning quality hosting. You can feel confident that your server is in experienced, qualified hands.
    • Multiple Add-ons

      img13With a hybrid hosting plan, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of add-ons, such as Softaculous, RvSkin, RvSiteBuilder and ClientExec.
    • Flexible Domain Hosting

      img14Do you host multiple domains? Through JaguarPC’s hybrid server hosting services, you can host as many domains as needed without restrictions.
    • Free Migrations

      img15We at JaguarPC will migrate your websites and resources from one server to another, and it won’t cost you a penny. Additionally, we can do so without causing downtimes for your customers.