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JaguarPC's Employees of the Month for July!

Sep 05, 2012

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Each month at JaguarPC a customer service and a technical support representative of the month is selected by their peers. At JaguarPC we value those voices and names that our customers have come to know and trust. Members of each team cast their vote based on who has been the most supportive to clients, who has been the most helpful to co-workers and who has had the best overall perspective, attitude and performance for the month.When Misty, our CSR of the month for July, answers the phone, you can have confidence that you are in the hands of a caring and knowledgeable customer service representative. When our technical support tickets are down to just a few then the JaguarPC staff knows that Jay, our technical support representative of the month for July, has been very busy and focused while on shift for the past few days.JaguarPC has created an extra reward system for those employees who work hard to help you.  Our clients can be assured that the support of experienced IT professionals will help you keep your virtual server running smoothly, assist you with billing and sales issues and make suggestions to improve your hosting experience.Our employee of the month program allows JaguarPC to provide an incentive for our employees to keep reaching for higher levels of excellence. The program encourages our representatives to consistently move towards improved customer and technical support services.While we know how our representatives stack up against their peers we want to know more about what you think of our technical and customer support services as well as the individuals who hold those positions. JaguarPC wants to hear more from all of our clients.  Send us your feedback for tickets and after your livechat sessions. The more we know about your experiences with and thoughts about our support staff then the better JaguarPC can adjust our systems to more effectively serve our clients.
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