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    Installing FrontPage

    Sep 17, 2006

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    Hey everyone, Que – How to install Frontpage on Plesk Control Panel ? Ans – Plesk 8 supports FrontPage and to have it installed on a linux vps with plesk reloaded, do the following: login to vps as root wget ftp://download1.swsoft.com/Plesk/Ple…586.rpm.tar.gz tar zxf psa-8.0.1-centos4.2.build80060713.16.i586.rpm.tar.gz rm -f psa-8.0.1-centos4.2.build80060713.16.i586.rpm.tar.gz cd psa-8.0.1-centos4.2.build80060613.20.i586.rpm/dist-rpm-CentOS-4.2-i386/opt/fp/ rpm -Uvh frontpage-5.0-72psa.centos4.2.i586.rpm and remove the psa-8.0.1-centos4.2 directory later. Once installed, login to Plesk and go to Servers – Components information and check if Frontpage is present. Best Regards, Shane Bewick Enjoy frontpage
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