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New Google G1 Phone iPhone Killer?

Nov 07, 2008

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Not so much. At least not for this avid iPhone fan.The Google G1 phone using Android software went on sale in October. The first eye-catcher was the price: ~ $179.00. The second was my favorite feature of the iPhone: the touch screen. There’s also a a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The way it handles maps is pretty awesome as well.But where’s the iPod? There’s no program like iTunes to sync your music, photos, or videos to the G1 phone. Adding these items to the Google GI phone is accomplished by dragging them to the phone itself manually after connecting its USB cable to your computer.I also heard that you can only sync your calendar, contacts, and email with Gmail. Nothing else. That can’t be true?So far I’m planning to stick with my iPhone.Do you have one of these new phones? Like it? Hate it? IS it an iPhone killer?
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