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    Page Cannot Be Displayed error when trying to open the Control Panel

    Sep 25, 2006

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    Problem When I try to open my control panel, I get a Page Cannot Be Displayed error. I’m trying to open it using localhost on port 8086. Solution 1.) Check the configuration tool, under the Website tab. What have you chosen from the dropdown box? If there is an IP chosen, then localhost may not work – only http://SelectedIP:8086 2.) If this is not the issue, then check the Page Not Displayed error. Is it a 500 error? If so, in Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options and choose the Advanced Tab. Scroll down and uncheck the Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages box. Click OK, then refresh the page. You may get a different error. If this is the case, make sure you have MS XML 4.0 SP2 installed as specified in the Pre-Install Guide. 3.) Make sure that the IIS site (Helm Control Panel) is running in IIS and is not stopped. 4.) If you are running IIS 6, also make sure that ASP pages are set to “Allowed”, not “Prohibited”. To check this, open IIS and choose Web Service Extensions. You’ll see a list of properties on the right. Active Server Pages should be set to “Allowed”. If they aren’t, highlight them and click “Allow”. 4.) Make sure that the database is set up correctly in the Configuration Tool. Click the Test Connection button to confirm this is successful. 5) If any of the above checks don’t work, raise a ticket with your Helm provider (if you have a valid support contract with them).
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    1. Thanks for the information. Those instructions given step by step are really helpful to get the resolution for the issue. Thanks.

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