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Secure Shell (ssh) to rescue in interworx

Aug 20, 2008

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Since I started using ssh remotely to manage servers like 12 or so years ago I have been in love with its power and what you can do with a few command lines. In the last 7 or 8 years many web based control panels have appeared making life easier for the end user. One would expect that ssh would go obselete now that you can do things with a few mouse clicks. Not really.Last night I was trying to activate an IP by setting “Active in IWorx-CP” to yes under IP Management of Nodeworx but it gave me blank screen. There was no error. I could not see anything in logs. So I fired a ticket with interworx support and here was their response:
Try running this script and see if adds the IPs as expected:~iworx/cron/ip.pex –sync
Yes, finally something to do via shell. So I did and it resolved the issue. Moral of the story, the real thing is still linux shell 🙂
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