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    Test for your website to get good ranking

    Sep 17, 2006

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    Google takes many facts into consideration before assigning page rank to your website. Add links to your website at regular intervals rather than adding them all at once. The search engine observes the invention date of links, the life span of the link and the rate at which a new web site obtains links. This approach shows that Google is discounting fast link exchange strategies such as buying many links for your site. Instead, Google appears to consider a natural linking evolution as an indication that a site is authorized. The specifics of a good linking strategy are a little difficult to nail down. Factors that might be considered include: 1 The anchor text of the link. 2 The invention date of the link. 3 The growth rate of links to your site. 4 The rate at which links to a page appear and disappear. 5 The age of links with older links gets more value. 6 Many links to a new site will be looked at as spam, unless some of the links are from highly valued sites. 7 Link growths that are constant are optimal. 8 Unforeseen bunches of new links will be degraded as spam. Cheers.
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