The best datacenter in the world can't bring back your email! ~ Jaguarpc The best datacenter in the world can't bring back your email! ~ Jaguarpc

The best datacenter in the world can’t bring back your email!

Feb 15, 2006

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I see it happen sometimes when a service fails on a server such as email and clients, rightfully so, freak out to say the least. “HEELLLPPP, Im about to lose a $1million deal becuase my email is down”. Sound funny? Not to that guy! Ok so your asking who does a $1MM deal via email, well I don’t know how true that is and really don’t beleive that is anything short of extreme exageration but I have heard before. The first thought that comes to mind is, who does a $1MM deal from a $10 hosting account? Well the fact is that jsut becuase you aren’t closing some big deal via doesn’t mean your email is not important. Protecting that mail and ensuring you and your recipient get it is also important. Heres a few things I can think of to help you keep the mail flowing without spending thousands on larger redundant clusters:

Setup an alternate account on another server as a backup and make sure your dns zeon files have multiple MX (mail) records with decreasing priorties. Whats all that really mean? Lets say you have with us on a server, lets call it Earth. Well one day Earth goes down due to hardware failure or just the mail service goes out due to some other problem. In this situation your mail would likely just bounce around until the server is back up and the server can receive it.

In other cases it could be lost to the internet gremlins forever but in either case you won’t be getting it anytime soon if ever. What you could do to prevent this is setup a backup account on another server, lets call it Mars. Your dns zone file would have a second MX priority (dont worry, our techs know what this is even if you dont) which points to Mars. Now when Earths mail server isnt accesible before the message gets returned its already been told by the dns server that this zeon (this domain name) has another mail server it can try. Now your mail will be routed to the Mars server where you can retreive it at your leisure. That email will not be sent again to Earth server, nor will it be lost to space. When Earth server starts listening and responding to requests aghain, your email will starting going to it again by default. Give it a shoot, we can help you set this up so that $1MM account isnt lost and your peace of mind is secured by just one low cost shared account.

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  1. This is good practise to do, but also make sure you run name-servers in different locations as when your name-servers are on the same ‘Earth’ a second MX will not help you as it will be looked up on the non-existing Earth.

    So best practise would be : Multiple MX records, DNS servers on different machines, if possible not even in the same building.

    Kind regards,

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