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JaguarPC Starting your business

Here are the steps to start your online business with JaguarPC hosting solutions:

  • Buy Domain
  • Choose a domain name that represents your company if you don’t already have one. You can order this right on our order form or direct from our subsidiary aletianic.com. There are several sites you can find on google.com to help you pick a name. The best domains aren’t always your company name if it means something long and unmemorable.

    Find a domain you want to use for your site and register it.
    Click here for domain registration

    If you’re switching from an existing host you should leave that hosting active until your domain is switched and propagated to our network in these later steps below.

  • Buy Hosting
  • Sign up using our instant signup order form. Use your login data we send you to create some email accounts and start setting up your domain name you will be doing business from.

    Use your login data we send you from step 1 to create some email accounts and start setting up your domain you will be using.

    Once your site is uploaded to our servers you should update your dns (domain name servers) to the ones we provide you in the setup email listed here.

  • DNS!
  • Create and register your custom name servers and update your own domain to use those new name servers. You will be giving these to your clients to use for DNS service on their domains they host with you.

    It will take 12-48hrs for dns updates to propagate throughout the world. In the meantime you can view your site to make sure its loaded properly by pointing your browser to the url provided in your setup email that contains your server ip and username like so: where is replaced with the ip of your server.

    Fill out our merchant to get a new merchant account if you do not have one yet. You will need a merchant account to accept credit cards. You could also use paypal account by paypal.com as a means of payment but we recommend you still setup a merchant account for credit cards.

  • Build your site!
  • Using either our free website builder, the provided templates, or any 3rd party design firm build your dream site. Make sure to add the legal mumbo jumbo and keep in line with our own legal policies as you do. It might be a good idea to borrow some ideas from our site here and include a good support area with a knowledge base.

  • Build the store
  • Create the service and plans you will be offering and setup a storefront using either some of the pre-installed systems we provide or addon systems like WHMCS or ClientExec. Using the scripts and tools we provide you, or other software of your choice, prepare your support, billing, and client management system for new orders. Using the free SSL we provide and any combination of the software we provide you will instantly have a secure online store. You can also choose to use your own custom SSL certificate purchased through us.

  • Help
  • Contact us if you have any questions or need suggestions.

How does this work ? checkout below diagrams......

  • We provide complete web hosting solutions for you

How does Web Hosting work ?

We provide complete web hosting solutions for you

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