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JaguarPC Network & Datacenters

Our network consists of multiple 10 G Ethernet connections back to key communications centers in Atlanta. We connect to 56 Marietta and are able to handle up to 160 Gbps Ethernet metro cross connects to any one of the more than 100 carriers located in the Telx building. Jaguarpc’s network also has several carriers on-net including Level 3, XO Communications, Cogent, AT&T, Comcast and AboveNet.┬áSSAE 16 Type II Compliance Audit Complete (formerly SAS 70).

  • Enterprise cage

  • Row1-2 JPC

  • Extra pdu’s/switches from old cage

  • Neat cabling

  • Network gear


Tier IV Power
Multiple utility feeds from separate substations with diverse building entry. Engineered for high-density and critical power needs.

Two feed (primary) UPS systems:

  • One 3-module (N+1) 750kVA unit
  • One 4-module (N+1) 2,000kVA unit

Two feed (redundant) UPS systems:

  • One 1-module 750kVA unit
  • One 2-module 1000kVA unit

One 2MW and ten 500kW diesel powered generators (N+1 capacity)

Control via dual PSSI static switchgear units

2,000 gallon on-site fuel storage tank + 5,000 gallon belly tank


  • Redundant cooling towers.
  • Multiple pumps (N+1) to circulate water to CRAC units.
  • Multiple CRAC units setup in a zone configuration.
  • 36,000 gallon storage tank to hold make-up water for cooling towers.
  • Private well to supply make-up water (well is backed up by city water).

  • 27,000+ sq ft of non-raised floor data center space.
  • 25,000+ sq ft of raised floor data center space.
  • Secured facility with 24×7 video monitoring and armed security.
  • 24x7x365 on-site technical staff.
  • Secured access to facility (controlled by a combination of proximity cards and biometric hand scanners).

  • Level 3 (10 Gbps).
  • nLayer (10 Gbps).
  • XO (10 Gbps).
  • PCCW/BTN (2 Gbps).

*BGP Optimized

  • Enterprise cage

  • Row1-2 JPC

  • Extra pdu’s/switches from old cage

  • Neat cabling

  • Network gear



  • Dual utility feeds
  • 2.5MW feed to data center
  • AC and DC power
  • Three 750kVA UPS
  • Three 1,500kVA diesel-powered generators (N+1 capacity)
  • 5,200 gallon on-site fuel storage tank


  • 150 watts per square foot
  • N+1 HVAC
  • 22 water-cooled 20-ton down flow CRAC units (N+25%)
  • Pressurized raised-floor air distribution
  • Three dedicated cooling towers (N+1)
  • Backup water storage tank

Dallas Facility Security

  • 24x7x365 security in lobby
  • 24x7x365 video surveillance
  • Key card entry for all main doors on facility
  • Biometric hand scanner-access to data center


  • Power: AC and DC, generator, UPS
  • Power and Cooling: 150 watts + per sq ft
  • Structure: 18-inch raised floor, cement facade, poured concrete
  • Floor Loads: 125 lbs/sf
  • Roof Rights: Yes
  • SAS 70 Certification

Mission-Critical Systems:

  • Power: DC, UPS, generator
  • Fire Protection: Pre-Action
  • Fire Safety: VESDA and Pre-action dry pipe
  • HVAC: Minimum N+1 configuration
  • Monitoring: Mission-critical systems, surveillance, access control
  • Security: 24x7x365 lobby staff
  • Protection: 24x7x365 Telx-monitored facility
  • Networks: Multiple carriers with diverse routes
  • Technical Support: 24x7x365

Additional Information::

  • Over 180,000 square feet of office space, including executive office suites
  • Generator and UPS-backed Network Operations Center available for lease
  • Connectivity to 2323 Bryan Street and The Dallas INFOMART
  • Direct Access to Telx’s Virtual Exchange (VX)
  • Global options for transport solutions
  • Multi-carrier networking
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery
  • Network-neutral facility

  • Connect

Hosting Features !

    • Cutting-Edge Security

      img08JaguarPC’s datacenters include raised and non-raised floor space, 24/7 armed security, proximity card and hand scanner access, and round-the-clock on-site technicians.
    • Consistent Power

      img12Our Tier IV power datacenters are equipped with two-feed primary and redundant UPS systems, multiple diesel powered generators, on-site fuel storage tanks, and PSSI static switchgear units.
    • Cooling Systems

      img13JaguarPC utilizes state-of-the-art cooling systems, from redundant cooling towers and CRAC units, to a private well, water pumps, and storage tanks for towers and air conditioning systems.
    • Dependable Network

      img14Our technicians are dedicated to provisioning one of the most reliable networks in the industry, which is comprised of Level 3 (10 Gbps), XO (10 Gbps), nLayer (10 Gbps) and PCCW/BTN (2 Gbps).