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These are just a few of our customers. See what they are saying about JaguarPC.

  • Kelvin /

    “I congratulate Jaguarpc because the availability of the server and the agility of support (response and solution time) has been significantly improved in the last 18 months.”


  • Name Withheld /

    I don’t know how you did it but you guys rock, you are the best in the world. Take my 5 Star! It works like magic.

  • Name Withheld /

    You guys are a great team. I have been your client for lots of years. And the support service is what makes me stay.

  • Daiver Pedemonte / aeroforo.com

    I just finished broadcasting a stream (48kbps Mp3Pro Stereo) for over 50 people and I can’t be happier. Previous providers, which were specifically in the streaming business, always had problems on Fridays and people reported a lot of buffering going on. Today, not a single person reported buffering problems which was just incredible. We do a small time 1 hour talk show about a forum and everyone used to complain regarding constant buffering. Today, this has disappeared completely. Thank you JPC. You’ve made another customer happy.

  • Thomas Runge / Thomas Runge

    Well, I have been a customer for four years and am very happy overall with the “bang for the buck” and the customer focus of the management team. Before coming to Jag, I tried several other providers over the years, but none of them delivered even close to the quality of what Jag does – and that at very similar pricing structures.

  • Stephen Marcus / landscapeofthesoul.com

    Excellent pricing, abundant features, automatic installation and configuration of most of the public domain software out there, the best control panel I have seen … and a fast and very knowledgeable support team that do exactly what I need without lengthy explanation. The only other thing one could ask for would be georgraphic redundancy – but not at this price!

  • Julian Pertuz / LANeros.com

    I’ve been hosted wth JaguarPC for over 4 years now. My site has grown with them and I’ve used every hosting plan they offer: GigaDeal, Semi Dedicated, and Dedicated. They are simply the best of the best on all their line of products and tech support. Thank you JaguarPC!

  • Giles Orr / gilesorr.com

    It’s very rare for me to be enthusiastic enough about a business I work with to write an unsolicited letter of endorsement … But I’ve been with you guys for nearly three years now and you’ve been great. I particularly appreciate your determination to keep your equipment and hosting plans current. You have to do it, but not everyone sees that. I appreciate all the services you provide, and your tech support has always been very responsive, even though I’m on one of the low-end plans. Keep up the good work.

  • Colin Gardom /

    Problems are rare, but when they happen, as they do to most servers, they’re dealt with extremely quickly. Highly recommended!

  • Ron Schnaper / oes.org

    JaguarPC has great Customer Service and superior value. Nobody offers the best combination of price, features and customer service…we used to call that “Value for the money”. Jag’s servers are zippy fast, and downloads are spectacular. Jag’s reliability has let me spend more time rescuing sheepdogs, and less time worrying about my website.

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