Windows to open Suse 10.2 ~ Jaguarpc Windows to open Suse 10.2 ~ Jaguarpc

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Windows to open Suse 10.2

Jan 10, 2007

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Well it looks like I fannaly got the pateince to download the 5 cd’s for open suse 10.2. I will be making the switch here soon. The main question that remains is dual boot or no dual boot? Sure it would be great to still have windows to use my skype phone (linksys CIT-200) and Macromedia/Adobe’s products but what funs is that? Wine was created with a purpose. I formerly was able to get dreamweaver working on ubuntu so I shall try again. I will update everyone with my conclusions of windows vs suse 10.2 next week and maybe you like me can make the switch!
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