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Oct 22, 2018
Understanding the Basics of VPS Hosting

It's estimated that, on average, server downtime costs clients $7,903 per minute. Now, think about the advertised uptime guarantees. If clients are getting quoted 99.5% availability, that translates to an average of $173...

Sep 26, 2017
Understanding VPS Hosting: Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Private Servers

In the world of web hosting, you have three options: a shared hosting (the most popular and the cheapest), a dedicated server that is intended for you only, and the so-called virtual private server, which is a combination of ...

Sep 19, 2017
Beginner’s Guide to VPS Hosting | Virtual Servers

Beginner’s Guide to VPS Hosting | What is VPS Hosting? Virtual Private Server , VPS hosting, can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. This guide will provide some basic information about this to help readers und...

Apr 27, 2012
How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting Company

When you order a virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan from a VPS host, you are putting a great deal of trust in the services that this company provides. Whether you are looking to establish a personal web presence or an ...

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