3 Reasons Why Dedicated Hosting is a Safe Bet ~ Jaguarpc 3 Reasons Why Dedicated Hosting is a Safe Bet ~ Jaguarpc

3 Reasons Why Dedicated Hosting is a Safe Bet

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Dedicated Servers

In the business world, dedicated server hosting is a popular choice. For companies – large and small – dedicated resources deliver unparalleled scalability, security and performance. Rather than having to manage resources, brace for security threats, or lose potential customers, dedicated hosting users can relax knowing their bases are covered.

Regardless of what you have in mind, dedicated servers are fit for all sorts of applications and projects. The big three reasons why dedicated hosting is a safe bet?

Because this type of hosting is Safe, Secure and Dependable. Read more and learn how you can get dedicated hosting.

Server Isolation

Dedicated server hosting is the premier choice for businesses in need of total server control. With a dedicated hosting plan, you’ll have an entire server at your disposal – allowing you to add and remove resources without issue. Whether you’re building websites, hosting multi-player games, or designing applications, you’ll have the vast pool of resources you need to complete projects and business-related tasks efficiently. You’ll never have to think twice about overusing or underusing the disk space, bandwidth and CPU you’re paying for. Whenever you need to add or remove resources, you can do so at your convenience.

Top-Notch Security

When it comes to security, there’s no better hosting solution than dedicated. Aside from unlimited resources, unmatched security is one of the main reasons companies opt for dedicated hosting. JaguarPC offers managed dedicated server hosting services – ensuring you’ll receive all of the latest security software, upgrades and patches. Dedicated server hosting is ideal for businesses that use private VLAN IPs, or are required to adhere to PCI DSS or HIPPA guidelines. Whatever your security and privacy needs are, dedicated servers are ideal for tight, mission-critical data protection.

Unbeatable Performance

High performance and little to no downtime are par for the course when it comes to dedicated hosting. Total server allocation removes the risk of problems stemming from other users’ data and resources. For example, with shared hosting, servers can easily become bogged down if users abuse resources. Dedicated hosting services allow users to lease entire servers – ensuring only a restricted group of users has access to company resources. This way, you’ll never have to encounter the problems of overcrowding and losing potential customers due to slow response times.

All JaguarPC managed dedicated hosting plans include 24/7/365 technical support. Save yourself the additional cost of administration and troubleshooting by purchasing a control panel to go along with your dedicated plan. For more information on dedicated server hosting from JaguarPC, call 1-888-338-5261, visit jaguarpc.com or reach out to us at [email protected]

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