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4 Tips To Spike Your Ecommerce Website Conversion

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You’ve spent countless hours building your ecommerce website. It looks sharp, it has traffic and it loads fast. So, why is everyone leaving? A few easy-to-spot problems can fix your conversation rates. If visitors are making it to your site but ignoring your content or not purchasing your product, you need to identify the problem. Changing up a few existing areas can dramatically improve your returns.

Secure Your Ecommerce

Users will leave your site without buying unless you make it clear that the sensitive information your customers are going to pass through your site will be secure.  Adding a trust mark like McAfee SECURE and SSL certificates to your ecommerce web hosting will boost your customer’s confidence. Clients who trust your website will be loyal to your brand and products. A SSL certificate adds HTTPS to your URL which Google does favor and will most likely reward with better results in the search engines.

Video Required

Your visitors want to be engaged. If they aren’t, they will leave quickly. Give visitors something to do once they land on your page. Videos are known to improve conversion rates and the simple act of having a video gives visitors an option to take action. A video also brings in a human element for your merchandise. A simple video of a person will help humanize your brand. Show your face, your office and your products in a positive light and people will naturally love you and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Make it Easy to Buy

Remove any reasons you can think of that would make a person not buy. Simple and pain free online shopping is really all the consumer craves. Have a couple of people run through your ecommerce store and tell you what bugs them and what they wanted from the shopping experience. Make it easy to shop and checkout

  • Offer Multi Payment Options
    No Hassle Checkout
    Easy Returns
    Free & Low Cost Shipping

Conversion Elements

The attention span of your average visitor is about seven seconds. If you don’t engage them quickly then you will lose them and the potential to convert them. When visitors hit your site, let them know exactly what they need to do next. You want to make sure that your conversion elements and calls to action are above the fold. You will also want to make sure your call to action buttons contrast with your page. It isn’t about the color but how they stand out against the rest of the page. Change your page elements and make them the first focus to strengthen their value and conversion rate.

Don’t give your visitors a reason to leave, and DO find ways to get them to stay and buy. When you have a secure site that provides engaging content, offers easy checkout options and clear calls to action, then you should see improved conversions. Ecommerce is competitive but with a few refinements, your website and sales can explode. At the very least, improve your security by adding a SSL certificate. Contact [email protected] or call 1-888-338-5261 to add more security and boost your customer confidence and loyalty which will ultimately bring you more sales and revenue.

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