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5 cPanel Secrets and Tips

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cPanel Secrets

When you choose cPanel web hosting you are deciding to open a treasure trove of hosting goodies and many already know and love the stability and overall performance of cPanel on Linux servers.

While even beginners know cPanel will efficiently take care of their own web space, domains and email, there are several overlooked secrets lurking in the background. When used, the below tips will take your web hosting experience to another dimension. Our top 5cPanel Secrets are:


Backup with Ease

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Use the database and file backup feature in cPanel and you won’t have to worry about a fiasco. Hosting accounts that are under 500 MB can take a full backup. Click download or a full website backup and your site is safe. If your site is over 500MB, you will have to perform two backups, one for your database and one for your files, but it is still the same simple process.

Some sites offer backup plugins, but be weary. While these plugins make it easy for frequent backups, it’s best to do this trhough cPanel.


Image Management

You can find a HTML Editor in cPanel’s File Manager Interface, upload the image, and get it properly tagged and displaying on your website. If you need to edit images, then go to the advanced area and look for image tools. Once here you can change the image size, the file type and even create thumbnails in the directory.


Disallow IP Addresses

If you notice a number of pesky visitor’s IP addresses, then cPanel makes it easy to change your setting and deny access. Follow these steps to block an IP on cPanel:

1. Choose “security”

2. Click the IP deny manager

3. Enter the offending IP addresses.

4. Presto, no more nuisance visits from that IP


cPanel is Mobile

You can download an app which puts many of the control panel functions you need to use in hand no matter where you are. You will have access to basic FTP, Email administration, server status and a few other everyday tasks you demand from cPanel. Check the cPanel site to see where you get the most recent versions of the app.


Set a Secondary E-mail

It is handy to set up notification from cPanel, but you do need to add an additional email address. Since cPanel uses your registered email as the primary, you will need to navigate to preferences where you can update your secondary email. In case the primary email is unreachable you will still be able to receive notifications and updates. This is very handy in the case of support issues and lost passwords.

Since all the buttons and Icons in your cPanel can be overwhelming, it is good to know what to look for and be aware of a few bonus features you will want to activate.

Make sure you add Spam Assassin, Attracta and CloudFlare at the least.

cPanel bundles the most compatible and effective tools into your control panel which takes the guess work off your hands. Hopefully one of these cPanel secrets help you take better advantage of all the great tools it offers.

JaguarPC can help you get started with cPanel web hosting plans. Contact our team [email protected] or call 1-888-338-5261 and we can help you move to a better way of managing your website.

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