SSL Certificate Solid Sercurity and Improved Consumer Confidence SSL Certificate Solid Sercurity and Improved Consumer Confidence

Advanced SSL Certificate Options for Solid Sercurity and Improved Consumer Confidence

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Recently The Basics of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates were discussed here on the JaguarPC blog. Many website owners have needs beyond a simple SSL certificate. This post will discuss the more complex options that are available. If you need an SSL Certificate for your hosting account then open a support ticket to request one or contact our Sales Department at JaguarPC.

As a recap, SSL certificates are encrypted certificates that are loaded onto your server to protect any sensitive information that is distributed through the server. Once a SSL certificate is enabled on your server it will then be able to establish an encrypted link between the website and your customer’s web browser. Certificates can be thought of as a security platform for e-commerce sites and other sites which routinely convey sensitive information.

While the basic 128 and 256 bit SSL certificates are a standard option there are more complex levels of protection available. While the standard SSL provides good levels of security you may want to consider EVSSL. EVSSL (Extended Validation) is the next generation of certificates. This level of certificate operates with high security web browsers to clearly identify a website’s organizational identity.

When an EVSSL is in place the address bar will turn green and it will display the padlock as an icon of trust. However, the address bar will not turn green if the website does not have an EV SSL certificate. EV certificates mandate that organizations go through a stringent validation process. This process insures the identity of the organization’s website and its affiliations. This level of scrutiny ensures a standard of verification that now makes EVSSL certificates the highest level of protection.

Internet users are very concerned about identity theft. Fraud and phishing scams have made consumers more aware of the potential security issues that can arise from insecure sites. Many internet users will now check the security levels of a website before they enter sensitive information.  Most users demand that proof of a website’s level of security is evident before they trust the site.  A lack of security or lower levels of encryption may cause clients to abandon their potential purchases and seek more secure sites.  EVSSL Certificates enable a highly visual display of the security level and this gives consumers the confidence they need in order to proceed with purchases or other sensitive personal information. E-commerce sites that use and display EVSSL are more likely to gain customer loyalty and retention. You can consider an EVSSL on your site as proof positive protection.

Wildcard SSL certificates are another encryption option which is available. Wildcard SSL certificates will secure your website URL as well as an unlimited number of your website’s subdomains. While Wildcard certificates secure websites in the same way that a regular SSL certificate do they do also consist of an asterisk and a period before the domain name.

Requests are processed using the same validation methods. However, be aware that some web servers may require a unique IP address for each subdomain on the Wildcard certificate. Only a single level of subdomain matching is supported. In order to clarify consider the following example:
If you configure *, you can secure   and etc.

If you configure *, you can secure, etc.

Wildcard SSL certificates have the benefit of extending a single certificate to subdomains instead of purchasing separate certificates. They can help save money and allow for easier administration. However, disadvantages do exist. If a certificate has to be revoked on one subdomain, it has to be revoked on all the others. And, if a sub domain is compromised, then so are the other domains. You can use a Wildcard SSL certificate as an option but ultimately purchasing separate certificates, which will cost a bit more and require more administration, will ensure that each subdomain is individually protected.

Finally, but not the least important of your considerations when choosing a level of SSL certificate protection, is trust marks. Trust marks will indicate to your clients the level of security which is enabled on your site. Consumers, visitors and potential future clients will look for these marks before they decide to proceed with entering any type of secure information. It is imperative that these marks are evident to users so that they have the confidence they need to proceed to checkout or even enter personal information which could be used in a malicious manner. Higher levels of trust marks will almost always produce the highest level of engaged visitors and purchasing clients. When you make the security of your site visible and prominent then visitors and consumers are more likely to visit more often and purchase more frequently.

Carefully assess the type of SSL certificate that will be most beneficial to your site. Consider the type of secure information that you are passing and how it could affect your website and visitors should sensitive information fall into the wrong hands. Security is one of the highest priorities on the internet today. When you make sure you and your client’s information is secure then you are exhibiting the best qualities that users look for before purchasing products or pursuing more invested relationships with your website. Create an environment where visitors are protected and reap greater rewards.

If you need an SSL Certificate for your hosting account then open a support ticket to request one or contact our Sales Department at JaguarPC.

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