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Anchors for your Website

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What do the key words represent?

Key words – these are the words that the users enter in a given search engine to find services or products you offer. It is extremely important to know what key words they will use. Selecting the appropriate for your activity keyword is the first thing you have to do because all other strategies are built on their right choice.

How to select the appropriate for you key words?

Key words that will work best for you means to describe exactly what you offer and meanwhile to be well used by users. If your website is ranked number one in the search engines results, after using key words that nobody uses, your work will be useless.

1. Don’t count just on you when selecting the appropriate for your business key words. The users might have a completely different view about what to insert in the search engines to find you.

2. The best choice will be if the selected word isn’t so competitive and has a very good popularity.

3. To understand the way Wordtracker functions, use it’s free version, although its paid version offers much more functions.

4. That’s why always add to a key word, corresponding to business like yours, some additional, specific only for your business words to define and to specify the process.

You can get good keywords by using tools such as Good keywords, you can download it from:

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