Aren't we all a little crazy? - JaguarPC Aren't we all a little crazy? - JaguarPC

Aren’t we all a little crazy?

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Everyone has something in their life at some point that just consumes them, right now Id be lying if I didnt say jaguarpc has me by a leash. I was just searching for tunes when I was reminded of a really good song by Gnarls Barkley, ironically enough he gets his whole crew to dress in star wars uniforms.

Star wars has probably been one of the most addictive and consuming things to hit me as a kid. That has carried over into my adult life a bit with my passion for the star wars games, movies, and yes even thinking of dressing up my game room to a star wars theme. anyhow heres a youtube movie this bitchin Gnarls Barkely song.

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