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Combine Security and Agility with cPanel VPS Hosting

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Businesses that seek increased security for customer transactions and sensitive data need a web hosting architecture that promotes and ensures online security. Typically a solution that provides increased security can sometimes slow down website performance. But there is a solution that provides increased security without slowing down website performance. Linux virtual private server (VPS) hosting with a cPanel control panel offers an ideal solution to businesses that want both security and agility with their website hosting.

A Linux virtual private server provides an isolated, secure server environment that increases loading and downloading speeds. Websites hosted on a Linux virtual private server experience faster download times and increase performance. And when cPanel control panel is added to a Linux virtual private server, the speed, security, and agility increase substantially. cPanel control panel gives you the tools you can use to secure your online environment and serve your customers with the highest performing, fastest website available.

To get cPanel control panel with a Linux virtual private server, you need to find a reliable cPanel VPS hosting company. This article explores cPanel VPS web hosting further by defining VPS hosting, cPanel hosting, what makes a good control panel for Linux virtual private servers, and more.

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual private server hosting plans are hosting accounts where virtualization software enables one physical server to perform like multiple servers. These multiple “virtual” servers each have individual server resources such as disk space and bandwidth, similar to dedicated servers. VPS Linux hosting supports the technology and Internet connections of each virtual account.

When you are ready to upgrade to a VPS hosting platform, note that cPanel is the most popular control panel available for VPS hosting solutions. There are other control panels available, but cPanel has dominated the market in terms of popularity due to its flexibility, security, ease-of-use, and support for Linux virtual private servers.

What is cPanel hosting?

cPanel is a web-based control panel that gives web hosting users access to their website accounts. cPanel can be run on any hosting services including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and other types of hosting. cPanel is specific to the Linux operating system, which is most popular for virtual private servers.

cPanel’s intuitive interface makes it easy for website owners to manage email, websites, databases, and tracking website visitor activity. Website owners get powerful features and tools they can quickly start using when building their online presence with cPanel. Website hosting with cPanel also gives you the functions to administer several websites from the same user interface. When combining Linux VPS hosting with cPanel hosting, website owners can experience an entirely new level in hosting performance.

What makes cPanel a good control panel for virtual servers?

cPanel VPS web hosting combines the security and performance of a virtual server with a web-based tool that allows you to control and fine-tune every aspect of your online systems. The performance of your website is not affected by the choices or performance of any other website, as it is with shared hosting. That said, you can customize every aspect of your online presence without disrupting other VPS hosting customers on the same physical server. cPanel gives you all the tools you need specific to your own VPS hosting account.

In addition to the enhanced security of a Linux VPS hosting plan, the way each VPS acts in isolation from other accounts or virtual private servers on the same server, significantly increases performance. Through the cPanel user interface you can configure your Linux virtual private server and allocate disk space and bandwidth as you choose, based on your personal preferences. And you can install the applications you want without affecting other Linux VPS hosting users.

How does cPanel VPS web hosting increase online agility?

Using cPanel’s diverse and in-depth tracking capabilities, a business with an online presence may respond immediately to trends in web traffic. With statistical information such as the amount of traffic from a single source or the frequency of downloading a particular file, website owners can learn everything they need to know about user activity in order to fine-tune their websites for maximum performance. The ability to understand web visitor activity, and act upon it, contributes to increased profits and customer loyalty.

cPanel Linux VPS hosting plans come with an intuitive user interface that enables you to execute administrative tasks easily. Manage web pages, email accounts, and even set up reseller accounts with your cPanel control panel. For both website owners and administrators, cPanel makes managing and backing up your data files secure and simple.

You can also use Fantastico, a cPanel script library, to install many types of scripts to your website automatically. Content management, blogs, e-commerce capability, image galleries and more are popular Fantastico additions to your website. With Linux virtual private servers you have the freedom and resources to install the applications and programs most appropriate and beneficial for your business and audience.

The most effective hosting environment for cPanel VPS hosting

A web hosting provider with quality hardware and software and a network built for speed and security are essential elements of a VPS web hosting solution. That way the unique virtual server benefit of individual server resources may work to ensure fast performance. If you move your website to a virtual server but do not notice significantly enhanced performance, the quality of the core server may be compromised.

When choosing a cPanel VPS web host, you need to look for a web hosting company that offers a reliable network with the hardware and support needed to successfully maintain and service cPanel VPS hosting accounts. A reliable web hosting company has the experience and staff available to help you with any questions you have when moving or upgrading to a cPanel VPS hosting plan.

JaguarPC provides Linux cPanel VPS hosting with flexible, reliable virtual hosting and expert technical support available at all times by telephone, ticket and live chat. To learn more about using cPanel virtual hosting to secure your online presence and better understand your website visitors visit today.

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