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Complete Functionality for Dynamic Windows Based Websites with Windows VPS Hosting

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Many individuals and companies choose Windows operating system, programs, and applications for their websites based on the functionality and dynamic customization the Windows platform provides. When businesses and organizations are running their websites on Windows and are ready for more robust web hosting than shared hosting provides, Windows virtual hosting offers the ideal solution.

Increased performance, faster loading and downloading speeds, and heightened security are all major benefits of Windows VPS hosting. This article explores the advantages of VPS Windows hosting and important features to consider when evaluating Windows VPS hosts and Windows VPS hosting plans.

What is Windows hosting?

Windows web hosting provides Internet connection for websites built using the Windows operating system and suite of programs. Servers are configured with Windows to execute ASP and ASP.NET programming languages seamlessly. Windows database and script programs, such as Access, MSSQL and PHP also perform successfully when hosted on a Windows platform that is properly configured and supported.

What is VPS Windows hosting?

Virtual hosting is the term for splitting a single physical server into multiple “virtual” private servers (VPS) and allocating each with its own dedicated server resources and its own operating system. Windows VPS hosting is the web hosting solution for websites made using Windows languages and programs that need a more resilient and full-featured hosting solution than shared Windows web hosting.

What are the advantages of Windows VPS?

The dedicated server resources and security of virtual hosting combined with dynamic Windows programs give websites numerous benefits, especially when hosting on a Windows based platform. Windows virtual private server hosting lets you:

  • Manage your server from anywhere using Windows’ exclusive Remote Desktop Access.
  • Scale your use of resources to meet the needs of your business for seasonal spikes in traffic or ongoing expansion and growth.
  • Install the applications you want without affecting others or being affected by their application choices.
  • Access your server operating system and configure it as best suits your business and your audience.
  • Remain secure from the applications and activities of other virtual accounts.
  • Perform with the utmost reliability and functionality, ideal to an operating system compatible with Windows languages, scripts and applications.

The above are just a few of the many benefits Windows VPS hosting offers customers wanting to leverage the power and flexibility of Windows based hosting. Additional features are available with Windows virtual private server hosting that users can take advantage of as they develop, build, and deploy their Windows websites and applications.

Windows users also need to know the important features provided by reliable Windows VPS hosting companies in order to maximize the functionality and growth opportunities available with Windows VPS hosting.

Important features of a Windows VPS host

When deciding on a Windows virtual hosting provider, carefully review the details of the hosting company’s service and quality standards. The quality of the server hardware plays a significant role in the performance of your website with Windows VPS hosting. The configuration of the data center and type of bandwidth are also important factors when choosing a Windows VPS host.

Support also plays a vital role in how your Windows website will perform. When choosing a Windows VPS host, make sure the company has Windows experts trained in all aspects of Windows hosting and Windows VPS hosting platforms. Part of a reliable VPS Windows hosting company’s service should also include full backups with every plan, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to hosting their Windows based websites and applications.

Service for Windows VPS hosting plans should include:

  • Managed daily backups.
  • System updates installed as soon as they are released.
  • Expert support 24/7 for your VPS hosting Windows and server-related needs.
  • Monitoring of all systems to ensure optimal performance at all times.

The choice of control panel can make administering your website and email accounts and customizing your online presence smooth or frustrating. Evaluate the control panel before deciding on a VPS Windows hosting provider for ease of use and broad control features. A popular Windows VPS hosting control panel is Plesk and provides all the features necessary to successfully maintain a Windows based website.

Windows VPS hosting with full management and customized performance

JaguarPC offers scalable Windows VPS hosting plans for every size business. At JaguarPC, all Windows VPS hosting plans come with a powerful Plesk control panel, giving you complete control over your operating system, applications and websites. With JaguarPC’s VPS Windows hosting, your ASP, MySQL and Apache script frameworks will run perfectly.

JaguarPC secures your data with free DataLockBox from R1Soft, standard with every VPS hosting plan. DataLockBox and regular backups ensure file protection and immediate disaster recovery. Additionally, JaguarPC provides expert support 24/7 by ticket, live chat, and phone. If you are looking for Windows virtual hosting with low cost, high performance and full control, visit https://www.jaguarpc.com/vps-hosting/ today.

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