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Dedicated Servers Boost Performance & Security

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Dedicated servers perform in leaps and bounds over your typical VPS hosting plans. While you may find VPS units with the equivalents of dedicated Dedicated Servers for Superior Web Hosting Securityspecifications, the two main differences remain in your security and your resource advantages. The fact that you are the sole user of the server and no other account will be on your server is a large advantage. Even if you are using a web hosting service like JaguarPC that never overloads VPS servers, another user can still influence your server and website performance. Once you have a dedicated server you can modify the specifications and security settings to ensure your server is running the most optimal settings all around to deliver you, your clients and your business the best performance on the most secure system.

Fully Allocated Resources
One of the main advantages of using a dedicated server is you can utilize the full resources of a dedicated server. Typically, you will not be able to go over your limits on a VPS beyond the burst rate without a resource usage violation. You can implement custom kernels for even greater resource management. A choice of operating systems allows you to streamline your operations so that your needs for your personal and particular systems are met. Your individual bandwidth, CPU, and hard drive needs can all be addressed with a dedicated server. Bandwidth is an unmetered at 10Mbps on our high end network  and all dedicated servers run on high quality Intel cores with SSD options. With an entire server under your operation, you can scale resources as you see fit, giving you a personal platform to create websites and applications that operate at optimal performance levels.

Security and Custom Settings
Dedicated servers can be secured like no others. While many businesses and an enormous amount of data is moving to cloud hosting there are still security concerns there. Dedicated servers can offer the near uncompromisable security that is a must for some business owners, startups and developers. Few servers offer the levels of security that can be installed and set on dedicated servers. PCI, DSS or HIPAA are all demands required for today’s ever growing and sensitive data. If you have mission-critical and sensitive data to protect or you utilize private VLAN IPs or you wish to provide game server quality hosting then the choice to use a dedicated server can be bring a peace of mind to you and your business knowing it is operating on a system that is designed and set for your particular and unique security needs.

Comprehensive Support and Managed Dedicated Services
A dedicated server is overall expected to perform 100% uptime for you. You can be assured that your will be online. Businesses and those who host other activities such as game servers can be assured that with your dedicated server online all the time , you will see  visitor satisfaction and high conversion rates.  If you are using it for other activities such as application development or multiple other projects then again you can depend on it being reliable and performing as it should on an “on all the time” basis. Dedicated hosting plans include remote reboot. Rather than waiting for a technician to respond to your ticket and reboot your server for you, you can simply do so at your convenience. Other users won’t tank your resources, produce security concerns and you can work more productively knowing your server, sites and projects will perform well all the time. Managed solutions can give you an additional advantage with proactive monitoring, monthly supported administration time and special assistance in the event you do have any issues on your server.

Dedicated servers bring you all the best features in one unit. You will benefit from 100% resource allocation, customizable security settings, managed services and 24/7/365 support options. Dedicated servers will also give you a level of assurance and reliability that no other hosting plans can. Choose a dedicated server for a superior level of hosting you need for your business, startups, development projects and game servers.

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