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Effective Link Building Tactics for your Website

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Link Building for A Successful WebsiteLink building has changed drastically over the past few years. Some have almost quit due to the fact that they are challenged, fearful or just confused about the best ways to go about it. Now that Google has released the Panda algorithm, Penguin algorithm and Hummingbird algorithm and a host of updates some have taken hits on their website rank by using methods that are now known to be not so credible link building tactics. Good means to link build do still exist. A few top SEO experts suggest the following ways to build links that will benefit your website’s exposure. Try these ten tried and true suggestions from top SEO industry professionals.

Expert Opinion Sources
Write a useful piece of original content that pulls in resources from several well know experts.

Infographics, those popular pieces that use a visually appealing mix of content and graphics,  continue to be a popular source of information that are shared on a regular basis. Create one and add your special offer or coupon code to the center of the piece.

Items of Value
Contact the owners of websites who have products or services like your own. Agree to offer their visitors something of value like a special offer or a coupon code and ask them to link to your website.

Cross Marketing
You may be surprised to find out that many sites are willing to bring you into the fold when you have something that they don’t offer but their type of user or clients may find attractive. Reach out to them with a well thought out plan of how both sites could benefit.

Regular and Custom Content
Produce useful content on a regular basis and push it to social media. It may take some time but once your readership realizes your content is helpful and valuable they will keep pushing it along the channels and their pipelines.

Niche Competitors
Competitive analysis of the top ranking sites in your niche can return highlyvaluable sources for link building. These types of link sources are a great opportunity for newer sites that still have low link profiles.

Authority Contacts
Contact other content creators within your realm of expertise. When you are able to establish relationships of a more personal nature the industry will be more likely to recognize you as an expert too. Your links will be far more popular when you are an authority on your subject.

Wikipedia back links are some of the best you can get. But, admittedly, it can be a hard road. The pay off is big so you many want to explore the link for a  tutorial  that shows you how to get linked on this hot spot more quickly.

Content link baiting can require a little creative touch because you are trying to direct interest to one item by capturing initial attention with a bait item that may only be loosely related. Content that requires interaction such as liking, clicking or items such as quizzes are good for this type of engagement. Once users are interacting with one item they are likely to help build that link out for you.

News Jacking
If it is a hot news item you can bet it is spreading like wildfire. When you are promoting popular news stories yourself then your brand and business is most likely finding an audience. Be wise when choosing your jacks. Keep in mind your brand’s industry and niche audience and post relevant information while managing your image and maintaining its integrity in the public eye.

There are still many ways to obtain links. All of the link building tips in this article are credible and reliable. Link building isn’t as easy as it used to be but it is still an invaluable tool to bring traffic and exposure to your website, bog or online e-commerce business.

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