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Feature-packed Unlimited Web Hosting Offers the Best Value for the Price

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If you are searching for hosting services or looking for a new web hosting provider, you could be overwhelmed by the sheer number of web hosts and hosting options available to you. Whether you are a business customer who needs a hosting account for a company website, a user who wants to create and run an e-commerce website, or a web designer who needs a hosting account with support for a variety of web technologies, you need a reasonably priced hosting plan that is adequate for your needs. Unlimited web hosting offers the best value for the price so it is ideal to begin your online experience by getting a feature-packed unlimited hosting plan from a reliable web host.

Most entry-level users usually do not know for sure what their disk space and bandwidth requirements will be until their website or business becomes successful and attracts more traffic. Unlimited web hosting is a perfect choice for entry-level users as it offers plenty of resources that help users achieve their goals. A recent JaguarPC article, Enjoy Next Generation Web Hosting Today with Unlimited Hosting Services, takes a glimpse at unlimited web hosting and the many benefits unlimited hosting services offer to both novice and experienced webmasters as well as provides a few valuable tips on choosing a reliable web host and unlimited hosting plan. If you need feature-rich hosting with unlimited resources and support for web technologies at a price that will not break your budget, make sure you get unlimited web hosting from a reliable web hosting provider.

JaguarPC is committed to providing the most reliable unlimited hosting environment in the industry

A drop in bandwidth, processing, and storage costs has enabled web hosts to offer unlimited hosting plans to end users at extremely affordable prices. Now customers can enjoy limitless disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host any number of domains and sub-domains at the same great price as most shared hosting plans. For users who are unsure of upcoming website traffic growth and require scalability, unlimited web hosting may be the perfect web hosting solution. However, regardless of how great unlimited options may be, the most important things to consider from a web hosting provider are uptime, SLA (Service Level Agreement), support, and compatibility with your project.

Below is a list of what sets JaguarPC apart from other unlimited web hosts.

1.  Uptime. In addition to one of the most feature-packed and affordable unlimited hosting plans available on the market today, JaguarPC boasts one of the most reliable hosting environments in the industry with 100% guaranteed uptime. That’s right – there will be absolutely no downtime so your website and mission-critical applications will always be available when you or your visitors need them.

2.  SLA. JaguarPC offers one of the most aggressive Service Level Agreements in the hosting industry, which provides commitments in the three critical areas including network uptime, infrastructure availability, and hardware reliability. What this means for you as a customer is that your website account will be hosted on the most reliable infrastructure without a single point of failure.

3.  Support. In terms of support, JaguarPC delivers expert technical support. You get assistance from a highly trained support team with more than 13 years of experience in the hosting industry. You can reach JaguarPC’s expert tech support via any communication means you prefer including live chat, email, ticket, or by phone.

4.  Compatibility. JaguarPC’s unlimited hosting package is compatible with the widest array of web technologies, meaning you can host virtually any website or web application without any compatibility issues. Linux or Windows, Joomla or PHPNuke, CMS or blog – choose anything you want, how you want it.

Don’t settle for just any hosting company. Instead, choose a hosting provider that offers true unlimited web hosting services – choose JaguarPC.

Enjoy unrivaled performance of your websites with a powerful unlimited hosting solution from JaguarPC

All JaguarPC’s unlimited hosting accounts are hosted on powerful servers and are backed with a commitment to 100% network uptime guarantee. JaguarPC’s servers are powered by top of the line hardware including dual CPUs with plenty of RAM and super-fast hard disk storage for consistently high performance of your websites. JaguarPC’s fully redundant network powered by Cisco gear and monitored round the clock by certified network engineers provides ultra-fast connectivity and maximum security of all unlimited hosting accounts. At JaguarPC, we continuously upgrade our network infrastructure and hardware to make sure your websites are delivered to you and your customers instantaneously.

JaguarPC offers a full range of other options and services to make your unlimited hosting experience hassle-free and effective. You get access to JaguarPC’s powerful custom control panel for easy management of your unlimited hosting account, free Data LockBox service powered by the industry leading R1Soft Continuous Data Protection, free assistance with domain name setup or transfer, access to JaguarPC’s free SSL Secure Server, free website design using Template Express, and lots of other features and services.

Whether you need to run one website or several dozen websites, be it blogs, CMS, e-commerce shopping carts, media sharing sites – JaguarPC will provide consistent performance of all your websites and web applications. Enjoy unrivaled reliability, security, functionality, and performance of your websites with powerful JaguarPC’s unlimited hosting service today!

To learn more about next generation unlimited web hosting from JaguarPC, visit www.jaguarpc.com or call JaguarPC representatives at 1.800.659.9585 today.

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