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Four Ways to Be a Better Web Hosting Affiliate

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If you take everything you read on the Internet at face value, becoming a web hosting affiliate will earn you millions of dollars overnight. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

It is possible to use your existing presence on the Internet to post some affiliate links and get occasional revenue. But who wants occasional? Ask any existing affiliate – getting big results from a web hosting affiliate program requires putting in some hard work.

Whether you are looking to earn some extra cash from an affiliate program or turn online marketing into your primary source of income, you need to develop a sensible strategy that will help you connect with more potential customers for your chosen hosting provider.

Web hosting company and affiliate program operator JaguarPC has put together the following useful advice on making the most of your affiliate links. Read on to learn why the most successful web hosting affiliates are expert assistants, not salespeople, and how you can get sales by giving valuable advice to potential customers. As you help other people, many will return the favor by clicking your link and becoming customers. Also learn about the affiliate program features you can use to build on your successes and grow your affiliate marketing revenue.

Target just one group of potential customers

A common mistake web hosting affiliates make is putting affiliate links, buttons, and banners in as many places as possible. Of course, the more links you have, the more clicks you will receive. But success is not about clicks – it is about conversions.

In the early stages of becoming an affiliate, concentrate your attention on a smaller group of potential customers. By taking a focused approach, you will be able to nurture leads more carefully and increase the likelihood of referring customers who are genuinely interested in making a purchase.

There are infinite ways to segment customers, but a few potential groups to target are as follows:

* Small business owners
* Bloggers
* Service providers
* Specific retail sectors (for example, businesses selling toys, video games, or kitchenware)
* People in a specific geographic area

Essentially, you can pick any group of people to focus your attention on. Once you have a group in mind, you can start putting together an exhaustive list of the places they hang out online.

By understanding the browsing habits of your chosen customer group, you can ensure your affiliate marketing efforts appear in the right places.

Be an expert, not a salesperson

If there is one goal web hosting affiliates want to achieve, it is sales. It is no surprise, then, that affiliates often consider themselves salespeople.

The problem is that no one likes the idea of a pushy salesperson working on behalf of another company. In any of the places you post your affiliate link, including websites, blogs, message boards, and social media, a direct approach to sales could stand out and alienate potential customers.

Instead, think of yourself as an expert in web hosting and the services your chosen hosting provider offers.

If you have started to check forums or connect with groups on social media that are in your target audience, look for opportunities to be helpful. If someone has a problem with their website, web application, or web hosting plan, find an answer for them and post it.

Even if you do not know the answer yourself, put in the work it takes to find it. You can then recommend your hosting provider directly in the spirit of honest and open support, not sales.

Link useful content with your affiliate hosting

In addition to being helpful in a direct way by responding to questions about hosting around the Internet, you can also help larger groups of people by creating interesting and educational content.

Whether you have an existing blog or website or plan to create a new one, every affiliate needs a place to post content online. Writing articles about web hosting helps you attract visitors through search engines, and every article is also a valuable asset that can be posted through social media.

Some affiliates even take the time to make many small, self-contained websites, or micro-sites. Each micro-site can be focused on specific web hosting issues, common problems with other hosting providers, or target markets.

Although direct support and sharing your expert knowledge through forums and social media is very effective, leveraging content allows you to communicate with thousands of potential customers at once.

Track your successes and use them to be a better web hosting affiliate

Finally, the most successful web hosting affiliates are committed to growing their revenue. They establish a regular routine that makes every forum post or piece of online content part of an overall, cohesive approach.

Fundamentally, this means spending some time looking at how successful your affiliate marketing has been. To help you do this, the best hosting affiliate program providers give their affiliates extensive, detailed access to information on referrals, including information on which referrals became customers.

With this information in mind, you will quickly realize where your attention should be focused. Every affiliate has their own strengths and weaknesses, and different marketing methods work better for different people.

Always be on top of your stats and tracking to determine which methods work best for you.

Join JaguarPC’s web hosting affiliate program today

As an experienced web hosting provider with a successful web hosting affiliate program, JaguarPC is an excellent choice for novices and experts alike. JaguarPC supports every affiliate with a variety of materials that make it easier to attract referrals, including banners and graphics.

When you sign up as a JaguarPC affiliate, you receive a customized link that identifies your referrals. Once your potential customer clicks the link, they are tracked for 90 days. Even if the person takes 90 days to consider their purchase, you will still receive commission when an order is placed.

JaguarPC’s hosting affiliate program also features some of the highest payouts in the industry, allowing you to earn between $65 and $110 for every referral.

JaguarPC is a professional hosting provider, renowned for ultra-fast, always-available hosting services and exceptional customer support. As a result, a JaguarPC web hosting plan is a surprisingly easy sale!

For more information on the JaguarPC web hosting affiliate program, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit

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