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Generate More Revenue with osCommerce Hosting Services

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Launching an online store represents a lucrative opportunity to sell products and services to customers all around the world. No offline sales channel can compete with the sheer volume of potential customers that can be found online – but that does not mean that successful online selling is easy. Even with a solid ecommerce solution such as osCommerce hosting in place, businesses still depend on conventional techniques to generate revenue through online sales.

osCommerce hosting includes  powerful ecommerce features that can make it easier for you to attract more visitors, turn visitors into customers, and earn more sales from each customer. By understanding the most significant features of osCommerce hosting and applying these to the way you do business, you can maximize the sales potential of your web presence.

In our recently published article, How to Increase Your Sales with osCommerce Hosting, osCommerce host JaguarPC offers insight into how the most popular features of osCommerce translate into sales opportunities for your business. By reading the article, you can learn how osCommerce hosting brings together core features with optional add-ons to help you create an easy-to-use online store for your customers.

osCommerce hosting delivers better service to more customers

Regardless of your sales pipeline, maximizing your revenue means attracting more customers, creating lasting customer relationships, or increasing the average customer spend. Usually, a business will focus their attention on one of these areas at a time, investing resources into a specific marketing activity or promotional and brand awareness campaign. Uniquely, osCommerce hosting includes powerful features across all three of these methods, right out of the box.

In the latest article from JaguarPC, you will learn more about the major features of osCommerce hosting, including its customizable osCommerce templates, product categories, and customer accounts system. More importantly, the article gives context to each of these features, explaining how they can be used to earn more sales through upselling and cross-selling techniques. The article discusses how the product linking and related products functionality of osCommerce hosting drives sales and integrates your targeted marketing within your storefront.

In addition to looking at ways to increase customer spending, our osCommerce hosting article examines the role of customer service in not only attracting customers, but keeping them for the long-term. With no configuration required, osCommerce includes customer accounts and order tracking functionality, reducing the number of inquiries that your support department must handle while improving the service that your customers receive.

Finally, the article offers information on how some popular osCommerce add-ons can be used to further customize your storefront experience, with features ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to loyalty programs and one-off promotions. By making the most of osCommerce hosting features, you can be sure that you are taking full advantage of the opportunity online selling provides.

Get an osCommerce hosting plan from JaguarPC today

Although osCommerce offers some great features for your store, these features are most effective when coupled with a reliable, dependable web hosting solution. JaguarPC is a specialty provider of osCommerce hosting plans made to fit your needs and budget, whether you are looking for a shared web hosting solution or a comprehensive dedicated server hosting plan.

Every JaguarPC hosting plan makes it easy to get up-and-running with osCommerce through one-click installation, available to customers via the Softaculous and Fantastico script installers. These applications simplify the initial stages of osCommerce hosting implementation, removing the need to manually work with files and folders. In addition, every JaguarPC hosting plan includes the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, guaranteeing that your osCommerce hosting plan will deliver a quick and responsive experience to your customers.

JaguarPC osCommerce hosting plans also include 24/7/365 customer support, exclusive osCommerce video guides and tutorials, and a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA) to ensure that your store is always open for business.

For more information on JaguarPC’s osCommerce hosting services or to order your plan, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit today.

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