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Got nixcore?

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We’ve been working on a new replacement system to consolidate and improve many of the missing or dated aspects of our operations. Thus began the nixcore project which is but a small part of much larger picture, our jaguar operations. We soon realized that not only would our clients benefit greatly from this, especially resellers, but the hosting community at large.

After extensive development, testing, and more testing we are pleased to annouce Jaguar is now operating on a version of nixcore. We will have a public version ready for release very soon starting with a release to just our clients. If running an operation like ours off the system isnt proof enough of its power then you won’t find the proof you seek. Its fast, secure, effecient, scalable, and very powerful!

There will be plenty more about nixcore to come. We are all extremely proud and pleased to be able bring it to our clients with this recent new site makeover. Enjoy

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