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We’ve had a few customers asking how ‘Green’ JaguarPC Web Hosting is or if we have plans on ‘going green‘.

It’s tough to answer exactly how green JaguarPC is but I can tell you this:

JaguarPC promotes recycling. Personally I will never throw away paper, aluminum, cardboard, plastic, etc. We use our recycling service faithfully.

Our data center does the following to help:

  • Use dry coolers to heat generator rooms and reverse flow hot water from the Data Center to heat staff areas. This means a gas/electric heating system is unnecessary.
  • Pumps and cooling units have devices that use only as much power needed to cool the water based on how hot the water is. This lowers electricity usage as much as 40%.
  • A well supplies the cooling towers which eliminates the use of chlorine. (Chlorine produces dioxins.) This also eliminates the use of electricity to pump the water to the data center from the treatment facility which will save a huge amount of energy and chemicals being consumed.
  • Generators use 5% biodiesel
  • Planted enough trees so it’s near carbon neutral.

Every little bit helps and we will continue to research and implement environmentally-friendly alternatives wherever possible.

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