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Host a site on a dedicated IP with HELM

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Hey everyone,

There are times when it is necessary to host a domain on a dedicated IP. This could becuase you want to install an SSL certificate or becuase of the sites requirements. Either way it is possible to set the site to be hosted on a dedicated IP from within the Helm interface.

Firstly you will need a spare IP address hosting nothing else. This IP will need to be already set-up on your server. You will now need to log in to Helm as the Admin. From the main menu select

System Settings > IP Address Manager

You will now be presented with a list of IP’s and servers already set-up in Helm. Click the Add New button to add a new IP address. You will now see the following :

In the External IP Address enter the IP address you will be using for the dedicated website. Leave the last box (after the to) blank. This is used for entering a sequence of IP addresses. Only enter an IP address in the Internal IP Address if you are hosting with a NAT system and all your external IP’s are translated to internal IP’s. Select the Server the website is hosted on that requires the dedicated IP from the drop down menu. Click Save.

Once added click in the IP Management link at the top of the screen below the header.You will now be presented with a list of IP’s already in Helm, this time containing the IP address you have just added. Click on the IP address you have just added in the list, you will now see something similiar to the following :


Check the box Static IP Address box and click Save

You have now made this IP address available for use as a dedicated IP. You can add many more IP’s leaving them unassigned in Helm for future use as dedicated IP’s of you want.

Now we have to change the website in question to a dedicated IP. In the Domains Search box in the left hand pane enter the domain name you want to host on a dedicated IP. Helm will search and then display this domain (the domain must already exist in Helm). You will now be able to see all the icons available for managing this domain. Click the Web Site Settings icon. You will now see something like this

The drop down menu Change To will conatin a list of IP addresses that you have set to Static IP Address in the IP Management section. Simply select the IP address you want to use and then hit Save. The domain is now using a Static IP.


There are some important points to note with the way Helm has created the site on the static IP. Helm makes the relevant DNS entry changes. It also adds the dedicated IP to the sites Host Headers. However the old host headers with the shared IP will remain. This is becuase it can take some DNS servers many hours to update their records therefore requests will still be sent to the shared IP. Helm does it like this to prevent the domain from being unavailable while the static IP propogates.

Best Regards,
Shane Bewick

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