Jaguarpc ~ VPS Hosting Increase Both Security and Control? Jaguarpc ~ VPS Hosting Increase Both Security and Control?

How Does JaguarPC VPS Hosting Increase Both Security and Control?

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VPS hosting offers small and medium sized businesses powerful hosting services, similar to those of a dedicated server, for a fraction more than the price of shared hosting. Performance of VPS web hosting is superior due to your personal control of server resources and the security protection that having your own virtual server provides.

In a recent press release, JaguarPC announced the benefits that VPS web hosting can have for your website and online business. To find out more about increasing the speed and performance of your website through virtual security and control, take a look at JaguarPC’s recent press release, JaguarPC VPS Hosting Plans Provide More Security and Server Control.

What type of control do you get with VPS hosting?

With JaguarPC virtual hosting plans, you get to select the operating system, software, and applications you need for a customized website. You can also monitor and control how much disk space and bandwidth you use since you are the only user on your virtual server. The choices of other VPS web host users will not affect the hosting performance of your website. Furthermore, a VPS host account enables you to test out different application or software options without negatively affecting any other accounts on your server.

Your operating system options for customizing JaguarPC VPS services include Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. All JaguarPC virtual private servers come with full management and root access is standard so your level of technical expertise will not limit the performance and flexibility of your website.

How is VPS web hosting more secure than shared hosting?

The main point of vulnerability with shared hosting is in uploading and downloading files through a server-wide operating system. Malicious users may infect every account on an operating system through one corrupted file. Unlike shared hosting, JaguarPC virtual private servers are protected from each other with individual operating systems running on each virtual server. Contaminated files in one virtual server will not affect any other virtual server in the system. In fact, a hacker will not realize that other virtual servers are on the system.

How else does JaguarPC VPS hosting help your business succeed?

Unlimited domains, free DataLockBox backups, and 24-7-365 technical support for every question you may have are standard with all JaguarPC VPS hosting plans. JaguarPC makes it easy for you to succeed. In fact, JaguarPC provides an extensive knowledge base and community forum with the combined experience of all JaguarPC members. Contact JaguarPC today to learn how VPS web hosting can increase speed, performance, and security for your website and online business.

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