How Much Will Your Web Hosting Really Cost? ~ Jaguarpc How Much Will Your Web Hosting Really Cost? ~ Jaguarpc

How Much Will Your Web Hosting Really Cost?

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Nobody likes to pay more than they have to for products and services. Particularly on the Internet, we are always looking for competitive prices, knowing there are thousands of suppliers on the Web competing for your business.

As a recurring cost, web hosting needs to be affordable. For businesses, choosing low-cost hosting maximizes profit. For individuals, cheap hosting allows you to get a website up and running without spending a fortune.

To stand out from the competition, web hosting providers often offer impossibly low prices for shared hosting, virtual servers (VPS hosting), and dedicated server hosting plans. But be careful – if a price seems impossible, it usually is.

Remember, hosting companies need to make a profit too. If your hosting provider does not earn enough revenue from hosting alone, they will find other opportunities to charge you an additional fee.

Professional web hosting provider JaguarPC has put together the following article about the real costs of hosting services. In the article, JaguarPC reveals the four most common ways other hosting providers increase their income. In addition, you will learn what to look for to guarantee that the price you see is the price you pay.

Never pay to get your web hosting plan online

As you explore the different web hosting services available, it is not unusual to find companies charging expensive one-off fees for setup and configuration. To some degree, this is fair. After all, although shared hosting is quick and easy to deploy, it takes manual work and additional time to set up more complex types of hosting.

But with so much competition and so many companies attempting to win your business, there is no reason to pay for installation. Your hosting provider should be pleased to have you on board.

Average setup fees are as follows:

–  $10-$25 for shared hosting setup
–  $30-$50 for virtual server setup
–  $100+ for dedicated server setup

By choosing a hosting company that does not charge for setup, you can bypass this expense before you even begin using your hosting plan. The best hosting providers have automated systems in place to deploy new accounts instantly, and where manual setup is required, you should expect your hosting provider to do this free of charge.

Understand your contract terms before you buy

If charging you for setup was not enough, some web hosting providers even have fees for cancelling your contract. If your circumstances or business goals change, it can be costly to stop using your hosting plan, even if you are not in a fixed contract term.

When you compare hosting plans, you will see that payments can usually be made on a monthly or annual basis, with some hosting providers offering even longer arrangements for several years at a time. If you cancel your hosting plan before the contract is up, you will lose the money you have already paid and may even be charged an additional fee.

To help you avoid web hosting cancellation charges and losing fees you have paid in advance, look for a hosting company that offers a money-back guarantee. Usually between 14 and 30 days long, a money-back guarantee gives you a full refund of any money you have paid if you decide to cancel your hosting plan during this period.

With no one-off cancellation fees and a money-back guarantee, you can confidently try a web hosting service first-hand before you become locked-in to a contract.

How web hosting usage fees restrict your growth

When you buy a web hosting service, you are paying for several key hardware resources. These include the RAM, bandwidth, and CPU that is used every time a visitor requests data from your website, in addition to the storage space that stores your files and folders.

When you order shared hosting, you are permitted to use a given amount of hardware power. However, there is rarely any way for your hosting provider to enforce these usage restrictions. Of course, if you exceed your allowance as a result of increasing traffic or resource-intensive content, you will be charged additional fees.

The problem is that these fees are rarely in line with the real cost of resources. As a means of punishing customers and generating more revenue, some hosting companies charge fees that are more than double the amount you would pay for the same resources as part of your plan.

It is difficult for webmasters to accurately estimate how they will use resources. Websites do not grow in a linear, predictable way, and sudden increases in traffic can lead to unexpected bills at the end of the month.

For complete assurance that your hosting plan will always cost the same amount, look for an unlimited shared hosting plan. Unlimited plans allow you to confidently grow your website, with the freedom to use all the hardware power you need.

Expertise should not be expensive

Finally, some web hosting plans become expensive whenever you need help. If you encounter problems or issues with your hosting plan, professional advice is not always included free of charge.

In the majority of cases, hosting companies are happy to offer technical support via ticketed support systems or email. Unfortunately, these support methods can be slow, with your question sitting in a queue that takes days to be processed.

Although expertise is a valuable commodity, it should always be included with your web hosting service. Check that your hosting provider can deliver support through a combination of different methods, including telephone support. Some hosting providers even provide a toll-free number for customer service and support inquiries.

When you need help, you should be able to get it at no extra cost. The best hosting companies make support an essential part of the service you are already paying for every month.

Affordable web hosting plans from JaguarPC

If you earn a living from your website, you need consistent costs you can predict every single month. With these in mind, you can create an effective strategy for your online success.

JaguarPC is an experienced hosting provider with a commitment to helping customers grow their businesses. To make things easier, JaguarPC provides affordable web hosting services with no hidden charges.

Customers can choose from services including unlimited shared hosting with no limitations on resource usage, virtual servers, and dedicated server hosting. All of these plans come with free setup and comprehensive technical support, including a detailed online knowledgebase, ticketed help, and phone assistance available 24/7/365.

In addition, JaguarPC offers a variety of contract periods, with generous discounts for longer-term contracts, and a 45 day money back guarantee.

For more information on JaguarPC web hosting services, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit

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