How the Best Web Hosting Providers Make Getting Help Easy ~ Jaguarpc How the Best Web Hosting Providers Make Getting Help Easy ~ Jaguarpc

How the Best Web Hosting Providers Make Getting Help Easy

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Before you place an order for a web hosting plan, there are many things you can do to check the quality of the plan. You could examine the data centers and network infrastructures being used, the features of each individual service type, and the applications that will be available to use on your account.

Although these technical features are fairly easy to compare and contrast, they only tell one side of the story. Technology is important, but great customer service and support is priceless.

The best web hosting providers offer a wide range of support services, helping you find the assistance you need, when you need it. From self-support resources to toll-free phone support, make sure your hosting provider is committed to helping you succeed before you place your order.

Web hosting provider JaguarPC has put together the following information about the most common types of technical support available with a web hosting plan. Read on to learn why you should always have multiple support options available to you, allowing you to find help in the most convenient way that works best for you. In addition, you will learn how some hosting companies are proactive with support, helping you solve issues before you even know they exist.

The best web hosting companies empower self-support

When you need help with your web hosting plan, you need it now. If you are trying to work with new applications or have identified a potential issue with your server, you want to remedy the problem fast, find the information you need, and go back to working on your website.

Usually, the fastest way to get support is to solve the problem yourself. There are several ways a web hosting provider can make clear and concise information available to you, allowing you to improve your expertise quickly and efficiently.

Here are just a few types of self-support resources you may need from your hosting provider:

Knowledgebase – A knowledgebase contains information about your web hosting service. This is usually limited to the correct settings for accessing email, connecting to MySQL databases, and connecting specific applications to your web hosting plan.
Tutorials – Tutorials are step-by-step guides to getting things done on your server. Whether you are planning to install applications or administer your website from within your control panel, a tutorial can teach you the entire process. Some hosting companies even offer audio and video tutorials that are easier to follow than text-based alternatives.
Control Panel Manuals – When you buy a technical product, you receive a manual that gives you an overview of its features. The same is true of a web hosting control panel. Although your hosting provider is usually responsible for sourcing and installing your control panel, the best providers make manuals available to help you administer your website.

If you have access to an exhaustive range of self-support resources, it is possible for you to learn more about what your web hosting plan can do, and how to use the various features available to you. Sometimes, though, you will need more specific advice.

Can you access personal support from web hosting experts?

Once you have exhausted the self-support resources available, you may find that you still need additional help. Often, specific problems call for specific, customized advice, requiring the assistance of a true web hosting expert.

The most common way hosting companies make expert support available is ticketed support. From within your account area, you can create a ticket that contains details of your problem or the assistance you require. Your hosting provider’s support team will then receive your ticket and respond as soon as possible.

Alternatively, picking up the phone can be a great way to get help quickly. Every major web hosting provider offers phone support, and some make help even more accessible by providing a toll-free phone number for technical assistance.

Before you place your order, see if your potential hosting provider runs an online forum for web hosting users. If so, this is a fantastic way to ask a question and get help from more experienced users who may have encountered similar issues or had similar questions in the past.

Proactive support to keep your website online

So far, we have discussed how web hosting providers make it easy for you to get help by creating numerous sources of assistance. But some hosting companies go even further, taking a proactive approach to support that helps customers succeed.

One proactive support tool is a regularly updated set of service announcements. Here, your hosting provider will keep you updated on the status of servers, and what is being done to resolve existing issues. If your hosting provider offers this feature, you can even subscribe in your RSS reader to automatically receive updates.

In addition, ask what your potential web hosting provider does to identify problems before they escalate. Many hosting companies wait until customers report problems, but the best web hosting providers proactively monitor servers 24/7/365 to guarantee reliable servers with no sudden and unexpected downtime.

By choosing a hosting provider that provides professional support and proactively monitors servers, you can be sure you can get help when things go wrong and reduce the risk of problems occurring in the first place.

Web hosting services with exceptional support from JaguarPC

JaguarPC is an experienced web hosting provider that uses the highest quality hardware to create reliable and responsive web hosting services. JaguarPC also offers a full range of technical support services to help customers focus on growing their websites.

Customers can choose from shared web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), hybrid servers, and dedicated server hosting, all of which include 24/7/365 technical support, both online and via a toll-free phone number.

In addition, JaguarPC gives customers everything they need to support themselves, with a detailed knowledgebase, audio and video tutorials, and access to a popular customer forum.

Finally, JaguarPC takes a proactive approach to service, monitoring all servers 24/7/365 and notifying customers of potential issues.

For more information on JaguarPC web hosting services, call 1-888-338-5261 or visit

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