Installing Midnight Commander - JaguarPC Installing Midnight Commander - JaguarPC

Installing Midnight Commander

Sep 17, 2006

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Installing Midnight Commander – ———————————- * First we have to install some prerequisites 1) pkgconfig is needed to compile glib, a library mc relies on. Download the latest version from its official site. Currently, it’s pkgconfig-0.15.0.tar.gz. Then unpack, compile & install: – wget – tar -zxvf pkgconfig-0.15.0.tar.gz – cd pkgconfig-0.15.0 – ./configure – make – make install 2) You’ll also need GNU gettext, which can be found in this folder: gettext-0.13.tar.gz. The same tired routine: – wget – tar -xvzf ~/Desktop/gettext-0.13.tar.gz – cd gettext-0.13/ – ./configure – make – sudo make install 3) Install glib With Panther, the only additional library you have to install for mc is reduced to glib. Opening the GTK+ home page, click on the topmost Source link and download the latest .bz2-compressed version of glib from the FTP directory which appears. At the time of writing, this file is called glib-2.2.3.tar.bz2. Compiling and installing it couldn’t be any simpler: – wget – bunzip2 glib-2.2.3.tar.bz2 – tar -xvf glib-2.2.3.tar – cd glib-2.2.3 – ./configure – make – make install 4) Install mc Time to obtain a copy of mc, at the time of this writing, it was up to version 4.6.1-pre1. Compiling is again quite simple, with the one notable exception of the ncurses switch for ./configure, which makes it all work properly with Panther. You might want to experiment with the mc Autoconf script’s other switches for enabling/disabling features; the list of available switches can be read by invoking ./configure –help | less as usual. – wget – tar -zxvf mc-4.6.1-pre1.tar.gz – cd mc-4.6.1-pre1/ – ./configure –without-x –with-screen=ncurses – make – make install Now we have successfully installed Midnight Commander from source now just try “mc” command on shell……. That’s all, Thank you. Best Regards, Shane Bewick
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