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Is anonymous WHOIS worth it?

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One service that numerous registrars offer is “private registration” of your domain. What this means is that they substitute their contact information for yours. Of course, you still maintain ownership of the domain, but they act as a proxy for your domain.

But is it worth it? Many registrars charge for this service, after all.

One concern that many domain owners have is the publication of their home address and private phone number, all of which would be available to anyone who looked up their domain in the WHOIS database. The solution to this is simple: get a post office box, and purchase a voice mail number from a service such as Evoice, who offers voice mail numbers for as little as $4.95 a month.

With the problem of privacy resolved, you can then be assured that you, as the domain owner, get important information about your domain. While it is true that spammers love to harvest information for their evil deeds, you should also make yourself available should any legal issues arise regarding your domain. Simply create a separate e-mail address for the WHOIS database, and you will be sure to immediately know about any potential problems with your domain, allowing you to quickly resolve those problems, and avoiding the possibility of losing your domain because you didn’t respond.

Of course, if you run a website that is of a controversial nature, then you indeed may wish to consider private registration, but for the most part, private registration causes more problems than it solves.

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