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Jag 2.0 < supercharged>

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Many of our clients have followed some links in our forums regarding development of various projects we have in the works. One of those projects was a new site complete with more changes and upgrades than we can shake a stick at *shakes stick*. I never really knew what that phrase was supposed to mean, but hey that won’t stop me from using it. We had a lot of trouble with a a company we hired to do some site work and we’ve have since done our part in educating others about their ill ways. I decided after far too many missed deadlines and other problems with that design firm that I would just get back in the design state of mind. I set out to make not just a new website but actually revamp our entire operation from inside out. The website is the out part where you can of course see the many changes and improvements but the inside is where it gets really juicy.

This new site should fill in every gap or complaint reported with our old site from lack of content in various sections to an entire new kbase, tutorials, support section, and more. It will only get better from here with improved site features, new plans and specials, and some new fresh aspects I don’t want to give away just yet. We will set the new trend in hosting companies everywhere. Those that have been racing to catch up to us, and I know there are hundreds, well we are about to pick it up a notch… good luck keeping up!

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