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JaguarPC Linux VPS Hosting Combines Flexibility with Power

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Linux virtual private server hosting gives you the resources and power of a dedicated server without the higher price tag. At JaguarPC, you get root access and the ability to customize your operating system and applications when you purchase a Linux VPS hosting plan. Plus, you get full management services, all at a highly competitive price. When you outgrow your shared web hosting account, upgrade to a secure Linux virtual private server with confidence and ease.

VPS Linux hosting gives you unlimited customization options

JaguarPC Linux VPS hosting plans are an open-source technology, giving you the opportunity to utilize hundreds of open source applications on your website and your virtual private server. Some open source programs are designed specifically for use with VPS Linux hosting. And because Linux is open-source, Linux virtual hosting costs less than proprietary systems like Windows since there are no additional licensing fees included in the price you pay!

Powerful programs for databases such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP run on Linux hosting. You can choose the operating system that works best for your type of website, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora Core, and Suse. In addition to operating systems, JaguarPC Linux VPS offers a choice of cPanel Interworx, DirectAdmin, and Plesk control panels.

The power of a dedicated server in your Linux VPS

Virtual server hosting puts several virtual servers on one core physical server. JaguarPC Linux managed VPS gives you many abilities previously available only with dedicated servers. For example, you get root access where you can manipulate all the files in your own virtual private server. You can also install the applications you want, allocate server resources, and configure your virtual Linux server and reboot it, all from your own Linux VPS hosting plan.

The power of a Linux VPS host is evident when your business grows, especially when you need more than one server to maintain your day to day operations. You can easily scale up and expand to another Linux virtual private server without having to purchase additional servers and hardware. As a reliable VPS Linux host, JaguarPC guarantees 99.9% uptime and technical support available 24-7 by ticket, live chat, and telephone.

Learn more about how Linux VPS hosting can give you control of your business now and in the future at

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