JaguarPC Newsletter - Friday 25th June 2010 - JaguarPC JaguarPC Newsletter - Friday 25th June 2010 - JaguarPC

JaguarPC Newsletter – Friday 25th June 2010

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Friday 25th June 2010
P.O. Box 1108
Fulshear, TX 77441

Howdy loyal clients! It’s been a long time since I’ve sent a newsletter out. A trend I’m breaking right now with this first in a long series of ongoing updates. First let me say thank you to everyone who has helped us make our 11th year in business an exciting one. Summer is here and its time to turn up the heat. Ok enough silliness, lets get on with the updates.

Many of you may have noticed already there’s been some major pushed in our software, training, and personnel aimed at providing an improved customer experience in service and support. We are pleased to announce Jim Sowell, long time JaguarPC manager and former CSM has been promoted to Director of Support. His role is to manage the support services, quality, and senior level management over other support manager roles. In short if you ever have a problem don’t be afraid to contact him: [email protected] and in our forums JPC-Jim .

We have also made a great deal of advances to our client dashboard and while you won’t notice them all, there are several hundred, here are some of the more notable:

– Clients can view the health status of servers including history

– Client now have access to an elaborate Support Center containing Tutorials, Guides, Knowledge base, FAQs, useful Downloads, and access to other useful information and areas including Community Forums. Visit the Dashboard

  • – Clients can reply to ticket updates and notification via emails
  • – New ticket escalation processes
  • – Clients can create multiple users (up to 5) with access controls.
  • – New ticket rating and feedback system
  • – New ticket search features
  • – Integrated rewards points and ordering
  • – Many order form improvements including order tracking
  • – Clients can download invoices in PDF format
  • – Pay invoices using other sources than card on file
  • – Rewards points and affiliate stats improvements
  • – New private messaging system
  • – Important emails saved in Alerts
  • – Ability to add notes to accounts, logins, directions, etc
  • – Monitoring improvements include uptime reports and logs
  • – Ability for dedicated and VPS clients to add monitoring with instructions, Free to all
  • – New Site of the month service open
  • – Manage private name servers
  • – Third tier brand-able end user support system integrated. End user support not available yet.
  • – Automating all orders, API improvements
  • – Many others including some bug fixes

Ok there’s a lot more to go over but I don’t want this to turn into a book. Half of the readers have probably already stopped reading, yea I’m looking at you 😉 . J/K

Two important notes before I go. We have updated our TOS in a major way, the AUP and SLA have been combined into the TOS.

Over the years ICANN and Verisign have increased the costs of domain names several times. We have absorbed these costs for the last 10years and not passed the costs on to our clients. Unfortunately the latest increase announced all over the web will need to be passed on. This price increase affects TLD’s such as .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz and .name . The prices for these domain names will change from $9.95/year to $12.95/year effective immediately.

Please join us in our community forums!

Did you know?
JaguarPC pays out thousands of dollars worth of referral credits each month and tens of thousands of extra rewards points. Start referring friends, family, co-workers, and your own site visitors by starting your own referral campaign right inside the client dashboard.
Login to the client dashboard for account updates, pay invoices, contact support, manage your account, or to contact us :

Greg L. – CEO

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