75% More Disk Space and Double the Bandwidth! - JaguarPC 75% More Disk Space and Double the Bandwidth! - JaguarPC

JaguarPC VPS Special 50% More Ram 75% More Disk Space and Double the Bandwidth!

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10 Reasons JaguarPC does it better!

  1. Free Daily Backups!
  2. Free Level 2 Managed Services!
  3. Free Migrations from your Current Provider!
  4. Free 50% Ram upgrade for life on every plan
  5. Free 50% Disk Space upgrade for life on every plan
  6. Free 50% Bandwidth upgrade for life on every plan
  7. Free Plesk 10 Domain Control Panel
  8. Free Clientexec with every VPS Order
  9. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  10. Sleep at night knowing you’re safe and sound with over 10 years of experience

What is a JaguarPC VPS?

Dual Quad Core CPU’s with at least 16 Gigs of blazing fast ddr2 ECC Registered Ram…. That’s right we use the good stuff boys and girls. Then with a raid 10 array on top of those 8 hard drives for the best I/O Rates in the business.
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You pick the Operating Flavor, but we recommend CentOS It tastes the best!
CentOS | Debian | Suse | Fedora Core

You Pick the Control Panel but cPanel’s the Best and Plesk’s Free*
cPanel / WHM
Direct Admin

**Note of course you get full root access, it wouldn’t be a vps if you didn’t!

Coupon Code: “SummerSizzler08”

Discovery Package
128MB RAM Guaranteed + 50% FREE = 192MB
10GB Disk Space + 75% FREE = 18GB
150 GB Bandwidth + 100% FREE = 300GB
$19.97/month – 15% Discount = $16.97/month
Setup Fee $15.00– 100% Discount = $0.00

Freedom Package
256MB RAM Guaranteed + 50% FREE = 384MB
15 GB Disk Space + 75% FREE = 28GB
300 GB Bandwidth + 100% FREE = 600GB
$39.97/month – 15% Discount = $33.97/month
Setup Fee $15.00– 100% Discount = $0.00

Apollo Package
384MB RAM Guaranteed + 50% FREE = 576 MB
25 GB Disk Space + 75% FREE = 44GB
500 GB Bandwidth + 100% FREE = 1000GB
$59.97/month – 15% Discount = $50.97/month
Setup Fee $15.00– 100% Discount = $0.00

Enterprise Package
512MB RAM Guaranteed + 50% FREE = 768 MB
45 GB Disk Space + 75% FREE = 79GB
700 GB Bandwidth + 100% FREE = 1400GB
$79.97/month – 15% Discount = $67.97/month
Setup Fee $15.00– 100% Discount = $0.00

Coupon Code: “SummerSizzler08”

How do I Order? How do I get all these extras?
Place your order for the plan and the control panel you want. Do not worry about adding the extra ram, disk, b/w, etc. Our setup engineers will include those when your order is processed as long as you use that coupon code. That coupon code will also discount the Plesk 10 domain license to free and take 15% off your package.

Do you allow adult content?
YES, we allow legal adult content

Do you allow IRC or Proxy sites?
No, sorry we do not.

How long does it take to setup my VPS?
It can vary from a few minutes to few hours. If you wish to find out about your order status we welcome you to call us at any time. If you are not setup within a few hours just shoot me an email, be happy to investigate the order gremlins and see what they are doing.

What is a lifetime discount?
The discount stays with your account as long as you keep it. The discount can even be passed on to higher vps plans if you decide to upgrade later. Unfortunately this discounts does not apply to downgrades

TEST FILE: http://www.jaguarpc.com/test.bin
More Info: http://www.jaguarpc.com/vps-hosting/

If you have anymore questions contact [email protected], drop by our community forums, or call toll free 800-558-5869


* Note:
~ While supplies last. When these new nodes are sold out this sale ends!
~ FREE Extras such as RAM, Disk space, and Bandwidth are added to your VPS after setup
~ Lifetime discounts are reflected in the price while ordering when you use the coupon code
~ You keep your lifetime discount for as along as you keep the account on the same or higher vps plan
~ Note Free Plesk is a 10 Domain Plesk License upgraded domain versions available at extra cost.

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