Endless Disk Space Promotion and Celebration - JaguarPC Endless Disk Space Promotion and Celebration - JaguarPC

JaguarPC Web Host Launches “Endless Disk Space” Promotion to Celebrate Release of New Web Site

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HOUSTON, TX. April 4, 2008 – JaguarPC, a leading provider of end-to-end web hosting solutions for over a decade, today announced the “Endless Disk Space” promotion that gives clients continuous free upgrades as needed when they reach 80% capacity. Shared hosting clients begin with 50 GB of disk space and semi-dedicated hosting clients start with 100 GB. As soon as 80% capacity is reached, customers can instantly add more with one click from the control panel. When their new capacity approaches 80%, once again they can increase their disk space.

In contrast to misleading industry promotions with unlimited or grossly inflated resources with their hosting packages and bury the conditions for account termination in small-print terms of service, the JaguarPC promotion is straightforward and meant to bring transparency to the battle of disk space.

“The industry has gotten a bit crazy recently with ridiculous numbers being thrown around and hosts knowing full well they wouldn’t be able to handle the load if all their customers took them up on the offer,” says Greg Landis, president of JaguarPC. “We stepped back and asked ourselves what is the right thing to do for our customers? Why don’t we give them peace of mind without making these over the top promises? In essence, Endless Disk Space simply means you will have capacity that always grows with your needs.”

JaguarPC’s new web site includes a community forum, updated web hosting and company blog, user-friendly control panel and the nixcore client management software.

In addition, JaguarPC has made a number of changes:

  • Semi-dedicated accounts now have a failover hosting option to provide greater redundancy and peace of mind
  • New dedicated server plans have been rolled out
  • All reseller plans have had their disk space and bandwidth doubled while keeping the same prices, retroactive for all existing clients

For more information about Endless Disk Space, go to www.jaguarpc.com/shared-hosting.

About JaguarPC

JaguarPC, based in Houston Texas, provides high-quality Internet hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, prominent individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide. JaguarPC’s core portfolio comprises information technology and business hosting services, as well as programming services. JaguarPC’s complementary subsidiary business is Devpond software, a web software company. Learn more at www.JaguarPC.com.


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