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JaguarPC Windows VPS Hosting is Ideal for Growing Businesses

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Is your website built using ASP or ASP.NET? Does your website use Microsoft Access, MSSQL, PHP or any Windows based email and applications? If you have a Microsoft Windows based website, your website functions and performs best with Windows web hosting. Sometimes, and especially when your business experiences significant increases in traffic and your website is running on a Windows shared web hosting plan, it may not perform as well as you need it to during those peak traffic times.

When shared Windows hosting does not give you the speed and reliability your business depends on, evaluate whether you are ready for Windows virtual private server hosting. A recently published JaguarPC article, Complete Functionality for Dynamic Windows Based Websites with Windows VPS Hosting, gives you an in-depth look at Windows VPS hosting. You will also learn the advantages of Windows virtual hosting and what to look for when choosing a Windows VPS host.

Guaranteed RAM and disk space for control and expansion

JaguarPC Windows VPS hosting plans are designed to give you the dedicated resources, root access and security you get from dedicated hosting at an attractive price. The server resources of each Windows virtual private server are yours to allocate as you want based on your specific needs. With VPS Windows hosting you can add the specific web features and applications you desire while maintaining top performance levels as your business grows.

Full management so you can focus on your business

Every VPS hosting Windows plan comes with full management by JaguarPC experts. Perform the hosting tasks you are comfortable doing and leave the rest up to JaguarPC’s technical support team and server engineers. Full management includes ongoing monitoring, hardware replacement, security, updates and more so you can spend your time connecting with your clients and developing other strategic business tasks to build your business.

Get your questions answered immediately

The dedicated support technicians at JaguarPC are available 24/7/365 to address every hosting question you have with your Windows VPS hosting account. Contact us by ticket, phone, email or live chat at any time and receive a knowledgeable, friendly, thorough response. For more information about how Windows VPS hosting can increase performance and reliability for your online presence, visit today.

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