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Make Additional Income With JaguarPC Affiliate Hosting Program

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One of the easiest ways to make money is to join the JaguarPC affiliate hosting program. Many people have misunderstandings about how these programs work, so let’s review some of the basics and you will see how this can easily fit into your online activities.

First, our program works through client referrals. In other words, when people use our web hosting services, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server services and contacted us through your website or by your personal referral, you will earn cash.

All you will be required to do is to run a campaign on your website or to have customers you refer to us to use your email on their order form. Both options will link your affiliate status to the order, and you will be entitled to the fees for that referral.

How to Advertise

Most of our affiliates develop their own campaigns for affiliate hosting using the banners that we provide. These banners can be used on some or all of the pages of your website, and they automatically track clicks from your site to ours.

This is done through cookies, which record the use of the link. When the custom eventually places an order with us, the cookie will notify our system of the success of your marketing campaign and we, in turn, will pay you to show our appreciation.

You may also want to set up email campaigns and mention our company and the services we offer. In many cases, our clients are asked by vendors or suppliers about their hosting company, and this provides them with the opportunity to give a referral and also be rewarded for recommending our services.

Getting Started

Getting started as an affiliate with JaguarPC is simple, easy and just a click away. When you activate your hosting plan, you will log into the Client Dashboard, which allows you to manage all aspects of the service. In the client section, you will see a link in the menu that is titled Affiliates.

Clicking on this link activates you affiliate hosting program, and also provides you with access to banners for your site. Our clients find reading through our blogs and talking to our staff can also be effective in determining the most effective ways to provide potential referrals with the information they need.

Each type of referral will earn a set amount. Most referrals, including web hosting, reseller accounts, Cloud services, VPS or business hosting will provide you with sixty-five dollars per referral, while a dedicated server referral will earn you one hundred and fifty dollars, which is just our way of saying thanks.

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